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These light-weight shears are ideal for cutting the Kevlar® strength members found in fibre optic cables. Ergonomic, moulded handles provide comfort for both right and left-handed users. The one micro-serrated blade reduces slipping for more positive cutting action.

Length: 140mm
Weight: 79g

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In Stock: Next Day
£24.88 Inc Vat
Handheld Inspection Microscope

The OPT-FHS series hand-held fibre inspection microscopes, available in 200X and 400X magnification, are an ideal choice for checking field terminations for fibre end face quality.

A combination of durable construction, comfortable design, easy operation and quality optics ensures that this tool will enhance the performance of installation and maintenance staff.

The OPT-FHS scopes are designed with a professional grade coaxial illumination system. This maximizes the detail seen by the users, because the light travels along the same axis as the end face making even fine scratches and contaminates easily visible. Laser Safety

The OPT-FHS series is equipped with a laser attenuation filter for your safety. Laser attenuation filters provide excellent eye protection. However, they are not a substitute for practising good laser safety. Never attach or view a live fibre with any optical fibre microscope.

Complete with 2.5mm & 1.25mm universal adaptors
Safety filter for eye protection
Coaxial illumination of connector end face
High quality glass optics
Anti-slip design, rugged body
Long life battery
Ergonomic design for comfortable and easy operation
Various screw on connector adaptors available
12 months warranty

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In Stock: 1-2 Weeks
£154.20 Inc Vat

This hard wearing, easy to handle fibre optic stripping tool includes three stripping guides for: 2mm outer jacket, 900µm Buffer, and 250µm acrylic coating, Safety catch and factory set adjuster.

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In Stock: Next Day
£49.60 Inc Vat

This well presented pen-style scribe, uses a 30° wedge shaped carbide tip. Its
design makes for quick and precise cleaving of optical fibre.

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In Stock: Next Day
£31.20 Inc Vat
For fibre connectors

FCC2 Enhanced Formula Connector Cleaner and Preparation Fluid

Not Hazardous/Not Regulated for all modes of transport, including air cargo
Unique dispenser for use with AFL Connector Cleaning Tips and FiberWipes
Dries without a residue, unlike alcohol
Dissipates static charge
Safe on all surfaces including soft plastics
Up To 400+ cleanings per can
Easily and safely clean contaminants from fiber connector end-faces and optical fiber before field terminating or fusion splicing. The AFL FCC2 Enhanced Formula Fiber Optic Cleaning and Preparation Fluid is a non-flammable, environmentally safe, residue free solvent engineered to easily remove contaminants from fiber optic end-faces and bare fiber. It outperforms alcohol IPA based cleaners without the health and safety risks.

The AFL FCC2 is not hazardous and not regulated for all modes of transportation and shipping including air-cargo.

Cleaning Facts:
Cleaning Saves Time and Money!
Dirty connectors cause a major percentage of fiber optic network failures.
Prevention is simple – Clean Connectors!
Proper cleaning saves money – by eliminating service calls caused by dirty connectors
Proper cleaning extends the life of connectors and reduces replacement costs
Clean connectors maximize the performance of the network and reduce repair cost
The compact size and spill-proof design of the FCC2 3 oz. container makes it perfect for cleaning, inspection, and test equipment cases. The improved designand 3-way dispenser allows one-handed use with WFW FiberWipes, convenient wetting of CCT connector cleaning tips, and spray nozzle functionality.

Offering high purity and fast, consistent cleaning, FCC2 was developed with and is packaged by MicroCare Corporation, a world leader in cleaning solvents.

Cleans of all types of connector end-faces
Cleans bare fiber before field terminating or fusion splicing
Removes oils, salts, dust, dirt and uncured epoxies
Safe on glass, ceramic, metal, plastic optical fiber
Compact size fits easily into tool kits, instrument cases, termination kits, and inspection kits.
Perfectly cleans all optic components

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In Stock: Next Day
£16.88 Inc Vat
FTP, 4&6 Way Flat
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Universal Stripping Tool For UTP/FTP, 4&6 Way Flat

Low cost cable stripper for UTP and STP cable. Also suitable for multi conductor cable with a diameter of 3.2mm – 9.5mm and stranded phone wire.

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In Stock: Next Day
£9.44 Inc Vat

Ideal for stripping jackets from backbone cable between 4.5mm and 25mm in
diameter. A small rotating blade accurately splits the circumference of the jacket,
then by flicking a switch, the same blade will rotate 90° and is used to split the
jacket down one side for easy removal.

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In Stock: Next Day
£27.52 Inc Vat

This handy stainless steel tool is specifically suited to fibre optic applications. Its integral magnifier improves ability to work with small fibre optic segments.

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In Stock: Next Day
£27.20 Inc Vat

The tri-hole fibre optic stripper is an exceptional tool, recommended for stripping 250µm coated loose tube fibre and 900µm buffer tube. This stripper has a .0055” (0.14mm) laser drilled hole, soft plastic cushioned handle grip, and super accurate hardened stripping jaws ensuring a clean smooth stripping action.

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In Stock: Next Day
£90.58 Inc Vat

The DCMDFS A 140µm diameter hole and V-opening in the blade make this tool ideal for stripping 250µm buffer coating, to expose 125µm cladded fibre. A second hole strips 2-3mm fibre jackets. It is pre-set at the factory so no adjustments are needed

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In Stock: 1-2 Weeks
£56.96 Inc Vat

These factory set strippers require no adjustment and prevent scratching or nicking of optical fibre. All cutting surfaces are precision formed, hardened, tempered and ground, assuring precise buffer removal.

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In Stock: 7-10 Days
£52.75 Inc Vat

The Multi-Cure II’s adjustable thermostat controlsthe curing temperature over a range of 65°C to 125°C permitting the epoxy to cure at a lower temperature for longer periods of time (e.g., 100°C for 15 minutes). Power receptacle,switch, and fuse module is UL, CSA, and TUV approved. The 240V model is CE approved. Size: 5.25” x 6.5” x 3.5” Weight: 4 lbs.

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In Stock: Next Day
£664.00 Inc Vat
In Stock: Next Day
£35.20 Inc Vat
End of Life Product
£41.60 Inc Vat
Sorry, this item is no longer available from Comms Express.

The cleaver is a precision fibre cutting tool, it boasts a ‘Universal’ holder that allows it to fulfil almost all cleaving needs. It’s suitable for use with 250um, 900um, flat cable, and patch cord cable (2/3mm). The cleaver is also adaptable for use with ribbon fibre. The16-position blade is capable of performing 48000 fibre cleaves before replacement.

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In Stock: Next Day
£616.00 Inc Vat
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