A Guide to Selecting an APC UPS

A guide to choosing the right UPS for you! What is a UPS? An uninterruptible power supply, or UPS, is a handy device that provides you with guaranteed power protection for your connected electrical devices. If your power supply is interrupted, or the power levels fluctuate outside the levels deemed safe, a UPS will step […]

Keep your home and business powered up with an APC UPS

It’s easy to take energy for granted. At this point, it’s an expected part of our lives – whether it be for warmth, safety, entertainment, education, or work. But what happens when that power goes out? This is where an APC UPS comes in handy! With a UPS in tow, you can continue to not […]

How power disturbances can effect your home and how to prevent them

The average home is filled with more electronics than ever before. Especially those who work from home, participate in remote learning, or have a gaming setup! In smart homes, even the refrigerator and doorbells are controlled by smart technology. Technology is constantly providing us with new opportunities and luxuries, improving our day-to-day lives. We often […]

How to properly dispose of your APC products

With the rapid increase in popularity of electronic goods, discarded electronic equipment is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing waste streams in the industrialized world. This is an obvious issue that needs to be addressed, as it adds to already growing concerns about environmental sustainability. To help reduce the levels of waste produced, conserve our […]

How APC Smart Connect makes your UPS even smarter

The world’s most popular UPS just got even smarter! As the world becomes increasingly more dependent on technology, it is vital to have reliable power systems in place to keep things running smoothly. The more important power systems become, the more APC products evolve to keep up with the increasing demand. APC Smart Connect is […]

TREND Networks: You can DEPEND ON US – PLUS! Double Data Points on R158006 PoE Pro Tester

Our Promise Easy to use data cable testers for cable installers and network testers to assist IT technicians with troubleshooting. With decades of experience, the close-knit team at TREND Networks (Formerly IDEAL Networks) understand the challenges that data cable installers, network technicians and systems integrators face each day, around the world. Their data cable tester […]

Save £10 on APC BE850G2-UK!

£10 OFF APC 850VA Back-UPS! Was £100 – Now £90 Available while stocks last! APC BE850G2-UK Back-UPS Are you tired of unexpected power outages wreaking havoc on your electronics and appliances? Do you want to ensure an uninterrupted power supply to keep your work and entertainment going without any interruption? If so, then you’ll be […]

Eaton: The 9 Benefits Of Rack PDUs

Power distribution has quickly become one of the most critical aspects of all data centers, server rooms, and network closets. Without a reliable and efficient power delivery system, your mission-critical IT equipment could face sudden shutdowns, data loss, and hardware damage. Fortunately, with a rack PDU, this doesn’t need to be a worry. Rack PDUs, […]

What Is The Difference Between A Managed And An Unmanaged Switch

In computer networking, a switch is an important piece of hardware equipment that connects your devices together using a Local Area Network (LAN). Computers, printers, servers, and other network devices can be connected via the switch, allowing data packets to be forwarded between them via a high-speed connection. Switches fall under two main categories – […]

Eaton’s Gaming Set up Solutions

Game on! Life can be hard. Sometimes, after a long day, there’s nothing you want more than an escape from the mundane. With the ability to explore new worlds, live out a new reality, and play out fantasies, it’s no wonder so many people love to switch on their console and immerse themselves in a […]

Introducing Draytek VigorSwitch FX2120: The Vigorous Networking Solution for SMEs

The DrayTek VigorSwitch FX2120 12 port 10Gbps SFP+ Switch – VSFX2120-K As businesses continue to expand their operations, they require robust and scalable networking solutions that can support their growing needs. Draytek, a leading provider of networking equipment, has launched the VigorSwitch FX2120, a powerful and feature-packed switch that offers businesses a reliable and flexible [&hell...

APC by Schneider Electric and Green Premium

Welcome to the world of Schneider Electric Green Premium label! As the world shifts towards sustainable and eco-friendly practices, Schneider Electric has been at the forefront of providing innovative solutions that cater to the needs of businesses and individuals alike. The Green Premium label is one such initiative that aims to help customers identify products […]

Why you need an APC UPS!

In today’s world, we rely heavily on technology to get us through each day. Whether it’s for work or personal use, we’re constantly connected to the internet, using our devices to stay connected with loved ones, complete assignments, run businesses, or even just to enjoy some entertainment. However, a power outage or surge can bring […]

Why choose APC?

APC by Schneider Electric is a globally renowned brand that provides comprehensive solutions for critical power and cooling needs. With a legacy spanning over 30 years, APC has established itself as a leading provider of innovative and reliable power protection and management solutions for data centers, industrial facilities, and homes. APC’s product portfolio includes uninterruptible [&hell...

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