DrayTek 5G Router

Introducing DrayTek’s new 5G, Wi-Fi 6 router! With a range of features, the router helps you keep your business running with speedy responses and a reliable and trustworthy internet connection. Suitable for various networking environments, DrayTek’s 5G router can be used for residential environments, small businesses, and medium-to-large professional workspaces. The router offers high-speed internet, making it great for at-home offices and remote working with secure VPN capabilities. It is also robust and can handle demanding environments with many devices needing to connect, and is capable of adapting to the needs of more advanced networks, which may include network administration and IT professionals.

DrayTek 5G Routers: Reliable Backup Features

Today, uninterrupted internet access is crucial. With 5G routers from DrayTek on your side, you’ll own IT equipment that you can trust to provide a seamless and reliable connection, even in the unexpected event of network failure or downtime with these features:

1. Automatic Failover

If the primary 5G connection experiences any disruption, the router switches to a secondary connection so your network remains online.

2. Dual SIM Slots

Dual SIM slots allow for two independent 5G connections. This minimises the risk of downtime and provides a reliable backup in case one network fails.

3. Load Balancing

The router intelligently manages multiple connections by distributing network traffic. This ensures optimal performance and prevents any single connection from being overwhelmed.

4. Easy Management

The user-friendly interface allows for easy configuration and monitoring of both primary and backup connections.

5. Enterprise-Grade Security

Robust security is embedded in the 5G routers to protect your data and network.

The DrayTek 5G routers are a top choice for SMEs looking for high-performance networking solutions with secure preventative features to protect your business network.

Other features

The DrayTek 5G router also sports some other great features to help optimise your business connectivity and increase productivity across the workplace:

  • Enhanced firewall protection, with SPI firewall and content filtering.
  • Multiple WAN interfaces for increased network accessibility and redundancy.
  • VPN router to provide fast and secure VPN access, enabling remote workers to access network resources.
  • Optional VigorCare is available.
  • Compatible with the VigorACS central management platform.
Overall, the DrayTek 5G router offers a great range of features that keep your business connectivity speedy, secure, and up-to-date with technology.

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What is a router?

A router is the traffic warden of networking, controlling traffic flow across the network. Routers decide whether to let data packets (e.g., webpages, emails, videos, mp3 files, etc.) pass through the network to get from one place, your computer, to where you’ve sent them, i.e., another computer. The router finds the best routes across the network to send your information, making it a fast and secure journey. Therefore, to communicate electronically and share files across a business, you need a router to enable this.

What is Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi is the next generation of Wi-Fi technology, up from Wi-Fi 5. The upgrade has improved features such as:

  • Better coverage and range to reach through walls and obstacles, resulting in more trustworthy connections.
  • Increased speed supports speedier data transfer, suited to bandwidth-intensive demands like streaming high-quality videos and online gaming.
  • Reduced latency, which has to do with the speed at which data travels between devices and access points. Reduced latency is helpful for gaming environments or other situations where real-time responses are needed.
  • Increased device capacity means the Wi-Fi can handle more connected devices without compromising performance or speed.

Overall, Wi-Fi 6 is an improved version of Wi-Fi 5 and is tailored to the needs of businesses and home users more accurately to deliver the best Wi-Fi experiences.

What is 5G?

5G is a mobile technology used for broadband connections, mobile hotspots, backups, and more. Overall, it enhances connectivity options and flexibility. In routers, 5G ensures high-speed wireless internet access to connected devices, lower latency, greater capacity, and more.

Within DrayTek’s router, the modem provides fast 5G mobile broadband with carrier aggregation and is suitable for use as a backup connection or primary internet connection.

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