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AIrGuard Retro fit Brush Seal Grommet

The Air-Guard surface mount is designed as a retro fit unit to cover existing floor panel cut outs.

The GTAG3 Air-Guard cable seal will cover an opening up to 200mm x 200mm.

The Air-Guard cable seal provides an easy, economical and effective solution to optimising thermal management of a data room plenum cooled raised floor system.

Sealing around cable openings offers the following benefits:

Reduced air loss and increased under-floor static pressure
Improved cooling eciencies and extended cooling equipment life
Dramatically reduced plant running costs. Over 50% of conditioned air does not get to the air intake of data room equipment due to unsealed openings
Facilitates Cold / Hot aisle best practice
Seals cable openings to prevent under-floor contamination
Air-Guard Surface Mount

Covers any shape up to 200mm x 200mm. Overall size 250mm x 250mm x 25mm
Overlapping brushes improves cable seal
Two piece assembly designed to retrofit around existing cables
Flame retardant heavy duty ABS construction with quality nylon 6 brush
Installation simple and inexpensive
Includes mounting hardware and adhesive application option
Air-Guard integrates with the Access Floor static dissipative system
RoHS compliant
Unit can be used as 2 no. perimeter seals to cover 2 no. 200mm x 100mm opening

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£83.77 Inc Vat
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AirGuard Reducer Plate for GTAG3 300mm to 200mm

The DCGTAG3RD reducer plate is designed to work in conjunction with the DCGTAG3 Air-Guard Brushed Grommet. For cabled openings larger than 200mm and less than 300mm this 2 part reducer plate is positioned over the opening. It is secured to the floor surface using the peel off adhesive strips on the base of each half of the reducer plates. Existing cables now pass though the 200mm x 200mm opening in the centre of the reducer and the DCGTAG3 Air-Guard is then fitted to the surface of the reducer to form a brushed air seal around the cables.

Fits over openings 200mm x 210mm up to 300mm x 300mm
Made from flame retardant material
Peel off adhesive fixing for fast installation
Designed to fit the GTAG3 Air-Guard®
Air-Guard® - the cooler choice

Overall Dimension: 350mm x 350mm

Cut Out Dimension: 300mm x 300mm

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£28.06 Inc Vat
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GTAG5-300 AirGuard Retro Fit Brushed Grommet Kit

The DCGTAG5 AIR-GUARD Kit is designed to fit into both new and existing non standard cut outs using brush seal technology, in both existing and new raised floors. The DCGTAG5 features the "better seal" overlapping brush system to form a custom fit flush grommet solution. Materials can be cut on site to seal an opening up to a maximum size of 610mm x 250mm.

Brush sections and side rails made from flame retardant materials
Brushes designed to overlap to form a better seal
Brush profile fitted with adhesive tape to assist easy installation
Side rails can be cut to form a fully protective edge
2 stock kit sizes - DCGTAG5-300 (310mm x 250mm) DCGTAG5-600 (610mm x 250mm)
Custom sizes available
Engineered side rail clips integrate with the brush sections to provide full cut-out edge protection
As with all Air-Guard products brushes are designed to overlap offering a better air seal
Manufactured from high strength flame retardant ABS and V0 rated quality nylon brush
Sealing around under-floor air cooled cable openings offers the following benefits:

Reduced air-loss and increased static press for under-floor air installations
Improved cooling efficiencies and extended cooling equipment life
Reduced cooling plant running costs
Facilitates Cold/Hot Aisle best practice
Seals cable openings to prevent under-floor contamination
DCGTAG5 Dimensions:
There are 2 kit sizes to select from:
DCGTAG5-300 – Maximum Dimension 312mm x 250mm
DCGTAG5-600 - Maximum Dimension 622mm x 250mm

Air-Guard® - the cooler choice

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£93.68 Inc Vat
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AirGuard Perimeter Brush Seal Grommet 610mm x 125mm

The DCGTAG9 is designed to quickly seal perimeter cut outs up to the width of a standard 600mm wide floor panel. Seal around wall mounted pipes and conduit and reduce bypass air loss. Simply peel and stick. The brush length can also be cut to meet the requirements of a smaller perimeter opening. The side rails simply slot into the brush profile to form a neat protective edge seal. The length of the unit can be adjusted from 610mm to suit shorter openings. The maximum open area of the unit is 535 mm x 123mm, however the unit will sit over a 608mm x 125mm opening.

Made from quality V0 flame retardant materials
Cut to length main brush housing
Push fit side rails
Peel and stick adhesive bottom strip
2 units can be positioned face to face to seal large centre cut floor openings
Fixing hardware included in pack
Overall Dimension: 600mm x 125mm

Max Cable Area: 600mm x 125mm

Max Cable Opening: 535mm x 125mm

Air-Guard® - the cooler choice

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In Stock: 3-5 Days
£72.78 Inc Vat
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