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6u 600mm Deep Server Cabinet-Server Rack
Datacel Logo
Wall Mounted

These 600mm Deep Wall Mounted Server Racks are ideal for small network installations where both Servers and Patching are require. The additional depth offers increased versatility and the 600mm width gives ample space for cable management.

Cable access is provided top and bottom, and the front door and side panels are lockable so that unwanted hands can't tamper with the equipment inside the Data Cabinet.

Features: Lockable Glass Front Door in Steel Surround
Removable and Lockable Steel Side Panels
Adjustable 19" Profiles Front & Rear
Cable access holes, with gland plates top and bottom
Earth Bonding Kit
Weight (KGS) 17
Static Loading (KGS) 60
Accessories are available on the following pages:

Cable Management
Please Note: Casters are not compatible with wall mounted cabinets.


The 6u 600mm wall mounted cabinets are available in Grey (RAL 7044) or Black (RAL 9004)

  Quick Release Side removable and lockable panels on both sides

Adjustable 19 inch front and rear mounting profiles with "u" markings

Top and bottom cable entry for easy patching Alternative Product

6u 500mm Deep Wall mounted Data Cabinet
Too Deep? Go for the 500mm version instead.

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In Stock: Next Day
£120.00 Inc Vat
RJ45 Cat5e UTP Shuttered Module
ce Logo

Category 5e UTP modules are standard 25x50mm Euromod size. Each shuttered module is supplied with an ID window and label.

The module is cased in a high quality ABS plastic and is suitable for mounting in a variety of plates and housings due to its low profile design.


Standard 25x50mm Euromod Size
Low Profile Design
Supports Gigabit Ethernet
Suitable for 22-26AWG stranded and solid wire, compatible with Krone punch down tool
The Cat5e transmission performance is in compliance with the ANSI/TIA/EIA 568 B.2 Standard
Please Note: These modules are designed to fit only into CE Faceplates found Here


Express View Logo
In Stock: Next Day
£1.26 Inc Vat
Cat6 UTP Slimline Module
Excel Logo
16.65 x 50mm Slimline Module

The Excel 3 in 1 module offers the ultimate in flexibility, space utilisation and ease of installation. The totally modular design allows the mounting of up to 3 shuttered RJ45 ports in a standard flat or bevelled single gang faceplate or up to 6 in a double gang fascia. The unique design means that you only load shuttered outlets as required, any capacity within the plate which is required for a later date is simply blanked off, providing a neat and easy to use completed installation. Individual port labelling is also quick and easy with standard Excel outlet slide in fields incorporated into the design.


Category 6 compliant
High density design
Individual snap in modules
Fit standard Excel Faceplates (3 required for Single Faceplates, 6 required for Double Faceplates)
LSA compatible IDC
Individual port slide labelling system
Module dimensions 16.6(w) x 50(h) x 31.5(d) mm
Please Note: These modules are designed to fit only into Excel Faceplates found Here

Performance Overview

Excel Category 6 data outlets are manufactured and tested to the Category 6 performance standards. A range of performance characteristics are tested upto 250MHz including return loss, attenuation and near and far end crosstalk (NEXT and FEXT) for which both worst case and power sum tests are completed. Actual performance far exceeds the required standard - when tested in isolation and in circuit - resulting in significant headroom for even the most demanding of applications.  

As well as providing link and channel compliance - when installed with Excel category 6 components – with the aforementioned specification - the outlet is also backward compatible with Category 5 and 5e components.

Pre-assembled faceplates can be ordered to save installation time.

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In Stock: Next Day
£3.46 Inc Vat
PDU with IEC C13 Plug Sockets
ce Logo

A full comprehensive range of PDU's with 13Amp UK Plug Sockets, and a range of optional features.


IEC 320 C13 Sockets
External earth facility
3 metre input lead
Compatable with all our cabinets
All units are 1u horizontal mounting
Surge Protection options available
ALL PDU'S ON THIS PAGE, HAVE IEC C13 SOCKETS (quantity varies as per selection):


13Amp UK Plug

IEC C14 Plug

16Amp Commando Plug

32Amp Commando Plug

Express View Logo
No. Sockets:
Input Type:
Surge Protect:
In Stock: Next Day
£34.68 Inc Vat
Vertical Metal Cable Tidy
ce Logo

These innovative cable tidies provide both vertical and horizontal cable management.

Their 19" mounting means they are suitable for all cabinets, and provide vertical cable management as well as horizontal to ensure your installation is as tidy as possible.

Express View Logo
In Stock: Next Day
£11.90 Inc Vat
24 Way RJ45 Cat5e UTP Right Angled Patch Panel - 1
ce Logo
1u 19 Inch Rackmount Patch Panel

The design of this innovative right angled patch panel makes installation simple with the IDC termination blocks at 90 degrees to the panel. With built in cable management to the rear installtions can be kept clean and tidy.

CE patch panels comply with the current standards for enhanced Category 5e. CE 5e patch panels are designed to minimise deployment time and maximise connection strength. Each panel offers a choice of labelling systems to include both labelling fields with writable surface and separate identification strips are provided to allow further labelling where required.


Cable management system built into the rear
Durable lacquered steel front panel.
Conforms to ANSI/EIA/TIA, ISO/IEC11801 and EN50173 Category 5e standard, FCC part 68 requirements.
Gold over Nickel plated jack contacts.
Phosphor Bronze & Nickel plated IDC terminals.
IDC terminals accept 22 to 26AWG solid and stranded wires.
(Sold Separately)

Cat5e Patch Leads IDC Punchdown Tool Cat5e Solid Cable Cat5e Modules

Express View Logo
Out Of Stock
£30.60 Inc Vat
CE 2 x RJ45 Cat5e Modules in a Singlegang Faceplate
ce Logo
2 x UTP 25x50mm Modules

Single Gang Faceplate complete with two CE cat5e Data Modules, Individual port labelling is also quick and easy with standard CE outlet slide in fields incorporated into the design. IDC Termination blocks are provided on the back of each module.

Express View Logo
Out Of Stock
£3.48 Inc Vat
24 Way Cat6 Value RJ45 UTP Patch Panel - 1u
ce Logo
1u 19 Inch Rackmount Patch Panel

The CE 24 Port Cat6 Patch Panel meets all the current standards for Cat6. Termination is provided on the rear in the form of Krone Style IDC punchdown connectors. The panel also comes as standard with a detachable rear cable management bar.

Comes Complete with:
4x M6 cage nuts & bolts for fixing the panel in to a cabinet, coloured black to match the panel itself.
25x 80mm cable ties to aid with cable management.
4x Self adhesive plastic label holders c/w write on paper labels
1x Sheet of pre printed numbers 1-96
1x Termination instruction sheet

Durable lacquered steel front panel.
Tested to conform to all the current ANSI/TIA/EIA 568 B.2 standards.
Gold over Nickel plated jack contacts.
Phosphor Bronze & Nickel plated IDC terminals.
IDC terminals accept 22 to 26AWG solid and stranded wires.
(Sold Separately)

Cat6 Patch Leads IDC Punchdown Tool Cat6 Solid Cable Cat6 Modules

Express View Logo
Out Of Stock
£30.00 Inc Vat
Trend Networks R158002 VDV II Plus - Voice, Data and Video Cable Verifier
Trend Networks Logo
Voice, Data and Video Cable Verifier

The new VDV II Series are easy to use cable testers that check the integrity of copper cables commonly found in domestic, commercial or industrial voice, data or video installations, including telephone wiring, data network and video/security cabling.

Employing state-of-the-art technology, VDV II offers functionality not previously available in a wiremapper. The advanced wiremap engine accurately displays complex wiring faults instantaneously

With comprehensive details on faults such as opens, shorts, crossovers and split pairs, VDV II identifies wiring errors instantly. The integrated RJ-11/RJ-12 (voice), RJ-45 (data) and coax F-Type (video) connectors allow faster testing of most types of low-voltage cables by eliminating the need for separate testers or adapters.

VDVII Plus features:
Large 2.9" Backlit Display
Carry Case & Cables
Performs standard tests for copper cabling, including: Coax, 6Pin (RJ11/12), 8Pin (RJ45)
Connectors for Copper Cable Testing
Wiremap for Miswires, Split Pairs, Shorts and Opens
Analog Tone Generator
Voltage Protection
Shielded Cable Testing
Single Screen Results
Hub Blink
Cable Length
Distance to Open
Kit Contents:

1 x VDV II, 1 x dual port remote unit, 1 x coax remote unit, 1 x alkaline battery, 1 x multi-language user guide. 2 x RJ45 to alligator clip cable 390mm, 2 x screened RJ45 to RJ45 cable 150mm, 2 x RJ11/12 to RJ11/12 cable 100mm, 1 x F-type plug to F-type plug cable 230mm, 1 x F-81 barrel splice, 1 x BNC female to F-type male adaptor, 1 x BNC female to F-type female adaptor, 1 x RCA female to F-type male adaptor, 1 x RCA female to F-type female adaptor, 1 x wallet wiring card, 1 x carry case.

Express View Logo
In Stock: Next Day
£277.20 Inc Vat
CE Cat6 External LDPE UTP Cable - 100M Reel
ce Logo
Supplied on a 100 Metre Reel

Solid conductor 4 pair U/UTP Cat6 cable with External Grade LDPE outer sheath supplied on convenient 100m reels

Each cable consists of 8 colour coded polyethylene insulated conductors. These are twisted together to form 4 pairs with varying lay lengths. These pairs are jacketed in a heat and UV, moisture resistant black polyethylene outer sheath, making this cable ideal for external installation. The printing detail on the sheath, includes the cables part number and specification details.

Features: Supplied as 100 metre reels for the smaller job
UV and Moisture Resistant Polyethelene Outer Sheath
Cat6 4 pair UTP solid cable with 8 colour coded polyethylene insulated conductors.
Manufactured and tested to the ISO 11801, EN 50173 & ANSI/TIA-568-C standards
Material & Construction Conductor Materials Soft & annealed copper   Size 24 AWG Insulation Materials HDPE Colour Blue/White (Blue stripe-2line) Orange/White (Orange stripe-2line) Green/White (Green stripe-2line) Brown/White (Brown stripe-2line) Jacket Materials LDPE, External Grade   Diameter Nominal 5.8 mm Colour Black RAL 9011 Construction U/UTP   No. of Pairs 4 Category 6 Number of Cores 8 Length 100 Metres Reaction to fire class EN 13501-6 Fca

(Sold Separately)


Universal Stripping Tool IDC Punchdown Tool Networking

Cat6 Patch Panels Cat6 Modules

Express View Logo
In Stock: Next Day
£61.80 Inc Vat
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