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When running a business there is no end to the problems you can face.

Whilst a rewarding experience, we know that any small to midsized business (SMB) owners will jump at the chance to take this challenges away.

Teamed with Vertiv and their extensive array of products, we are going to show you how to address these issues.

Vertiv Powering IT challenges

What are the main powering IT issues that SMB face?

1. Predicting and managing infrastructure costs

As IT demands escalate, it can be difficult to control the costs of these upgrades.
Investing in flexible power solutions is vital.

2. Delivering the availablity needed for critical applications

It can be a challenge to maintain or increase the IT resilience and availability that is needed to help your company succeed.
This is the biggest concern for critical spaces up to 10,000 square feet in size.
As demand escalates, your IT systems are enablers to growth and therefore must be available.

3. Improving your power system visibility and intelligence

If you are unable to see into the power system’s performance you may face costly mistakes and productivity loss.
Adding the maintenance of power protection to employees’ daily tasks can lead to loss in productivity and unintended problems arising.

4. Achieving flexibility and rapid deployment

To meet business demands most companies need their applications and systems to be up and running quickly.
What is the best way to add, update, and modify power systems to support the ever-changing IT needs?

Vertiv Powering IT challenges

1. Predicting and managing infrastructure costs
How can you solve this?
Start with finding the right technologies and partners.
Consider highly efficient UPS systems with flexible power capabilities.
Save on installation with an easy to deploy pre-engineered design.
Choose a partner with remote and local power management and installation.
Choose a UPS with a small footprint and high power factor.
How can Vertiv help?
Vertiv provide cost-effective solutions with:
• Highly efficient designs for high operating savings
• ENERGY STAR qualified models
• Optimized ancillaries that work together
• Scalable or modular design solutions to support future demands
• Systems that deliver more power in a small footprint
• Systems that minimize the cost of cabling and installation
• Remote site management capabilities
• Services to help yoou minimize or avoid unplanned downtime.
Predicting costs

Vertiv Powering IT challenges

2. Delivering the availablity needed for critical applications
How can you solve this?
Start with a UPS that offers robust protection from all key electrical disturbances.
Use solutions that guard against electrical problems.
Don’t overlook UPS batteries.
Find a UPS system where you can easily monitor the battery’s health.
Choose a support partner with trained field engineers.
How can Vertiv help?
With 40 years of experience, Vertiv have a wealth of knowledge in designing power systems that deliver availability when required. Their UPS systems all include:
• Easy to use intelligent controls
• Battery monitoring to reduce failure risks
• Maintenance bypass solutions to help you avoid powering down your IT systems
• Extended battery options for longer protection
• Certified short circuit withstand ratings
• The flexibility to meet extra capacity or redundancy demands
• Remote service diagnostics to proactively identify problems.
Delivering availability

Vertiv Powering IT challenges

3. Improving your power system visibility and intelligence
How can you solve this?
Start with a power system with instant access to critical operating information.
Easy-to-use, intelligent UPS interface panels allow insight into operating status for staff of all experience levels.
Interface panels can reduce the likelihood of human error.
If you don’t have the resources yourself, get a partner who offers remote and onsite support.
How can Vertiv help?
Vertiv can provide you with enhanced data insight and visibility with:
• A user-friendly, menu-driven monitor panel that supports secure visibility and management
• Network connectivity that communicates vital statuses and can be integrated with DCIM and building systems
• Multiple communications paths to help ensure connectivity across protocols
• Integrated battery monitoring that can proactively identify potential issues with the batteries
• Lifecycle management to help monitor and maintain UPS systems.
Improving visability and intelligence

Vertiv Powering IT challenges

4. Achieving flexibility and rapid deployment
How can you solve this?
Choose a power system with a flexible design.
Consider options that could meet future capacity or redundancy demands.
To accelerate deployment time, opt for scalable platforms and programs that will improve your configuration, delivery and installation.
Choose a partner that understands the entire power chain to prevent potential problems.
How can Vertiv help?
Vertiv can help with accelerated deployment with:
• Designs that enable smooth integration
• Robust and flexible ancillary options that will meet both current and future demands
• Scalable designs that can respond to capacity or redundancy changes
• Flexible power distribution, battery run times, capacity and redundancy configurations
• Quality and speedy field installation support
• Solutions suitable for all space requirements.
Flexible and rapid deployment

Vertiv Powering IT challenges

Here are our top 3 Vertiv Solutions!

Vertiv Liebert® EXS UPS

Vertiv Liebert® EXS UPS
This on-line integrated UPS allows quick and easy access to power vital systems. Standard configurations and optimised with a compact footprint offer reliable and economical power solutions.


  • Integrated solution supports faster deployments
  • Compact, high power density design offers a small footprint
  • Flexible UPS, power distribution and battery arrangements to meet capacity and runtime demands
  • Efficient operation saves energy
  • High power factor delivers more usable power
  • Easy to install
  • Integrated maintenance by-pass option ensures greater availability
  • Intelligent monitoring and management offers improved visibility and control

Buy Vertiv Liebert® EXS UPS


Vertiv Liebert ITA2 UPS

Vertiv Liebert ITA2 UPS
This space-saving UPS design can be installed in a rack or on the floor. With scalable battery run time, optional maintenence bypass cabinet and output distribution pods, this reliable, energy-efficient power solution is flexible and always available when needed.


  • Flexible placement. Use inside a rack or in a tower configuration
  • Compact, high power density
  • Easy to install and manage
  • High power factor maximizes the usable power
  • Operates efficiently to save energy
  • Optimized maintenance bypass maintains power, even during servicing (optional)
  • Extended battery runtimes (optional)
  • Flexible, easy to configure power distribution

Buy Vertiv Liebert ITA2 UPS


Vertiv VR Rack

Vertiv VR Rack
Help standardize deployments and bring them online faster. These racks can support a wide variety of equipment including serves, swithces, routers, PDUS, UPSs, and much more.


  • The Vertiv™ VR Rack delivers a premium rack solution whenever and wherever IT systems are deployed
  • Quick shipment meets demand for rapid deployment
  • Supports all rack-based equipment and delivers 2.5 inches of additional useable depth
  • Full complement of accessories including cable management, airflow management, shelves, handles and support brackets
  • Tool-less design enables easy equipment installation, adjustments and service
  • Save time and money by pre-integrating Vertiv™ Geist™ rPDUs with the VR Rack

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This is just a brief look at the Vertiv UPS systems Range, if you require more Vertiv equipment for your business, you can check our Vertiv microsite for a wide range of Vertiv products to suit your needs.


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