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Explore the range of Tenda Home Wireless including the Nova MW3 available here at Comms Express.

The AC15 is an AC1900 Smart Dual-band Gigabit WiFi Router especially designed for a smarter home networking life. The transmission rate reaches 1900Mbps for super speed, plus the Beamforming+, built-in high-powered amplifiers and external antennas, users can enjoy lag-free gaming and uninterrupted video streaming anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the considerate Smart WiFi Schedule can turn on/off WiFi automatically to create low-power consumption and smart E-life.

Key Features:

• Ultimate 11ac speed of up to 1900Mbps, delivering both 1300Mbps 802.11ac at 5GHz and 600Mbps 802.11n at 2.4 GHz concurrently.
• Broadcom dual-core processor with DDR3 memory for multi-client with responsive performance and fast speed.

• Beamforming+ technology boosts range for the 802.11ac WiFi devices.
• High powered amplifiers and three external antennas for whole-home coverage.
• USB3.0 for personal secure cloud and printer sharing.
• Smart managements of WiFi schedule, LED indicator and power saving all are for your healthy E-life.

Lag-free Gaming & Uninterrupted UHD Video Streaming

The AC15 is built to handle all high-bandwidth online activities. The router has a total speed of up to 1900Mbps. It delivers both 1300Mbps 802.11ac at 5GHz and 600Mbps 802.11n at 2.4 GHz concurrently. Plus, with the Broadcom dual-core processor, users can enjoy lag-free bandwidth demanding entertainments fully, such as the UHD video streaming and online gaming.

Beamforming + Enhances the WiFik Range and stability

Beamforming + technology locks on to WiFi receiving devices rather than simply blast WiFi in all directions. It also reduces interference from other devices for stronger WiFi connections, so wherever you go at home with phones, tablets or laptops, the Wifi signal focuses on your location for optimum experience. Additionally, the high-powered amplifiers and high-performance external antennas double ensure your WiFi range and stability.

USB3.0 for Personal Secure Cloud and Printer Sharing

With a USB 3.0 port, AC15 can support remote access by building personal and secure cloud with external hard drive to upload and download large multimedia and file anytime anywhere.
The high-speed USB 3.0 features data transfer up to ten times faster than USB 2.0, so it is perfect to the file and multimedia sharing and the built-in printer server makes it easy to print wirelessly.

Smart Management for Your Healthy E-Life

Forget to turn off when being asleep? Want to turn it on from time to time?

The Considerate Smart Management saves you from the hassle. Set your ideal time range, the AC15 will turn on/off WiFi and LED indicator automatically to create low-power consumption.

Easy Setup

Use your smartphone, tablet, or PC to effortlessly set up your Tenda AC15 router with easy setup wizard or Tenda Apps.

Additional Features:

• Tenda Cloud
• Printer

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In Stock: Next Day
£84.88 Inc Vat.

The AC6 is a Smart Dual-band WiFi Router with strong signal and stable performance. It supports 5th generation Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac and the concurrent dual-band speed is up to 1167Mbps. high gain offers fast & stable performance.

The AC6 has more through-wall ability than normal routers with its independent power amplifiers, beamforming+ Intelligent technology and 4x 5dBi high gain antennas. Users can enjoy lag-free gaming and uninterrupted video streaming anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the AC6 supports smart power saving technology, App remote management, creates a low-power consumption and smart eco-friendly life.

Key Features:

• Fast 11ac speed ups to 1167Mbps, delivering both 867Mbps at 5GHz and 300Mbps at 2.4 GHz concurrently.
• 1GHz high performance CPU and 3x processing speed provides better compatibility and superior stability.
• High powered amplifiers and external antennas for whole-home coverage.
• Beamforming+ technology boosts range for the 802.11ac WiFi devices.
• Smart management of WiFi schedule, LED indicator and power saving all are for your healthy E-life.
• 30-second easy setup.

5th Generation Wi-Fi: 802.11ac with Dual-band Connectivity

The AC6 comes with the next generation Wi-Fi standard-802.11ac, 3x faster wireless speeds than 11n technology. Reaching 300 Mbps over the 2.4GHz 867 Mbps over the 5GHz, the AC6 has a total speed up to 1167Mbps, and maintains complete stability. The AC6 is the superior choice for seamless HD streaming, online gaming and other bandwidth-intensive tasks.

1GHz high performance CPU

With 1GHz high performance CPU, the AC6 build is the most advanced to ensure the exceptionable compatibility and stability. Just enjoy the ultimate surfing fun anytime, anywhere.

4x 5dBi HG Antennas with Powerful Signal Coverage

The AC6 is equipped with 4x 5dbi high gain antenna, which uses the advanced multi-oscillator radiation technology so that the strong signal can cover every corner of the home.

Beamforming+ Enhances the WiFi Range and Stability

Beamforming+ technology locks on to the WiFi receiving devices rather than simply blast WiFi in all directions. It also reduces interference from other devices for stronger WiFi connections so users can enjoy high-bandwidth activities easily.

Smart WiFi Schedule for Your Healthy E-Life

Power down when you are asleep. Forget to turn on/off from time to time? The easy to configure Smart WiFi Schedule saves users from the hassle with automated downtime. Set your ideal time range, the AC6 will turn on/off WiFi automatically to create low-power consumption & healthy E-life for the whole family.

Easy Setup

Super simple setup interface helps users access to the Internet effortlessly in 30 seconds. No matter if you are a tech-savvy enthusiast or a newbie, the AC6 is easy and intuitive to setup without time-consuming instructions.

30 Seconds!
Easy online set up
Easy Installation interface

Additional Features: 
Bandwidth Control
Tenda Cloud
Virtual server
Smart LED
Parental Control

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In Stock: Next Day
£26.88 Inc Vat.

Compatible with 802.11g/b devices, W311MI is a wireless USB Adapter with WiFi transmission speed 3 times faster than 802.11g devices. This wireless adapter features a sleek compact design that fits into your computer's USB port with minimal protrusion making it ideal for use when travelling or in a crowded workspace The W311MI connects your desktop or notebook computer with an available USB port to your wireless network for Internet access and file sharing. Desktop users can easily add wireless connectivity without having to open the PC case. Laptop users can easily upgrade to the latest 802.11n and get better range. It is ideal for email, web browsing and file sharing in the home.

Key Features: Ultra compact design, nearly invisible 
Wireless N technology, 2.4GHz,Wireless speed of up to 150Mbps 
Support Soft AP function 
WPA/WPA2 provides better security connections
Ultra-Compact Design

Featuring ultra-small and compact in size, the W311MI easily connects your desktop or notebook PC to a wireless network for Internet access and file sharing, and is virtually unnoticeable when plugged into an USB port.

Wireless N Performance

The W311MI uses Wireless N150 technology to provide increased speed and range than the previous 802.11g standard, giving you a faster, more reliable connection, making it ideal for email, web browsing and file sharing in the home.

Wireless Sharing by Multiple Users

Featuring soft AP function, the W311MI can work as an access point. When you connect it to a wired network, it easily becomes a WiFi hotspot for multiple users to access to Internet, email, download and file transfer wirelessly.

Secured Connection

To protect your data and privacy, the USB Adapter supports WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryption for connecting to a secure wireless network, keeping your network traffic secure. The Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) feature enables devices to easily establish a secure connection to an Access Point or wireless router, eliminating the need for complex encryption codes.

Compatibility Assured

The W311MI is fully compatible with all major operation systems

Lag-free Gaming Experience

Support for WMM provides improved QoS over wireless connections, plus seamlessly works with PSP, WII, and NDS to connect Xlink Kai; all brings you an even better online gaming experience.

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In Stock: Next Day
£5.38 Inc Vat.

The Tenda U1 is built to be compatible with Windows10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista, MAC OS 10.6~10.11 and Linux operating systems. Most of the computers (desktop computers or laptops) comply with the USB adapter and can connect to the Internet through it easily.

360 ° omni-directional rotating antenna for perfect 2.4GHz

3.5dBi high gain detachable antenna with 360° omni-directional rotation provides a remarkable signal strength and coverage.

2T2R high transceiver technology

Combining with internal and external antennas, 2T2R dual-channel enhances the signal penetrating ability, solve dead point (corner and long-distance signal) problems and make a stable and perfect signal transmission.

Tenda U1

2T2R dual channel technology improves transmission efficiency up to 100%.

Other Wireless Adapter

1T1R technology, transmission efficiency is only 50%

4-layers PCB with high-quality materials

It takes 20 RF engineers, 5 hardware engineers and 10 software engineers more than half a year with thousands of tests to put 4-layer PCB within ultra-small space. Electrical stability and radio frequency anti-interference is 120% higher than the normal 2-layer PCB.

Perfectly matched with the high-speed wireless router

300Mbps transmission speed for SOHO wireless routers, it can reduce data return loss rate and increase 50% Wall Penetrating ability, enhance LAN data transmission speed.

One step for setup One step for switching

One step for setup, it is easy switching a wireless adapter to Hotspot (Windows 10 is free of driver installation.)

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In Stock: Next Day
£9.90 Inc Vat.

The Tenda U6 Wireless N300 High Gain USB Adapter. The real 6 dBi ultra-long OFC high-gain antenna sets a record high in signal transmission and reception distances, allowing you to pick up wireless signals anywhere in the home.

Multi-directional rotatability to ensure wall-penetration performance in both flats and duplexes

With a brilliant design that allows the antenna to rotate in multiple directions, you can point the antenna at any angle according to your apartment layout for optimum signal reception. Note: The adapter reaches its best performance when its antenna is paralleled with the antenna of your router.

Data rate up to 300 Mbps to ensure better gaming and video experience

Powered by the 300 Mbps wireless chip solution, its downloading speed is twice the speed of the 150 Mbps wireless USB adapter with a 100 Mbps internet connection. The 2 x 2 MIMO architecture offers better wireless connection performance and stability for outstanding gaming and video experience.


High-speed chip–based solution


Advanced architecture

Get a portable Wi-Fi hotspot with a single step

The Soft AP mode enables U6 to mount onto a PC that has wired internet connectivity to function as a Wi-Fi hotspot, so that wireless clients such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers can access the internet through U6.

Note: The Soft AP mode works properly with Windows XP/7/8/8.1 as well as third-party hotspot software.

Outstanding compatibility for excellent connectivity

Compatible with Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10, MAC OSs 10.6 - 10.12, and Linux OSs, to address the requirements of various desktop and laptop users for wireless internet connections.

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In Stock: 3 - 5 Days
£9.90 Inc Vat.

Wireless N PCI Express 2.0(x1) Adapter W322E allows you to connect a desktop computer to a wireless network for access to high-speed Internet connection. The W322E complies with IEEE 802.11n, this easy to install adapter provides wireless speeds up to 300Mbps, which boosts coverage for online gaming and HD video streaming.

Fast & Reliable

Wireless N300 PCI Express Adapter

More bandwidth

500 MB/s effective data rate 3x the performance of traditional PCI-E adapter.

Up to 300 Mbps data rate

Wireless N speed up to 300 Mbps makes it ideal for smooth video streaming and online gaming.

Two antennas for wider range

2 external antennas ensure a greater range of WiFi connection and stability.

Works well with Windows OS

Compatible with Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10.

Harmonises with various standard slots

Adopts PCI Express X1 interface perfectly fits into any standard PCI Express slots including x1, x4, x8, x16, and x32.

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In Stock: 3 - 5 Days
£8.48 Inc Vat.

The A15 is an AC750 dual-band WiFi repeater designed for two-storey houses, villas, and multi-room houses with an area over 120 square meters. It offers up to 300 Mbps data rate on 11n band and 433 Mbps data rate on 11ac band. With two external omni-directional antennas, the A15 can provide larger WiFi coverage, as well as extremely fast data rates, satisfying applications such as playback of 1080P HD videos, multiplayer online games, and high-speed downloads.

With the upgrade Setup Wizard, it only takes three steps to configure the repeater, which is easy to use. The A15 also works better with other branded WiFi routers available on the market. For whole home WiFi coverage, the A15 is the best choice.

Longer-range WiFi coverage and auto switchover between dual band AC750 Dual Band WiFi Repeater A15

Swift switchover between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands for stable internet connection with less interruption

With two external high-quality omni-directional antennas, the A15 can expand 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi networks simultaneously, supporting the automatic switchover of mobile terminals between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. The A15 offers a 300 Mbps 2.4 GHz band that maximizes mobile device connectivity, and a much faster 433 Mbps 5 GHz band that minimizes interference.

Excellent performance within a compact and exquisite design

Compact exterior provides high-quality and long-range WiFi coverage. Working with a dual band WiFi router, the A15 allows you to enjoy a smarter life with a faster and more stable internet connection.

Two modes in one for a variety of scenarios

You can switch between Repeater mode and AP mode as needed.
Repeater mode: the A15 can expand WiFi coverage by bridging the upstream router's WiFi signal, and allows wired devices connected to its LAN port to access the internet;
AP mode: connect an Ethernet cable with internet connectivity to the LAN port on the A15 to turn it into an AP.

Intuitive signal LED to indicate the optimal repeater location

The Signal LED tells the best repeater location.

Blue: good signal strength 
Red: poor signal strength 
Off: no signal

3-step for easy setup

The A15 supports setup using WiFi devices, such as mobile phone and tablet. It only takes three steps to connect your repeater to the internet.

Compatible with any WiFi router

The A15 can work well with any WiFi router and WiFi DSL modem router available on the market, outshining most of repeaters.

Additional Features:

Mixed encryption mode

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In Stock: Next Day
£22.63 Inc Vat.
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