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Blanking Panels
Available from 1u - 4u

Blanking Panels

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In Stock: Next Day
£4.99 Inc Vat.
APC 1u Toolless Airflow Management Blanking Panel

Modular toolless 1U Airflow Management Blanking Panel to prevent air recirculation by occupying unused rack space.

Prevents air recirculation by occupying unused rack space
Occupies 1U of rack space - Conserve valuable rack space in the data center.
Single unit

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In Stock: Next Day
£4.74 Inc Vat.
PlenaFill Blanking Panels - 10x27u Pack
Unique Quick-Fit Tear Off Blanking Panels

PlenaFill® Blanking Panel Sheets

PlenaFill® blanking panels are supplied in 27U sheets and can be cut to any required size, avoiding the need to store several sizes of traditional blanking panel. PlenaFill® blanking panels are a proven solution to elimin ate hot spots and reduce overal cabinet temperatures.

Before adding blanking panels:

After adding blanking panels:

The popular PlenaFill® Blanking Panel solution is now available in White as well as in the standard Dark Grey. 

Air-intake temperature is known to be a significant factor in the reliability of IT equipment, with raised intake temperatures leading to equipment failure and expensive downtime. A major cause of raised air-intake temperatures is hot exhaust air recirculating through unsealed, open rack space.

Using blanking panels helps eliminate this issue. However, standard blanking panels have a horizontal gap between them that still allows hot exhaust air to leak into the front of the rack. PlenaFill® blanking panels are fixed in a sheet and eliminate this gap. Also by preventing the recirculation of hot exhaust air you’ll reduce bypass airflow and save on energy costs.


Pack of 10 PlenaFill® blanking panels equals 270 1.75" (44mm) rack mount "U's"
Fits all 19" EIA server racks
Sheets can be cut to fit any unused space, including less than 1U
Fire rated material: ULVO class 94
Quickly and easily fill large sections of un-occupied rack space, stopping bypass airflow
No more guessing at how many blanking panels are needed
Scalable, less storage space and less freight cost
Installs in seconds – no tools required
Fixings available for square hole, round hole and for 10/32 thread rails
Super inexpensive and highly efficient solution to optimise cooling and airflow in rack environments

Plenafill is a low-cost panel solution to securely seal the open U spaces in racks so that the hot air emitted by servers cannot recirculate back to the front of the rack. The keeps hotspots from forming on the racks and prevents the overheating, heat-related system malfunctions or even total failures. Plenafill thus plays an important role in optimising the use of cold air in the data centre and keeps the hardware at an ideal operating temperature.

Plenafill is an important component in green IT environments because it lowers your energy costs and extends the service life of your hardware – at minimal cost.

PlenaFill lowers temperature in data centres by up to 5.6 degrees Celsius

Another special advantage of Plenafill blanking panels is that they effectively separate the cold and warm air zones in rack environments which allows you to take full advantage of existing cooling capacities. Once Plenafill panels are installed, the output of your cooling systems can often be significantly lowered, thus reducing your energy costs considerably. According to Gartner, the air temperature can be lowered by an average of 5.6 degrees with blanking panels.

Specifications of the blanking panels for server cabinets

Plenafill is made of a solid yet lightweight plastic fire rated to UL94-V0. The solution can be easily attached in just a few minutes to the front of every 19" rack. You don’t need any tools, just special rivets that can be easily attached by hand. Every Plenafill sealing panel covers 27RUs in the rack. The perforated holes – which are, of course, air-tight – on every 1RU section let Plenafill panels be exactly adjusted to the size of the respective rack hardware equipment.

Plenafill highlights

Prevents the recirculation of hot air
Lowers bypass airflow in the rack
Fire rated to ULV0 Class 94
No tools necessary for installation
Every blanking panel covers 27RUs of empty rack space – can be cut into 1RU sections
Fits into all conventional 19” racks
Extremely inexpensive and highly effective with a fast ROI
Also ideal for optimising cold aisle containment – prevents warm air from recirculating back into the cold aisle

Scalable panels significantly reduce time and labor cost associated with installation. No need to use separate filler panels for each rack manufacturer; works well in a multi-vendor environment. Rack units not lining up? PlenaFill can be cut to fill spaces less than 1 U and fits behind face plates. 


U's are perforated for easy separation. Servers operate at cooler temperatures by filling large sections of unoccupied rack space to control air flow.

No panel assembly, cage nuts or grommets required. Thin, flexible and particulate free. Stops server exhaust air recirculation — Operating costs are lowered. Fits snugly against EIA rails. Lightweight material = less freight cost. Stores flat = less storage space needed. Non-Conductive, non-hygroscopic, inert. UL94 V-0 electrical insulating material.

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Pack Size:
In Stock: Next Day
£78.00 Inc Vat.
1u Brush Strip Panel
In Stock: Next Day
Was: £8.20
£6.60 Inc Vat.
2u Brush Strip Panel
In Stock: Next Day
£14.93 Inc Vat.
Vented Perforated Blanking Panel
Available in 1u, 2u & 3u

Blanking plate perforated in main area to allow extra ventilation.

Finished in high quality textured black

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In Stock: Next Day
£5.35 Inc Vat.
1U Brush Strip Lacing Panel,Black

Standard 19” cable management panel with formed lacing panel rear face
Manufactured in 1.2mm steel
Powder coated in fine textured high quality paint
Upper and lower edges formed with 15mm flanges
Front face has open access point fitted with brush strip to allow cabling to be passed through and to keep dust out.
RoHS Compliant
Finished in high quality fine textured black

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In Stock: Next Day
£16.74 Inc Vat.
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