We’re thrilled to announce an electrifying limited-time sale that will leave you buzzing with excitement. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to fortify your electronic devices against unexpected power outages or fluctuations, then look no further. Prepare to discover the immense power and unbeatable reliability of APC Back UPS, Back UPS Pro, Non-Smart Connect Smart UPS, and APC Smart Connect UPS models, now available at jaw-dropping discounts of up to 35%!

But remember, this sale won’t last forever! Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to secure an APC UPS at a fraction of the regular cost. Whether you’re seeking to safeguard your home office, protect critical data centers, or optimize the power management of your business, these discounted APC UPS are the key to unlocking uninterrupted productivity and peace of mind.


Up to 20% OFF Back UPS & Back UPS Pro – until 4th July – Click on Part code below to see latest discount.

BK500EI  Up to 20% 
BE400-UK  Up to 20%
BK350EI Up to 20%
BX500CI  Up to 20%
BK650EI Up to 20%
BE850G2-UK Up to 20%
BR650MI Up to 20%
BR900MI Up to 20%
BE650G2-UK Up to 20%
BH500INET Up to 20%
BR24BPG Up to 20%
BR1600SI Up to 20%
BVX700LI Up to 20%
BVX900LI Up to 20%
BVX1200LI Up to 20%
BVX1600LI Up to 20%
BVX2200LI Up to 20%
BX750MI Up to 20%
BX950MI Up to 20%
BX1200MI Up to 20%
BX1600MI Up to 20%
BX2200MI Up to 20%
BR1200SI Up to 20%


Up to 35% on Non-Smart Connect Smart UPS  – whilst stocks last – Click on Part code below to see latest discount.

SMT750I Up to 35%
SMT750RMI2U Up to 35%
SMT1000I Up to 35%
SMT1000RMI2U Up to 35%
SMT1500I Up to 35%
SMT1500RMI2U Up to 35%
SMT2200I Up to 35%
SMT2200RMI2U Up to 35%
SMT3000I Up to 35%
SMT3000RMI2U Up to 35%
SMC1000I Up to 35%
SMC1000I-2U Up to 35%
SMC1500I Up to 35%
SMC1500I-2U Up to 35%

Up to 15% OFF APC Smart Connect – until the 31st of July – Click on Part code below to see latest discount.

SMT1500RMI2UC Up to 15%
SMX750I Up to 15%
SMT1500IC Up to 15%
SMX1000I Up to 15%
SMT750IC Up to 15%
SMX1500RMI2U Up to 15%
SMT2200RMI2UC Up to 15%
SMX1500RMI2UNC Up to 15%
SMT1000IC Up to 15%
SMX3000HV Up to 15%
SMT2200IC Up to 15%
SMX3000HVNC Up to 15%
SMT2200RMI2UNC Up to 15%
SMT750RMI2UNC Up to 15%
SMT1000RMI2UC Up to 15%
SMT750RMI2UC Up to 15%
SMT1500RMI2UC  Up to 15%

*Disclaimer: Prices and availability are subject to change. Be sure to visit our website or contact our sales team for the latest updates and details.

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