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Lift Extension (230 kg Capacity)

The ServerLIFT LE-500X Lift Extension was created to help solve the issue of lifting heavy IT equipment out of boxes and off of skids. It features a lightweight design, that is capable of lifting up to 500 lbs. of equipment with ease. It is compatible with the ServerLIFT SL-500X and SL-350X. 

Supports the max weight capacity of the SL-500x and SL-350X
Simple install and removal
Heavy duty construction
Easily removes equipment from cartons and skids with sling and hook accessory

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ServerLIFT SL-LE1000-X Lift Extension (SL1000)
Server Lift Logo

Easily Unpack Servers from Boxes

The ServerLIFT LE-500X™ and LE-1000X™ Lift Extensions are used to safely lift and remove servers, switches, UPS devices, and other rack-mounted equipment out of boxes and off of pallets without destroying the packaging or straining your back. These critical tools free operators from ever having to manually unpack boxes or lift equipment ever again.

Lift IT Equipment Into the Rack

ServerLIFT creates lifting solutions that are durable and designed for data centre use. Two lift extension models are currently available to support IT equipment hardware weighing up to 1000 lbs. (454 kg). With the LE-500X and LE-1000X lift extensions, handling heavy IT equipment from start to finish can be done safely and effectively. These lift extensions are popular attachments as a functional addition to our server handling solutions.

Unpacking Equipment

The next time you are facing a data centre relocation or a server refresh, consider the proper tools to avoid injury and get the job done quickly.

Safely removes equipment from cartons and skids
Lightweight, yet heavy-duty steel construction
Easy attachment and removal from ServerLIFT side-loading machines
Includes extension frame, two slings, four hooks, and a storage bag

Compatibility and Benefits

The LE-1000X Lift Extension is compatible with the SL-1000X® Super-Duty Lift and is load-rated for up to 1000 lbs. (454 kg).

The LE-500X Lift Extension is load-rated up to the maximum capacity of the lift with which it is being used. It is compatible with the SL-500X® Electric Lift(500 lbs. / 227 kg) and the SL-350X® Hand-Cranked Lift (350 lbs. / 159 kg).

Both attachments have been designed for optimum functionality, safety, and ease of use. They extend out in front of the ServerLIFT machine, providing ample clearance to position the hooks and slings over the top of servers in any box—even if the box is on a pallet.

* Picture of SL-LE500-X shown for illustrative purposes only

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Platform Riser (230 kg Capacity)

The ServerLIFT RL-500 features a lightweight yet rugged design, and is compatible with the SL-500X, the SL-350X and the original ServerLIFT SL500 units. The Platform RISER enables a user to install servers at the top of any rack in areas where positing equipment is challenging such as:

Low ceilings clearance or obstructions
Cold and hot aisle containment rooms
Ideal for drop in rails
Highlights - 

Easily mounts onto all ServerLIFT models.
Supports full functionality of all ServerLIFT units
Fits into standard 19” racks
Requires no tools or assembly
Extended height reaching up to 9 ½  feet

Install in Cold Aisle Containment with the RL-500

VIDEO - https://vimeo.com/serverlift/rl500-platform-riser


Overall Specifications

  US Metric Height 24? in 61 cm Length 15 in 38.1 cm Width 16 in 40.6 cm Weight 18 lbs 8 kg Load Capacity 500 lbs 350 kg



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Angle In or Out of Slotted Rails

The RS-500X™ Rail Lift supports server equipment while giving the operator control over the angle of the server at all points of installation or removal from the rails. Capable of attaching to any ServerLIFT platform, the RS-500X can be used to easily tilt servers into slotted guard rails or keep them level for non-slotted, bolt-in installs.


Faster Installs
Dual-Side Aisle Compatibility
Drop-in Rails

Angle In/Out of Slotted Rails with a ServerLIFT RS-500X Rail Lift

Many servers are designed to be installed into racks using extended slide rails. Often, the server comes with nail heads on its sides, which line up with and insert into J-shaped slots in the slide rails.

Aligning these nail heads with the rail slots and guiding them into (or out of) the J-shape of the slot is awkward, tricky, and time-consuming. Doing this while supporting equipment that can range from 50 to hundreds of pounds is daunting—and dangerous.

The RS-500X Rail Lift can be used to safely and securely support servers at an angle or perfectly level, making it simple and easy to perform all manner of rack-mounted installations or removals.

The Must-Have Data Center Accessory

With the ServerLIFT RS-500X Rail Lift, no type of assisted install is out of reach for data center techs. The ServerLIFT RS-500X Rail Lift is compatible with all our data center lifts: the ServerLIFT SL-350X®, SL-500X®, SL-500FX™, and SL-1000X® model units.

Ultimate Angling and Support

The RS-500X Rail Lift is designed intuitively with data center safety and efficiency in mind.

Easily mounts onto all ServerLIFT models
Also mounts to the PL-500X® and RL-500™ attachments
Fits into standard 19" racks
Narrow enough to clear through extended rails while lifting servers out or dropping them into the rails
Supports up to 500 lbs (227 kg)
Requires no tools or assembly
Supports equipment in or out of drop-in or slotted rails with an angle range of zero (level) to 5 degrees
Eliminates clumsy manual server tilting and support
One tech can easily align and install heavy servers
Can be mounted in either of two orientations for access to the desired side of choice
Includes four platform attachment thumbscrews

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£ POA Inc Vat
ServerLIFT SL-PL500-X Platform Extension (SL350 & SL500)
Server Lift Logo

IT Equipment Handling Down to the Floor

The PL-500X™ Platform Extension brings the reach of any ServerLIFT machine down to the floor, so that it can safely and precisely handle equipment at bottom rack positions for near-ground installs. Extend your reach beyond and below the ServerLIFT machine frame, enabling you to perform assisted moves in even the most challenging of spaces.


Near-Ground Access
Lifts Servers Out of Boxes
Fine-Tilt Adjustment

Reach the Bottom-Most Rack Positions with a ServerLIFT PL-500X Platform Extension

The PL-500X Platform Extension transforms the ServerLIFT device into the only tool that can safely support heavy servers down to the floor or up to the top of any rack. The extension’s platform leveler enables the operator to tilt the equipment up or down for precise server alignment and perfect installations every time.

Unique Features and Functions

Supports up to 500 pounds (227 kg)
Reaches servers and switches at the floor level
Heavy-duty steel construction
Micro-tilt adjustment for perfect front-to-back equipment leveling
Removable horizontal attachment arms for convenient storage
Simple attachment and removal
No dangerous back bending or strained lifting
Multiple strap attachment points for securing servers to the platform during transport

Lifting Servers from Boxes and Pallets

You and your staff will never again have to lift IT equipment off pallets or out of boxes, avoiding the risk of a back injury and/or server damage.

The Platform Extension gives you reach beyond the ServerLIFT Wheel Base for interference-free overhead access to new server packaging.

With the four sling hooks installed on the extension, slide the heavy-duty yellow slings under the server you want to un-box, and secure each end to one of the hooks. Then, the ServerLIFT machine and PL-500X Extension combine to lift the server and its packaging right up off of the ground.

You can easily remove the box and packing foam from the server fully intact to save for later, in case of a return or future migration project.

After setting the server down onto a table or counter and transferring it to the ServerLIFT or PL-500X platform surface, you’re ready to shift to installation mode.

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Server Lift Logo

Extended Reach and Deep Rack Server Support

Get extended reach and deep rack server support with the FE-3X™ Extended Shelf. Designed for use with the SL-500FX™ Front-Loading Lift, this combo provides rigid support for servers deep into any rack. Perfect for manufacturers and systems integrators.

Deep Support for Face-Mounted and Fixed-Rail Installations

For use with the ServerLIFT SL-500FX Front-Loading Lift, the FE-3X Extended Shelf nearly doubles the forward reach of the SL-500FX platform. It is ideal for the installation or removal of face-mounted or fixed-rail-mounted servers.

The SL-500FX Front-Loading Lift and FE-3X Extended Shelf combo is perfect for facilities with wide aisles and for manufacturers loading into cabinets mounted on pallets.

Compatibility and Benefits

Holds equipment in place much deeper into the rack
Server support and positioning for fixed-rail and face-mounted installs
Reaches across the lip of the pallet, supporting servers into skid-mounted cabinets for systems integrators
Thin profile facilitates space-efficient server stacking
Supports up to 500 lbs (227 kg) at the centre and 300 pounds (136 kg) at the extended front edge
Adds 9.5 inches (24 cm) to the extended SL-500FX platform for a full 20 inches (50 cm) of forward server support

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