National Ice Cream Day: Join the UK’s Sweetest Celebration!

Get ready to embark on a delightful journey into the world of frozen treats as National Ice Cream Day approaches! This exciting holiday, celebrated on the third Sunday of July (this year the16th), is a time for ice cream enthusiasts all across the United Kingdom to come together and revel in the joy of everyone’s favourite frozen dessert. So, grab your spoons and prepare to be whisked away on a mouthwatering adventure as we explore the fascinating history and delectable flavours that make ice cream such a beloved treat in the UK.

The Birth of National Ice Cream Day:

In 1984, a momentous occasion took place for ice cream lovers in the United States. President Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation declaring July as National Ice Cream Month, with the third Sunday designated as National Ice Cream Day. This celebration recognized ice cream as a cherished treat enjoyed by over 90 percent of Americans, highlighting its nutritional and wholesome qualities. And guess what? We get to join in the fun across the pond!

A Journey Through Time: 

Ice cream has a rich and storied history that spans thousands of years. Ancient civilizations were already savouring frozen desserts in various forms. Imagine the Persians relishing snow-filled bowls drizzled with concentrated grape juice, harvested from their majestic mountain peaks and preserved in underground chambers. Meanwhile, during China’s Tang Dynasty, the art of freezing dairy with salt and ice was taking shape, contributing to the evolution of ice cream.

The Italian Connection:

We owe a debt of gratitude to Antonio Latini, an Italian chef from Naples, who crafted a milk-based sorbet in the 17th century. This marked a significant milestone in ice cream history, paving the way for the delightful frozen concoctions we enjoy today. As ice cream’s popularity grew, it eventually found its way across the seas to enchant the taste buds of the United Kingdom.

Ice Cream Across the UK:

While National Ice Cream Day originated in the United States, we in the UK also know how to appreciate a delicious scoop of ice cream. In fact, according to Unilever, an estimated 12 ice creams are sold every second during a British summer. It seems that ice cream knows no boundaries when it comes to delighting taste buds around the world. So, let’s embrace this celebration and join in the sweet festivities!

The Sweetest Flavours:

Now, let’s talk about the true stars of the show—the flavours! Ice cream comes in a tantalizing array of options, each one more tempting than the last. And while classic flavours like vanilla and chocolate continue to reign supreme, there is a world of innovative and exciting flavours awaiting us. From exotic fruits to indulgent cookies and cream, the UK’s ice cream scene is a playground for our taste buds. So, let’s unleash our adventurous spirit and discover new flavour combinations that will make our ice cream experience truly extraordinary.

The Top Scoops:

Curious to know which frozen treats take the lead in the hearts of ice cream enthusiasts in the UK? A recent survey revealed some exciting results. Magnum, with its irresistible chocolate shell, emerged as the favourite, capturing the hearts of over 30% of respondents. Following closely behind is the beloved Cornetto, with the iconic 99 cone claiming a well-deserved third place. The delectable Feast and the refreshing Solero rounded out the top five, showcasing the diverse preferences of ice cream lovers like us.

Here at Comms, we couldn’t miss out on the fun and have taken full advantage of the freezer full of ice creams…