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If you’re looking to protect your home, home office, or small business, the APC Back-UPS Pro provides the battery backup and surge protection you need!

The APC Back-UPS Pro models include new premium features to further increase your runtime and power capacity for all your critical connected devices.

If your work relies on technology to keep you connected, we recommend the SI models to ensure uptime and productivity stay at an all time high!

What does the APC Back-UPS Provide?

Battery Backup & Surge Protector Outlets
Ensure your critical devices stay running even when the power source is outside safe levels with backup power available to protect your equipment.

Sinewave Power Output*
Ensure distortions and power drops don’t effect your power quality during outages with APC. This is perfect for advanced workstations, high end PCs, multimedia devices and home storage.

2 USB Charging Ports*
Get both Type C and Type A charging ports to ensure fast charge on all of your mobile devices.

AVR with Boost and Trim
Correct any voltage fluctuations, whether they are high or low, instantly. These UPS are also Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) compatible.

1Gb Network Protection
Safeguard your valuable equipment and files against ‘back door’ surges that occur from data lines without sacrificing your internet speed.

User Replaceable Batteries
Quickly and easily replace your UPS batteries when needed.

LCD Interface
The LCD display allow you to quickly see information about the condition of the utilities and UPS.

Powerchute Personal Edition
Powerchute is an easy to use, auto-shutdown software that helps you to manage your power and energy.

* Only available on the BR-SI UPS systems.

How much runtime do you need?

See the runtime available across different UPS devices to match your needs best. Would your UPS system be used for…

1. An entry level desktop PC with a 20″ monitor with an internet modem and router? (around 40 watts)

BR650MI BR900MI BR1300MI BR1600MI BR1200SI BR1600SI
64 mins 105 mins 141 mins 159 mins 124 mins 152 mins


2. An iMac computer, NAS system, and internet modem and router (around 119 watts)

BR650MI BR900MI BR1300MI BR1600MI BR1200SI BR1600SI
20 mins 34 mins 50 mins 57 mins 52 mins 67 mins


3. A gaming PC with a 24″ LCD monitor, external powered speakers, and an internet modem and router? (around 240 watts)

BR650MI BR900MI BR1300MI BR1600MI BR1200SI BR1600SI
7 mins 14 mins 22 mins 26 mins 24 mins 32 mins


4. A 42″ LCD television, sound bar, and internet modem and router? (around 335 watts)

BR650MI BR900MI BR1300MI BR1600MI BR1200SI BR1600SI
4 mins 8 mins 13 mins 17 mins 15 mins 21 mins


APC Back-UPS Pro

Peace of mind from the world’s most trusted UPS.

APC Back-UPS Pro
Get guaranteed power protection for all your high performance devices with the APC Back-UPS Pro series. They can supply abundant battery backup to yoour electronic during outages and can stabilize unsafe voltage levels. Some models include additional premium features that you may need depending on your setup. All Back-UPS Pro models come with standard features needed to protect your data and keep your systems available.


  • Customizable voltage-transfer points
  • Boost and Trim Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
  • Battery failure notification
  • Intelligent battery management
  • LCD Status Display

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