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Datacel server cabinet & racks available in 27u, 42u and 47U Heights.  Our server rack & cabinets come with options of mesh or glass vented front door.  Datacel server cabinet and Racks are availabe in Black or Grey.

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Explore the range of Datacel Universal Cabinet Accessories available at Comms Express
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Fibre Networking

Fibre Networking is the process of transferring data using light through a cable rather than electrons. Fibre Optic Networking can transfer data at a lot higher speed than Copper and also travel further distances beyond the copper limitations of 100m experiencing a lot less signal loss and no need to worry about Electromagnetic interference.

So here at Comms Express we offer a large range of Fibre Networking equipment including Bulk, pre-terminated fibre optic cable, fibre optic patch leads, pigtails, fibre termination and fibre cleaning products. We also provide MTP Fibre Cable which offers a simple and scalable method of network deployment.

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Cat6 Ethernet
View our large range of Cat6 networking, available online with Free Delivery & Mult-Buys discounts also available.
  • Cat6 Ethernet Patch Leads
  • Cat6 Solid Cable
  • Cat6 Patch Panels
  • Cat6 Modules
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Modular PDUs
The Modular PDU Series gives the Installer and End User alike complete freedom to place the correct power socket in a cabinet in the correct place every time.
Using a Vertical Zero U body with inputs of anything up to 16A and 32A, all have RCBO protection and a digital amp / volt meter option.
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10G/Cat6a Ethernet
New emerging active equipment is calling for ever increasing structured cabling specifications, this range of Cat6a and 10G Ethernet Products should be everything you need in order to future proof your install and get the most out of your new 10G active equipment
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Modular Power Units
Power units for desks, providing a modular solution for future expansion
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Server Cabinets and Racks By Brand
Need a specific make of cabinet? Here you will find a selection of cabinets and accessories sorted by brand

Cabinet Brands Include:
  • datacel
  • Usystems
  • APC
  • Prism
  • Rittal
  • Tripp Lite
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Power Leads & Extensions
Comms Express understands the need for power solutions within business networks. As such we are proud to offer a range of extension leads and mains power leads & kettle leads at excellent prices. These mains extension cable varieties include IEC lock cables and leads as well as four way mains extensions and surge protectors; all you need to power and protect your network components.
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PatchSee Leads
Quickly identify the extremities of a patch cord, by shining a light tool down the special network cable. Also identification is better by removable colour clips. No need to change cabling systems just add it to an existing panel and get the benefits.
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Datacel Vertical Wall Mount Cabinets
Mount your switches, routers, and other equipment heads-up with our Low-Profile Secure Wall Mount Cabinets
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Data centre Power Distribution
View our range of Data Centre Power Distribution available at Comms Express
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Installation Essentials
All the essential little items you may need for your network installation, from Cable Ties and Clips to Cable Management essentials
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The Datacel PDU is an intelligent power strip designed to measure the input and individual outlet current consumption and automatically email history reports to the supervisor for power usage reports.
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SoHo Wall Mounted Cabinets
The compact design of the Mini Office Cabinet makes it the ideal housing for small network requirements, allowing integration of voice, data, ISDN and internet connections in one neat unit.
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500mm Deep Wall Mount Server Racks & Data Cabinets

These 500mm deep Wall Mounted Data Cabinets/Racks are ideal for small network installations which come fully assembled and complete with 19" mounting profiles to the front and rear, a lockable glass front door and removable quick release side panels.

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