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What is a Lithium-Ion Battery Backup UPS?

An uninterruptible Power Supply, or UPS, is a device that provides backup power to IT equipment if the power levels drop too low, or even fail completely. These traditionally are powered by VRLA batteries, but when created with Lithium-Ion batteries instead they can provide twice the usual life expectancy. Vertiv’s Lithium-Ion battery backup systems require fewer battery replacements, can withstand higher temperatures, and have quick recharge options, making them the idea solution for protecting your critical infrastructure or distributed IT environments.

The Advantages of Lithium-Ion Battery Backup UPS

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Reduce the total ownership cost of your UPS system by 50% by saving on battery replacements and services that aren’t need with a Lithium-Ion UPS system.
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Longer Life and Runtime

Lithium-Ion UPS systems have a life expectancy of 8-10 years, roughly 3 times longer than with a traditional VRLA system. Battery recharges with this new technology can also be completed in around 3 hours at 90%.

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Heat Resiliency

UPS systems with Lithium-Ion batteries can withstand higher temperatures than their VRLA counterparts with less degradation. This makes it a great option for racks that are exposed to higher temperatures, such as manufacturing floors.

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Lithium-Ion batteries are 40-60% lighter and 40% smaller than their VRLA counterparts, making them easier to install and maintain.


How Would a Lithium-Ion UPS Benefit your Industry?

Retail Settings

Vertiv Lithium Ion Battery UPS in retail
Lithium-Ion UPS technology is an ideal fit for retail deployments. If your company’s digital needs are growing, but don’t have the time or resources to support the maintain a traditional VRLA UPS system, Vertiv’s Lithium-Ion UPS systems are the perfect solution. Leave power outage worries in the path with this reliable backup system.
Ideal for: Remote Retail Sites + Warehouses and Distribution.

Educational Settings

Vertiv Lithium Ion Battery UPS in education
Education is becoming more reliant on technology with new online resources becoming available and the increase in the popularity of remote learning. These new avenues for learning can provide exciting new opportunities for both the schools and their students, but it also comes with a new need to keep this technology up and running without fail. Lithium-Ion UPS systems allow schools to enjoy all the benefits of technology, whilst keeping the total costs down.
Ideal for: Schools + Higher Education

Manufacturing Settings

Vertiv Lithium Ion Battery UPS in manufacturing
On manufacturing floors, the IT to support production lines needs to be close to the equipment it’s supporting which often leads to IT infrastructure being put place they weren’t traditionally designed for. Manufacturing floors often expose racks to higher temperatures, causing problems to occur in traditional VRLA UPS. Moving to Vertiv’s Lithium-Ion UPS systems allows you to support your equipment without any degradation to the battery.
Ideal for: Manufacturing Floors + IT Rooms at a Manufacturer

Healthcare Settings

Vertiv Lithium Ion Battery UPS in healthcare
Within any branch of the healthcare system, the demand on their network is sky high. Lithium-Ion UPS systems give the industry extra support they require for added runtime, less maintenance, and overally extra efficiency.
Ideal for: Private Offices + Hospital IT Rooms

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Vertiv™ Edge Lithium-Ion UPS

High Performance Line-Interactive Power Protection for Servers and Networking Equipment

Vertiv™ Edge Lithium-Ion UPS  
Protect your business-critical applications with both power conditioning and battery backup available with the Vertiv Edge Lithium-Ion Interactive UPS range.

Key Benefits:

  • Standard 5-year warranty provides peace of mind your investment is protected against potentially costly equipment failures.
  • Achieve the lowest total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the UPS with fewer battery replacements and up to 10 years of useable life with Lithium Ion batteries.
  • Hot-swappable user replaceable batteries increase the useable life of the UPS by allowing you to easily replace the batteries without disrupting power to connected equipment.
  • Internal batteries offer industry-leading runtime (up to 10 minutes at full load) to protect critical equipment during an unexpected power loss.
  • Lithium Ion battery technology degrades slower in high temperature environments, supports up to 10 times more discharge cycles, and delivers faster recharge times compared to VRLA batteries.


  • 0.9 Output power factor delivers more usable power, savings space and cost.
  • High efficiency, up to 98% in line mode, to deliver energy savings.
  • Color graphic LCD display.
  • Flexible 2U rack/tower form factor.
  • Up to seven battery-backed outlets.
  • Programmable outlets to optimize battery runtime.
  • Hot-swappable user-replaceable internal batteries.
  • Input breaker device for additional protection to the load in worst case failures.
  • Remote emergency shut down capability via EPO port.
  • USB communications for UPS status monitoring and management.
  • Optional Liebert® IntelliSlot™ IS-UNITY communications card for remote monitoring and control.
  • RoHS and REACH compliant.

Explore our range of Vertiv Edge Lithium-Ion UPS


This is just a brief look at the Vertiv UPS systems Range, if you require more Vertiv equipment for your business, you can check our Vertiv microsite for a wide range of Vertiv products to suit your needs.


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