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View our range of SFPs, Mini Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC) modules and Fibre Tranceivers. Available in many forms depending on the model and brand manufacturer.
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Brand Compatible Transceivers

The extensive Comms Express range of SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) transceiver modules are avilable in multiple bandwith options and are compatible with multiple manufacturers' switches:

  • 1G LX singlemode, 1G SX multimode & 1G T copper
  • 10G LR (singlemode), 10G SR (multimode) & 10G T (copper)
  • 25G LR (singlemode) & 25G SR (multimode)
  • 40G LR4 (singlemode) & 40G SR4 (multimode)
  • 100G LR4 (singlemode) & 100G SR4 (multimode)
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Fibre Transceivers Mini Gbic
View our range of Mini Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC) modules, Fibre Tranceivers, available in many forms depending on the model and brand manufacturer
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Ubiquiti Networks offers a variety of UFiber™ modules and single-mode fiber cabling for your new installs and existing infrastructure upgrades.
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Value SFP Modules

Explore the range of CE SFP Modules available at Comms Express

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Fibre Media Converters
A fibre media converter is a simple networking device that makes it possible to connect two dissimilar media types such as twisted pair with fibre optic cabling. They are important in interconnecting fibre optic cabling-based systems with existing copper-based, structured cabling systems.

Fibre media converters support many different data communication protocols including Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, T1/E1/J1, DS3/E3, as well as multiple cabling types such as coax, twisted pair, multi-mode and single-mode fibre optics.
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All AddOn network transceivers are fully compliant to MSA standards. AddOn code and test every transceiver at their in-house lab to the original OEM specifications as well as testing "in-environment" - a discipline above and beyond what even the original manufacturer would do. AddOn offer the most comprehensive portfolio of compliant transceivers in the industry.

View Range SFP transceiver modules are engineered to deliver what you need most in your network connections: reliable performance.

That’s why SFPs are:

  • built to exacting OEM specifications
  • manufactured to meet or exceed MSA industry standards
  • fully tested to ensure maximum performance
  • backed by a lifetime warranty and free technical support

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Cisco SFPs/ Transceivers/ GBIC Modules

Cisco offers a range of GBIC transceivers and Small Form-factor Pluggables (SFP) transceivers for Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel appications. These small, modular optical interface transceivers offer a convenient and cost effective solution for the adoption of Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel in data center, campus, metropolitan area access and ring networks, and storage area networks.

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Netgear Fibre Modules/ SFPs/ Transceivers

NETGEAR ProSAFE® Gigabit 1000 Base GBIC Modules meet the SFP GBIC standard for use with any SFP GBIC compliant slot.

NETGEAR ProSafe 10 Gigabit SFP+ Transceivers fit into standard SFP+ interfaces, providing hot-swappable installation and removal. Select Smart switches and Plus switches will also connect 10 Gigabit SFP+ transceivers.

Netgear Stacking Kits & Direct Attach Cables (DAC) are built to insert into any one of the high-speed module bays found on ProSafe GSM73xxS and GSM73xxSv2. Once inserted, the  adapter module can then be utilized with standard 10 Gigabit SFP+ GBICs for fibre connectivity at 10 Gbps speeds.

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  • 10G DAC & AOC Cables 
  • 25G DAC & AOC Cables
  • 40G DAC & AOC Cables
  • 100G DAC & AOC Cables

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TP-Link GBIC Modules/ SFPs/ Media Converters

TP-Link Media Converters Convert 100BASE-FX fiber to 100Base-TX copper media or vice versa utilizing the SC-Type connector. These media converters can be used as a stand alone device (no chassis required) or with TP-LINK's 19" system chassis.

TP-Link Fibre Modules are introduced for extending transfer distance. Attached to TP-Link managed/smart switches, they can extend the distance to several kilometres even tens of kilometres which can basically satisfy the distance requirement of LAN.

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HPE Aruba Fibre Modules - SFPs - Tranceivers

HPE Aruba Stacking Cables

HPE Aruba Transceivers

HPE Aruba Direct Attach Cables

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D-Link SFPs - GBIC Modules - Stacking Cables

D-Link Media Converters - Fibre optic speeds are critical to success, but twisted-pair cabling can only go so far. Using D-Link's range of media converters you can change a twisted-pair Ethernet connection into a single-mode or multi-mode fibre connection that can go much further.

D-Link Modules - D-Link transceivers can achieve long distance data transmission and high-speed communication with single-mode fibre, multi-mode fibre and copper cables. These modules can be installed into switches and media converters.

D-Link Stacking Cables - D-Link offers a broad Range of High Quality Stacking Cables ideal for connectivity between switches. 

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Datacentre Fibre Optics

Explore the range of Data Centre Fibre Optics available at Comms Express

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Edgecore Transceivers

Explore Edgecore's range of Transceivers available at Comms Express

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View our range of TRENDnet Transceiver (SFP) Single Mode, Multimode and Dual Wavelength Singlemode modules.
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Zyxel offers Reliable Transceiver Modules for Different Connectivity Demand. These Modules include; 

  • 1G SFP
  • 10G SFP+ 
  • 10G DAC cables

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Linksys SFPs/ GBIC Modules

Linksys SFP (mini G-BIC) Modules offer IT administrators the most reliable and cost-effective solution to managing RJ45 networks over great distances. Extend Ethernet range without sacrificing performance or reliability with Linksys SFP (mini G-BIC) Modules. Easy Setup and Plug-and-Play and Hot Swappable.

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