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Fluke Networks Fiber QuickMap Accessories
Fluke Networks NFC-KIT-BOX Fiber Optic Box Kit
Fluke Networks Logo

Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit - Includes cleaning cube with wipes, five cards with sealed cleaning zones, solvent pen and 2.5mm port cleaning swabs

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Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit
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Case, Cube, Pen, 1.25+2.5 Swabs, 10 Cards

Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit - Includes cleaning cube with wipes, ten cards with sealed cleaning zones, solvent pen, 2.5mm port cleaning swabs and 1.25mm port cleaning swabs in a rugged carrying case.

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Fluke Networks NFC-KIT-CASE-E Enhanced Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit
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The complete solution for precision end-face fiber optic cable cleaning. Contains everything needed to eliminate the #1 cause of fiber optic link failure: contamination
Supports all fiber connector types in datacenter and campus environments
Quick Clean™ Cleaners—no training required!
Solvent pen precisely dispenses specially formulated fiber optic cleaning solution
Cards for convenient cleaning of fiber end-faces
Rugged carrying case stores and transports all fiber optic cleaning tools

Dirt, dust and other contaminants are the enemies of high-speed data transmission over optical fiber. Today's network applications require more bandwidth than ever, making loss budgets tighter than ever. Hence, it is critical that all optical connections are free of contaminants to avoid having application performance issue.

Fluke Networks' Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits contains the best fiber optic cleaning tools to effectively remove the toughest contaminants in any fiber network. You can choose between the easy-to-use Quick Clean Cleaners, the convenient cleaning cube/card and the best optic solvent pen to clean both patch cords and fiber end faces inside ports.  All fiber optic cleaning materials are lint-free and enable an optimal wet and dry cleaning process.

What To Avoid When Cleaning End-faces There are as many different cleaning techniques as there are fiber optic network technicians. While some techniques work some of the time, reliable and lasting performance of your fiber links require inspection and proper cleaning processes with every mating. Here are some well-known bad habits:

Dry Cleaning: Traditionally, dry cleaning has been proven to be only partially effective in eliminating contaminants from fiber end-faces and connectors.  The challenge had been that the dry cleaning materials were either not good enough to uplift the various types of dirt or greasy contaminants, or they actually introduced static to the fiber ferrule that attracts dust.  With technological advancement and better dry cleaning materials, however, a new class of fiber cleaning tools have been created to provide a cost effective and efficient solution for cleaning more than 50% of contaminants from optical networks.  It is therefore very important to avoid using simple swabs or cleaning papers to perform dry cleaning on any fiber connectors.  Instead, use Fluke Networks’ Quick Clean Cleaner to eliminate most of the dust and harmful particles in your fiber plant.

Wet Cleaning: Cleaning with only a pre-soaked wet wipe or excessive solvent will leave liquid behind on the end-face which also causes problems. As that excess solvent dries, it can leave behind of film of dissolved contaminants that were never properly removed. In addition, residual isopropyl alcohol (IPA) can leave behind a “halo” as it dries that not only causes attenuation, but also can be very hard to remove. No solvent should remain at the conclusion of a cleaning.

Canned Air and Dusters: Canned air and dusters are ineffective and should not be used to clean end-faces. The only thing dusters do is blow large particles around. On a patch cord, this may be effective, but inside a port this can result in those same particles settling elsewhere. Dusters are ineffective on smaller, statically-charged particles and totally useless on oil-based contaminants such as buffer gel or body oil. Last, dusters often expel a propellant that becomes a whole new contaminant that now requires an effective cleaning process to remove.

Thinking New Equals Clean: Do not be lulled into thinking that end-faces on factory-terminated patch cords or pigtails will be clean when they are brand new and covered with a dust cap. Though dust caps are great at preventing damage to the end-face, the caps themselves can be a source of contamination. The plastic used to create dust caps will outgas a residue as its plasticizers deteriorate over time and the surface of the cap may contain mold-release substances used in their high-speed production process. Don’t be surprised to find a contaminated end-face upon removal of a protective cap. For repeatable and reliable end-face cleaning, always use Fluke Networks’ tools to follow the recommended

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