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Power Leads & Extensions
Comms Express understands the need for power solutions within business networks. As such we are proud to offer a range of extension leads and mains power leads & kettle leads at excellent prices. These mains extension cable varieties include IEC lock cables and leads as well as four way mains extensions and surge protectors; all you need to power and protect your network components.
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Tripp Lite Metered PDUs

Tripp Lite Metered PDUs feature a built-in load meter for local current monitoring. Load meter displays provide real-time visual data so IT personnel can more efficiently manage power output. With Metered PDUs, you’ll have the confidence to connect more equipment and increase the utilization of available PDU, UPS and circuit capacity without a reduction in reliability.

All Metered PDUs use a digital LED display that shows the current draw of connected equipment in amps. Metered PDUs with more than one output bank have more than one meter. 3-Phase Metered PDUs use three meters that display the load for each bank and phase.

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<p>Search Switches</p>
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10G/Cat6a Ethernet
New emerging active equipment is calling for ever increasing structured cabling specifications, this range of Cat6a and 10G Ethernet Products should be everything you need in order to future proof your install and get the most out of your new 10G active equipment
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Tripp Lite Line Interactive 500VA - 1050VA

Line-Interactive UPS Systems 500VA - 1050VA

Keep equipment working through low voltage (brownouts) indefinitely without draining battery power - also provide reliable battery power to keep computers up and running through short blackouts and allow enough time to safely shut down during longer ones. In addition, all AC outlets protect against surges and line noise.

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Cabinets and Racks By Brand
Need a specific make of cabinet? Here you will find a selection of cabinets and accessories sorted by brand

Cabinet Brands Include:
  • datacel
  • Usystems
  • APC
  • Prism
  • Rittal
  • Tripp Lite
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Zyxel Wireless

ZyXEL believe in making a better Wi-Fi experience by using years of innovation in networking to create cutting-edge wireless that helps you create smarter, more efficient ways to connect and collaborate.

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Cabinet Accessories
Comms Express supplies a vast range of different cabinet accessories to meet your networking requirements. The items available for purchase include cable management options, cooling unit solutions, console drawers and cabinet PDUs. Ultimately Comms Express have all the accessories you may need for your new cabinet.
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Tripp Lite Euro-Series 47U
The Tripp Lite Euro-Series 47U rack enclosures are designed for network wiring closets, retail locations, classrooms, back offices and other areas with essential rack-mount IT equipment.

This 47U server rack comes fully assembled for quick and easy deployment with pre-installed casters that let you maneuver it over a level, smooth, stable surface and through a standard two-meter doorway into position, where it can be stabilized by adjusting the levelers.
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USpace 4210 co-location cabinets comes with unique AirTech doors fitted with combination key override swing handles as standard, thus allowing each compartment to have its own tamper free secure space while still allowing full access top authorised key holders.

Prism PI 42U co-location cabinets come in a choice of four foot print options and two compartment options there is a location cabinet for any installation. This can be mated with any PI to provide a solution for any co-location environment and provide additional revenue per square metre..

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8 Port Switches
An 8-Port Fast Ethernet Switch is an inexpensive and perfect solution for connecting multiple computers or network devices in a home or small office to create a local network.
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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Use Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Solutions to protect your IT Infrastructure from Power Cuts, Surges and Spikes with the industry leading brands including APC, Vertiv, Tripp Lite, Riello, Eaton and Salicru.
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View our range of cloud managed solutions.

  • Cisco Meraki
  • NETGEAR Insight
  • Zyxel NebulaFlex
  • NETGEAR Insight
  • Ubiquiti UniFi
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Tripp Lite 550VA - 750VA

AVR Series UPS

Ultra-compact battery backup and surge protection for desktop PCs, workstations, audio/video equipment, gaming and other electronics. AVR Series UPS Systems provide automatic voltage regulation to protect electronics from abnormal voltage levels.

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Cabling Network Kits
We've created a range of cabling and network tool kits to get you started with any installation you have
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Tripp Lite KVM & Console Drawer Solutions

Tripp Lite KVM switches give you convenient IT systems management without the expense and clutter of a dedicated keyboard, mouse and monitor for each computer or server... a console KVM switch has the keyboard, mouse and monitor built right in.

  • Choose from desktop, rack-mount and rack-mount console models
  • Select KVM switches offer IP remote access that lets you control your systems from virtually anywhere in the world
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24 Port Cat5e Patch Panels

24 port patch panels comply with the current standards for enhanced Category 5e. Our Cat5e patch panels are designed to minimise deployment time and maximise connection strength. Each panel offers a choice of labelling systems to include both labelling fields with writable surface and separate identification strips are provided to allow further labelling where required.

  • Available in a selection of colours
  • IDC or Through Coupler options
  • Unshielded(UTP) and Shielded (FTP) variants
  • Excel and our own Low cost CE Brand
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CE offers a high quality and very affordable end to end structured cabling solution for the modern day business or home. Available in Cat5e & Cat6 and in both cases exceeding the required specifications  - it makes comms sense
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Datacel Data Cabinets & Data Racks

Our datacel Data Cabinet/Rack range are versatile and designed to accommodate a load of up to 600 kg and available in a range of heights and depths they offer features that make them suitable for a wide range of applications in the data, security, audio visual and telecommunication arenas.

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