The world's most popular UPS just got even smarter! SmartConnect APC header image

The world’s most popular UPS just got even smarter!

As the world becomes increasingly more dependent on technology, it is vital to have reliable power systems in place to keep things running smoothly. The more important power systems become, the more APC products evolve to keep up with the increasing demand.

APC Smart Connect is a feature that allows for remote monitoring and management of your power supply, allowing you to peace of mind with the ability to check your systems are up and running as often as you like. Smart Connect will also provide you with automatic notifications, firmware updates, and advanced support to keep you a step ahead of any problems.

Smart Connect Features

  • First of its kind: The APC SmartConnect feature makes Connected Smart-UPS the first cloud-enabled UPS for distributed IT
  • Advice from the experts: Connected Smart-UPS routinely provides proactive UPS lifecycle recommendations, helping maximize the lifespan of your APC UPS.
  • Accessibility: The APC SmartConnect web portal is accessible from any internet-connected device. You’ll be able to check on your IT equipment on-site or on the go.
  • Enabled as a standard: APC SmartConnect will be automatically included on select Smart-UPS models; making it the perfect solution for price-conscious professionals in need of power security.
  • Seamless integration: Easily integrate with leading remote monitoring and management solutions, so you can manage customer portfolios in a single platform.


Smart UPS Features

Smart Connect is a proactive remote UPS cloud monitoring feature that is accessible from any internet-connected device. It is part of the APC Smart UPS Smart Connect range. Features of the APC Smart-UPS systems include:

LCD Display
This intuitive interface will allow you to gather comprehensive status information in seconds

Pure Sine-wave Output
Pure Sine-wave will protect your more sensitive devices making this UPS compatible with all devices.

Communication Ports
Manage your UPS with ease with both USB and serial Ports.

Advanced Battery Management
You are able to extend the life of your internal UPS batteries through temperature-compensated changes.

Safety-agency Approved
All APC UPS systems have been tested and approved to meet national standards.

High Efficiency Green Mode
Green Mode allows your UPS components to last for longer, saves on utility costs, and reduces on the heat produced.

Generous Number of Outlets
All receptacles on your Smart-UPS model will be surge and UPS protected.

Network Grade Power Conditioning
Smart-UPS systems come with automated voltage regulation (AVR), noise filtering, and surge protection.

SmartSlot™ Interface
Equip your Smart-UPS with accessory cards for even more advanced management and environmental monitoring.

Emergency Power Off (EPO)
Remotely shut off your UPS in the event of an emergency like a fire.

How to get started

Getting started is simple with only three steps needed!

Install your UPS icon Scan the QR code icon Register your UPS icon
Step One – Install your UPS Step Two – Scan the QR code Step Three – Register your UPS
• Install your SmartConnect compatible UPS at your site
• Connect your network using a dedicated ethernet port
• Scan the QR code that is printed on your Smart-UPS
• Automatically register your device with the SmartConnect Web Portal
• Create a Schneider Electric account to register your Smart-UPS
• Your UPS will be automatically linked with your account.

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