Eaton: The 9 Benefits Of Rack PDUs

Power can be a data centre’s best friend and worst nightmare. One small power cut can paralyse a data centre, sometimes at a loss of millions of pounds in revenue for the businesses using the servers. Data centre power management should be top of mind. As more and more businesses are choosing to use cloud […]

What Is A Router And How Does It Work?

Routers are the most common networking equipment in the world. But, what is a router? If you have a network or internet connection in your home or office, you probably have at least one router knocking around. If you aren’t sure then it’s the flashing box in the corner of your house that’s connected to […]

The Top 10 Best Selling NETGEAR Switches

Netgear is a well-known name in network hardware. We’ve come to expect great things from Netgear – High quality, innovated and secure. Netgear’s series of switches certainly ticks all these boxes. On top of their wonderful features, the award-winning Netgear Ethernet hubs have a vast array of port options so you can find the right […]

Review: The 7 Best Powerline Adapters In The UK (Updated For 2020)

Powerline Adaptors are a great way of ensuring that a WiFi Network can reach every part of your house or office space without the need for cables running all over the place. Powerline Adaptors optimise the use of electricity within a property to ensure that WiFi signals are transmitted efficiently. Powerline adaptors are relatively hassle-free. […]

Review: Top 5 D-Link Switches (Updated For 2020)

D-Link offers a network switch for every business need with their ever impressive suite of high-value, business class networking solutions. Designed to help small and medium-sized businesses, D-Link Switches are built on strength to enable companies to meet the challenges of growing demands and shrinking resources. Whether it be enabling physical security to managing an end-to-end […]

Top 8 Best Selling NETGEAR Routers

Our great friends at NETGEAR were the first to introduce the world’s fastest wireless router. That’s just the latest evolution of a legacy of innovative wireless routers and modem routers. More homes now have multiple devices requiring strong, steady WiFi signals. The great range of NETGEAR Routers have been huge hit with our client base […]

11 Ways Cisco Meraki Switches Make Life Easier

In 2012, Cisco acquired Meraki to provide a scalable, easy-to-use network solution for enterprises of all sizes and simplify network infrastructure. Thanks to their individual approach, Meraki can reach all kinds of small and medium-sized businesses with their WLAN technology. Meraki offers a family of cloud-managed products, including WiFi access points, Ethernet switches, security devices, [&hel...

Christmas Delivery Times December 2019

  Recommended Last Order Dates for 2019 Economy and Royal Mail Services By 17:30pm on Thursday 19th December Next Day Service By 14:00pm on Monday 23rd December Please be aware… Due to the increased pressure faced by couriers at this time of the year, we strongly recommend that you allow an additional day for delivery.  […]

Christmas Comes Early To Comms Express!

Christmas is snow joke at Comms Express. Once again, we’ve spruced up our Christmas wardrobes and pulled out the costumes. The annual festive fancy dress-up day is in full force! With a huge array of Christmas jumpers, two trees, a snowman and the baby Jesus, Comms HQ is looking incredibly festive today. Are you joining […]

What Is The Difference Between IP And MAC Addresses?

IP addresses and MAC addresses are both used in modern networks for any communication. It could be on a small local network or a wide area network like the Internet. Are they different? Do we need both? Yes and yes! Here’s why. If you are here for a quick super-simple answer, IP addresses are like […]

What Are Wireless Access Points (WAP)?

Is there anything more awkward than not being able to load something on the internet when you’re in a meeting at work? The WiFi was fine by your desk You’ve taken 10 steps into a meeting room, and it’s gone. Now you have a group of people waiting for you to show them something. Of […]

What is Edge Computing and Why Does It Matter?

Data is at the centre of business. Collecting and analysing data is becoming easier, especially with the influx of IoT devices. But storing and handling that data is becoming an issue. Speed and security is an issue for most big data projects. Storing data in the cloud can slow the delivery. This is where edge […]

Aruba Instant On: Making WiFi Work For Your Startup

The world is built on small businesses. Start-ups are popping up all over the place and disrupting the way the world works. From Fintech to Femtech, Global enterprises to grassroots projects, Startups are making waves. But the cost of starting a business is rising. The workloads faced by startup workers is hard enough, but not […]