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Schneider Electric’s range of APC UPS Network Management Card 3 (NMC3) allows for secure and remote monitoring and control. Configure notifications to alert you of problems as they occur.

APC Notification icon Notification
Ensure crucial situations are dealt with in a timely manner by receiving notifications of problems.
APC Scheduling icon Scheduling
Customize the shutdown and reboot of your connected equipment and UPS
APC Data Logging icon Data Logging
Export logs for analysis and identify problematic trends before they esculate.
APC Event Logging icon Event Logging
Use an event log to pinpoint timing and sequencing of events leading up to an incident.


Network Management Card 3 Features

EcoStruxure IT Integration:
Effectively monitor and manage your equipment with a new standard for proactive insights on critical assets.

Network Management System (NMS) Compatible:
Use the PowerNet MIB to forward SNMP traps or polling across SNMP to make your device information available on your preferred NMS.

Envrionmental Monitoring & Modbus Support:
Remotely monitor and enable interfaces with EcoStruxure IT, building management systems, or other third-party systems.

Reboot Equipment Remotely:
No need to worry about dispatching technicians to remote locations with the ability quickly re-establish availability over your network.

Smart Battery Management:
Detailed battery information will provide you with all the details you need to manage and maintain your battery system, even providing you with early fault warnings.

Flash Upgradable Firmware:
Install UPS firmware upgrades conveniently from anywhere!

Powerchute Network Shutdown Software:
The operating shutdown sequence comes with advanced integration support for VMware® ESX/ESXi & Microsoft® Hyper-V and SCVMM.

Next Generation Features and Enhancements


Keep your sensitive data secure with advanced security features.
• Secure Boot with Root of Trust for enhanced Security.
• Stricter credentials and force password policy configurations increase your password security.
• EAPoL (Extensible Authentication Protocol over LAN) architecture is used within IEEE 802.1x port-based network access control.
• Secure access to SSH, HTTPS.
• Secure email authentication, file transfer.
• 3-tier user access (read-only, device and administrator).
• 2048 bit encryption key support.


Enjoy a faster, more powerful experience with the new Low-Cost Ethernet Solution (LCES) processor.
• 1Gigabt Ethernet connection (RJ-45 10/100/1000 Base-T).
• Easier user on when remotely managing multiple sights with centralized user management and RADIUS support.
• Supports multiple NMC 3 sessions and simultaneous multiple user logins.

Storage & Ease-of-use

Accommodate increased event and data log storage with extended memory space.
• 100x event log and data logs
• Pre-loaded with multiple language support.
• Micro USB based console.


NMC3 Options Available at Comms Express!

Remote management can save you time and money through the ability to reboot devices without deploying personnel.

APC AP9640 UPS Network Management Card 3

APC AP9640 UPS Network Management Card 3

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APC AP9641 UPS Network Management Card 3

with Environmental Monitoring

APC AP9641 UPS Network Management Card 3

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APC AP9643 UPS Network Management Card 3

with Environmental Monitoring and Modbus

APC AP9643 UPS Network Management Card 3

Buy APC AP9643 UPS Network Management Card 3


This is just a brief look at the APC Range, if you require more Schneider Electric equipment for your business, you can check our Schneider Electric microsite for a wide range of APC products to suit your needs.


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