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Edge deployments place compute power and analysis closer to the action to allow organisations to better leverage the benefits of IoT. Edge computing allows for the possibility of real-time decision-making due to the lack of latency.

Edge deployments also reduce bandwidth-related costs and the likelihood of unstable network connections. This more stable connection helps to increase your uptime, allowing your business to always continue as normal.

Schneider Electric offers a range of Micro Data Center options with all the components you need to run an edge site. These pre-assembled, pre-prested, enclosed rack systems include all the elements you need to support your business including a UPS, power distribution units, cooling, security, and management software.

Micro data centers create resilience by:

  • Standardization: By using pre-integrated standard designs, these micro data centers are easy to replicate even across highly distributed areas.
  • Physical Security: To prevent malfunctions or potential security breaches, APC micro data centers come with security cameras, environmental sensors, and access control issue alerts.
  • Management: To allow you to operate sites remotely, APC micro data centers come with vendor-agnostic software to provide the visibility, insights and on/offsite support you need to stay in control.

Suitable for every environment

By moving to edge deployments, critical IT equipment now lives outside of traditional IT environments. Made to work on factory floors, busy backrooms of retail stores, or crowded network closets, APC micro data centers are truly made to adapt to any environment.

Riello UPS technical characteristics header image Riello UPS technical characteristics header image
Micro Data Center C-Series Micro Data Center S-Series
Environment Description
• Occupied space (noise)
• Semi-climate controlled (not 24/7)
• Less secure.
• Purpose built IT space
• Climate controlled
• Secure
• Retail / Storefront
• Grocery store
• Branch office
• Airport
• Bank
• Network closet
• Small server room


Top edge challenges solved

Schneider Electric’s range of APC micro data centers addresses the three main challenges surrounding edge computing deployments:
1. Security
2. Easy, standardised deployments
3. Managing multiple onsite and offsite locations

Security measures
For physical security measures, APC micro data centers offer:

  • Secure enclosures for all mounting options
  • Remotely monitor the center through security cameras
  • Standard or intelligent access control
  • Envrionmental monitoring

Deployment options
Highly configurable and easy to design, APC micro data centers features:

  • Reference designs with all major IT vendors
  • Validation and guidance at every step
  • Factory pre-integration and testing option
  • Full solution ordering including pre-integration and management software
  • Save configurations for repeat orders
  • Comprehensive database of third servers, networking, and storage devices

Management made easy
With APC ExoStruxure IT Software and Services you can mitigate and anticipate the risk of failure whilst also reducing operational expenses. The open, vendor-agnostic platform makes monitoring critical infrastructure easy whether onsite or remotely managed. Gain the right visibility, insights, remote monitoring 24/7, and on-site support.

Edge environments control

Distributed IT edge and on-premise environments create new challenges:
1. Infrastructure is becoming more complex and harder to manage.
2. Being across multiple locations creates a lack of visibility and insight.
3. There are no IT staff or experts on site.
4. The reactive approach has a negative economic impact.

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APC Visibility icon Visability across multiple locations and devices for a complete overview of your equipment. APC Reports icon Reports will show you where and what areas will need your attention most.
APC Data icon Use data to proactively guide your management style. APC assessments icon Proactively mitigate risk and improve your operational efficiency with work-life balance with assessments.


Proactively manage your network with three flexible options:
1. Do it yourself – EcoStruxure IT expert
2. Do it with a preferred partner – EcoStruxure IT for partners
3. Do it with APC – ExoStruxure Asset Advisor

APC Micro Data Center S-Series

APC Micro Data Center S-Series
Highly customisable and easy to configure, the S-series is ideal for server rooms and network closets.

Buy APC Micro Data Center S-Series


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