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APC (American Power Conversion) by Schneider Electric and Comms Express have been working together for many years, and it is a great working relationship with a valued supplier.

APC by Schneider Electric is a global company that specialises in energy management and automation solutions. APC by Schneider Electric is known for its power protection and management products, such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), data center infrastructure management software, and other solutions for protecting and managing the power supply for critical systems and equipment. Schneider Electric is headquartered in France and operates in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Founded in 1981 by three electronic power engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology their initial focus was solar power. However, by 1984, their focus had shifted to UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply).

Such was the success of the company, within four years APC were a public held company. Continued development has seen them focus on four key areas:

  • Home/Home Office
  • Business Networks
  • Access Provider Networks
  • Data Centres and Facilities

By keeping such a clear focus, APC has rapidly become the market leader in each of the four fields. With so many companies reliant on their IT and indeed with a focus on paperless management, increased the efficiency of data is essential.

Schneider Electric APC UPS Solutions

Schneider Electric APC UPS Solutions Uninterruptible Power Supply  
Living in todays ‘always on, always available’ world, downtime costs businesses money. APC have created a way to protect businesses from this fate with their range of UPS solutions. APC’s UPS sets the standard for quality, innovation and support, improving the manageability, availablity, and performance of your equipment.

Schneider Electric APC Back-UPS
These Back-UPS will provide you with enough backup power to get you through short to medium lengths of power outages. It also provides a level of safeguarding to your equipment.

Schneider Electric APC Back-UPS Pro
Part of the Back-UPS range, the Pro models are equipped with increased runtime and power capabilities.

Schneider Electric APC Easy UPS
The Easy UPS provides consistent and reliable connectivity, saving you from unstable power conditions.

Schneider Electric APC Easy UPS 3 Series
Perfect for Small and Medium Businesses, data centers, and other mission critical applications, the 3 series is easy to install, connect, and use.

Schneider Electric APC Easy UPS SRV
This veratile UPS provides consistent and reliable connectivity even in the harshest power conditions.

Schneider Electric APC Smart-UPS
Designed for seamless integration, the Smart-UPS offers better visibility to the health of the battery, better reliability, higher accessibility, and enhanced performance.

Schneider Electric APC Smart-UPS Online SRT & Schneider Electric APC Smart-UPS Online SURT
Provides high-density, double-conversion, online power protection and can meet aggressive runtime needs with multiple battery packs.

Schneider Electric APC Smart-UPS Online SRT Marine
Compliant with marine regulations, the APC Marine UPS have enhanced environmental resilience and reduce emissions.

Schneider Electric APC Smart-UPS SRT Lithium Ion
Ideal for distributed IT environments. The Lithium-Ion battery technology enables you to double your UPS battery lifecycle, lowers your TCO, and offers remote management options.

Schneider Electric APC Data Center UPS
Need a UPS that can keep up with the high demands of your data center? APC can give you the power protection you need with their high quality, innovative UPS solutions.

Schneider Electric APC UPS Transformers
Accessory solutions help you to tailor your UPS to meet your specific needs better.

Schneider Electric APC Extra Runtime Batteries
Provide your UPS with extra runtime when needed.

Schneider Electric APC Extended Warranty
Protect your systems even further with the quick repairs and next day delivery on replacement parts in the unlikely event of a failure.

Schneider Electric APC UPS Replacement Batteries
Tested and certified batteries to restore your UPS performance.

Schneider Electric APC UPS Management
Enhance your UPS managability with a Management Card or Software to allow remote monitoring and control of your UPS.

Schneider Electric APC UPS Mounting Accessories
Ensure your UPS is securely mounted with accessories to aid in the installation of your equipment.

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Schneider Electric APC PDU Solutions

Schneider Electric APC PDU Solutions  
Increase the manageability and efficiency of your IT environment with APC PDU solutions. With real-time remote load monitoring and individual outlet power control, APC PDU offer remote power recycling, and the ability to power-up or power-down sequencing of equipment. Use PDU alarms to warn you of potential power overloads to give you the time to prepare before a critical IT failure can occur.

Schneider Electric APC Switched Rack PDU
Enjoy advanced load management, on/off outlet level power cycling, and sequencing control, with advanced, customizable power control.

Schneider Electric APC Metered Rack PDU
Be prepared for unplanned overloads with user-defined alarms to warn you of potential circuit overloads before any failures can occur.

Schneider Electric APC Metered by Outlet PDU
Enables energy optimization and detailed capacity planning through active metering of outlets. Use personalized alarms to warn of potential circuit overloads.

Schneider Electric APC Metered by Outlet with Switching PDU
On top of all the same qualities as the APC Metered by Outlet PDU, you can also enjoy advanced, customizable power control. Use your switching feature to power cycle, reboot equipment and restrict use of outlets.

Schneider Electric APC Easy PDU
Ensure reliable power distribution with this easy-to-install and easy-to-use PDU.

Schneider Electric APC Basic Rack PDU
Using a single input with multiple outputs, the Basic Rack PDU provides reliable power distribution.

Schneider Electric APC PDU Accessories
PDU Accessories include mounting brackets, label kits, and sensors all compatible with your PDU.

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APC Server Racks and Cabinets

APC Server Racks and Cabinets  
Server Rack Enclosures and Cabinets by APC offer advanced cooling, cable management, and power distribution for server and networking applications.

Schneider Electric APC Easy Racks
Easy to install, the Easy Racks are a reliable and affordable solution for server rack and network rack applications.

Schneider Electric APC NetShelter SX Sever Racks
Versatile, feature-rich rack enclosures offer easy installation, cable management, integrated power distribution, and maximized airflow.

Schneider Electric APC NetShelter CX
Save space, deployment time, and cost with an easy-to-setup soundproofed server room in a box.

Schneider Electric APC CX Accessories
Accessories to pair with the CX range like rail kits, bolt-down kits, dust filters and replacement power supplies.

Schneider Electric APC NetShelter Airflow Management
Reduce bypass airflow and prevent air recirculation to improve the cooling efficiency of your rack.

Schneider Electric APC NetShelter Cable Management
Organize your cables within a rack or enclosure with the help of cable management to help optimize airflow.

Schneider Electric APC Netshelter Mounting Hardware
Secure your racks within an enclosure with rack mount installation equipment.

Schneider Electric APC Netshelter Cooling
Roof Fans and Air Removal Units help to ensure your racks and enclosures remain cool for optimized functioning.

Schneider Electric APC Netshelter Roof Panels, Schneider Electric APC NetShelter Side Panels & Schneider Electric APC NetShelter Doors
All parts are compatible with your existing racks and can be added when they need to be changed.

Schneider Electric APC NetShelter WX Server Racks
Perfect for industry standard hardware storage, including equipment required for Edge applications.

Schneider Electric APC Easy Rack Accessories
Accessories include products to help mount equipment, manage cables and direct airflow.

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APC Extended Warranty

APC Extended Warranty  
In the unlikely event that you experience a failure, APC warranty ensures quick repairs or replacements to ensure minimized downtime occurs.

Schneider Electric APC Extended Warranty
Enjoy an extended warranty on your APC product.

Schneider Electric APC Accessory Extended Warranty
Enjoy an extended warranty on your APC accessories.

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APC NetBotz Security and Environmental Monitoring

APC NetBotz Security and Environmental Monitoring  
NetBotz offers the ability for surveillance, sensing, and environmental monitoring.

Schneider Electric APC NetBotz Environemental Rack Monitors
Enjoy an extended warranty on your APC product.

Schneider Electric APC NetBotz Environmental Sensors
Experience a complete view of an environment without using wires.

Schneider Electric APC NetBotz Rack Access and Security
Gain access control, surveillance, and environmental monitoring in a single view.

Schneider Electric APC NetBotz Cables & Accessories
Cables and Accessories are compatible with other NetBotz Security & Environmental Monitoring products.

Explore our APC NetBotz Security and Environmental Monitoring Range


Overall, APC by Schneider Electric’s products and solutions are designed to help customers protect and manage their critical systems and equipment, and ensure that they have a reliable and efficient power supply.

Other Schneider Electric products Available from Comms Express:

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If you require any further information on these or any other products that we stock here at Comms Express, please do not hesitate to contact our team who will be only too happy to help.

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