11 Ways Cisco Meraki Switches Make Life Easier

In 2012, Cisco acquired Meraki to provide a scalable, easy-to-use network solution for enterprises of all sizes and simplify network infrastructure. Thanks to their individual approach, Meraki can reach all kinds of small and medium-sized businesses with their WLAN technology. Meraki offers a family of cloud-managed products, including WiFi access points, Ethernet switches, security devices, [&hel...

Christmas Comes Early To Comms Express!

Christmas is snow joke at Comms Express. Once again, we’ve spruced up our Christmas wardrobes and pulled out the costumes. The annual festive fancy dress-up day is in full force! With a huge array of Christmas jumpers, two trees, a snowman and the baby Jesus, Comms HQ is looking incredibly festive today. Are you joining […]

What Is The Difference Between IP And MAC Addresses?

IP addresses and MAC addresses are both used in modern networks for any communication. It could be on a small local network or a wide area network like the Internet. Are they different? Do we need both? Yes and yes! Here’s why. If you are here for a quick super-simple answer, IP addresses are like […]

What Are Wireless Access Points (WAP)?

Is there anything more awkward than not being able to load something on the internet when you’re in a meeting at work? The WiFi was fine by your desk You’ve taken 10 steps into a meeting room, and it’s gone. Now you have a group of people waiting for you to show them something. Of […]

What is Edge Computing and Why Does It Matter?

Data is at the centre of business. Collecting and analysing data is becoming easier, especially with the influx of IoT devices. But storing and handling that data is becoming an issue. Speed and security is an issue for most big data projects. Storing data in the cloud can slow the delivery. This is where edge […]

What Is A Router And How Does It Work?

Routers are the most common networking equipment in the world. But, what is a router? If you have a network or internet connection in your home or office, you probably have at least one router knocking around. If you aren’t sure then it’s the flashing box in the corner of your house that’s connected to […]

Aruba Instant On: Making WiFi Work For Your Startup

The world is built on small businesses. Start-ups are popping up all over the place and disrupting the way the world works. From Fintech to Femtech, Global enterprises to grassroots projects, Startups are making waves. But the cost of starting a business is rising. The workloads faced by startup workers is hard enough, but not […]

What Is Antivirus And Why Do You Need It?

Sadly, the world we live in is not perfect. Gone are the mythical days of ‘leaving your door open when you went out.’ A computer without antivirus is like leaving your doors and windows open when you leave your home. Internet security is often overlooked. Many people believe it will “never happen to them”. In […]

Ada Lovelace Day – Celebrating Pioneering Women In STEM

A gifted mathematician. Ambitious. A visionary. Ada Lovelace’s love of science and maths led to her working with some of the greatest mathematicians of all time. But, it was her forward-thinking nature that led her to predict that computers could do far more than solve maths problems. Something that took 100 years to be fully […]

Draytek: Supporting High-Tech Shopping In Any High Street Store

Destination shopping is about connecting social media, having interactive displays and the highest levels of customer service. All of this relies on super-fast internet connections and a stable network. But that’s where Draytek can help. Draytek’s range of routers, access points and other equipment helps make your store a place to be, while also keeping […]

The Ultimate IP Camera Buyers Guide for Businesses

Security is essential for a business of any size. You want to keep your employees safe and your insurance premiums low. But setting up a camera system can be expensive and confusing – even if you hire an installer. Setting out on this project with some insight can help you set up your own system […]

What Is A LAN, And What Are Its Uses?

LAN stands for Local Area Network. Especially LANs are computer networks which cover a small geographical area, such as a room, office or building. LANs can serve two to several hundred users in homes or businesses. Multiple LANs across the world can be joined together, often using wires or radio waves. When setup correctly, LANs […]

Your Guide To The Top 10 8-Port Network Switches

So, you’ve been given the task to find out what the best Switch is. Well, congratulations to you. You’ve just stumbled across exactly what you’re looking for. And for those of you who are not too sure what exactly a switch is, but you’ve been set the mission anyway, be prepared to get enlightened. A […]

How To Prepare Your Network For Wifi 6

Public WiFi can be really naff. Sometimes it works well, but other times it struggles to load up Google’s home page, let alone anything important. When you’re a customer, it can be frustrating. But if you need it for work or mission-critical devices, then it’s even worse. It could mean lost revenue, missed opportunities and […]