Review: Top 10 Best PDU’s

PDU’s or to call them by their full title: Power Distribution Units are an essential tool for for any business not wishing to be hit by an unexpected power overloads. A PDU will warn you before any critical data centre failures occur. We love a good countdown here at Comms Express and with our new […]

Review: The 10 Best WiFi Routers

WiFi Routers combine the functionality of a router and an access point enabling access to the internet or to a private network. WiFi Routers are considered the heart of any digital office or smart home where a high quality of service is paramount. Providing seamless wireless WiFi connectivity in the modern day smart home can […]

Review: The 10 Best WiFi Range Extenders UK

A WiFi Range Extender/Booster can bring extra life to your WiFi signal which many of us are crying out for in order to bring life to our homes dead zones. A reliable connection can resolve any issues your family or business has with wireless devices such as laptops, smartphones, game consoles and TVs. With your […]

Win an RiDATA R6 Smart Watch with ATEN

As is now customary when we organise a new competition we like to introduce our partner. This month we are delighted to pair up with the rather splendid team at ATEN to offer up the chance to win one of five Ritek Ridata R6 Bluetooth Smart Watches. Our great friends at ATEN design and manufacture a full […]

Review: The 10 Best Wireless Access Points

Wireless Access Points, WAP, is commonly known as a hotspot. A WAP allows wireless capable devices and wired networks to connect through a wireless standard, including Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. WAPs feature radio transmitters and antennae, allowing connectivity between devices and the Internet. So if for example your front desk is struggling to access Wi-Fi but […]

Review: Top 5 D-Link Switches

D-Link offer a network switch for every business need with their ever impressive suite of high-value, business class networking solutions. Designed to help small and medium sized businesses, D-Link Switches are built on strength to enable businesses to meet the challenges of growing demands and shrinking resources. Whether it be enabling physical security to managing an […]

The flying taxi

“Taxi!!” Early in the next decade you could be making that cry and looking toward the sky. Yes, there is now fact in science fiction. A whole host of companies are pushing forward with ambitious plans. Companies such as Airbus, Uberand Rolls‐Royce are all working on exciting projects. Rob Watson, head of Rolls‐Royce electrical team, said […]

The Heroes of ICT

There is sometimes a feeling with tech support professionals that their expertise and hard work are under-valued, under-estimated or simply ignored by the very clients they are so desperate to help. We wanted to find out if this was really how ICT support really feel about their work and their relationships with their clients – […]