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Rack Power Distribution

Schneider Electric offer a wide array of standardised APC Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) designed to increase manageability and efficiency in your data centre, allowing you to choose your power distribution setup according to your particular rack requirements and specifications.

Basic Rack PDUs

Provides reliable power distribution for your server rack equipment.

Metered Rack PDUs

These feature real-time remote monitoring of connected loads. The user-defined alarms warn IT and data centre managers of potential circuit overloads to prevent accidental power loss to critical equipment

Switched Rack PDUs

Provides metered functionality and individual outlet control to power cycle outlets. Manage on/off equipment sequencing.

Metered-by-outlet Rack PDUs

Provide even greater power management and individual outlet-level power metering. Also provides user-resettable energy (kWh) logs for capacity planning and energy-efficiency initiatives.

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NEW AP9000 Series Switched Rack PDUs


Rack PDUs in use image From the world’s most trusted brand in PDUs comes a more reliable, intelligent, and faster to deploy PDU.

Designed for data centres and remote edge computing environments that are experiencing rising power densities and that demand always “ON” IT infrastructure.

IT devices in these environments need certainty and APC NetShelter 9000 Series Switched Rack PDUs provide that with features making them faster to deploy, enhance their reliability, and make them more manageable onsite or remotely anywhere in the world with EcoStruxure IT.

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