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Datacel's range of accessories and sensors for the Datacel PDU family.

The EMD (Environmental Monitoring Device) is a connectivity device that allows you to remotely monitor the temperature, humidity and status of 2 digital input sensors. It can be connected to the Monitored series of Datacel PDU’s and enables monitoring or notification of alarms via standard management software.

When the EMD is connected to the Monitored series of Datacel PDU’s communication port, the temperature and humidity readings are automatically displayed on the management software "Comprehensive View" page.
It will display the status f the external contact devices n the same page.

The EMD connects to the PDU via a Cat5e RJ45 Patch leads (lead included)


Connect the supplied RJ45 Patch Lead from any RJ45 Port on the Monitored series of Datacel PDU, to the port labelled "010101" on the EMD.


Temperature Monitoring Measures temperatures between 0°C to 80°C with an accuracy of ± 1°C Humidity Monitoring Measures relative humidity between 10%-90% RH with and accuracy of ± 3% LED Display Power/Status Digital Input 2 Inputs (normally-open or closed) Dimensions 57.4mm (W) x 37.6mm (D) x 29.2mm (H) Weight Approx. 35g EMD Cable Measurement Cable Material - UL2464 28 AWG * 4Pairs + AEB
Dimensions / Weight - 2m, 78.7in / approx 80g
Water Leak Sensor The water leak sensor is a device which connects to the EMD. Through the PDU Management software, users can monitor the status of this accessory; if water comes into contact with the sensor, an alarm is triggered and notifications are emailed to the user.
Door Open Sensor The door open sensor is a device which connects to the EMD. Through the PDU Management software, users can monitor if a door or window has been opened, depending on where the sensor is placed. However, it can be disabled if they are in a strong, external magnetic field. If a door open sensor is dropped onto a hard surface from more than a height of more than 30cm, or subject to shock of more than 30G, it is possible to cause the characteristics to change. (Pull-in, drop-out. etc.)
The Vibration Sensor The vibration sensor is a device which connects to the EMD. Through the PDU Management software, users can monitor the sensor for any irregular or unusual vibrations. It is designed to protect against forced entry, for example, by a hammer, saw, crowbar etc. It is used in closed-circuit alar systems and will initiate an alarm when a vibration of considerable force strikes the protected surface.
Smoke Detector This smoke detector is not warranted to protect lives or property from fire. In addition, it is possible for the smoke detector to fail at any time. This type of smoke detector is powered by 110VAC/220VAC and a 9-volt battery back-up source, AC/DC smoke detectors offer added protection in the event of a power failure or a drained battery.

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