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ESET Mail Security

Protect your users and their email, the most exploited threat vector

Provides an additional layer of security to organizations who want to stop threats from ever reaching their users – thanks to:

✔ Anti-spam ✔ Anti-phishing ✔ Anti-malware ✔ Optional Advanced Threat Defense ✔ Comprehensive mail server protection ✔ Protection of the host server

A mail security product is designed to protect the email vector from threats entering the network. Email is one of the most vulnerable vectors with over 90% of ransomware being delivered via email. In addition to protecting against threats, it also protects against spam and phishing.

ESET Mail Security provides an additional layer of security to organizations who are interested in stopping threats from ever reaching their users – multilayered security of the host itself.

Anti-spam Now using an enhanced, award-winning engine with improved performance, this essential component filters all spam emails and keeps user mailboxes free of unsolicited or undesired messages.

Anti-malware Our second layer of protection built into ESET Mail Security provides detection of suspicious or malicious attachments to prevent users from being infected.

Anti-phishing Prevents users from accessing web pages that are known to be phishing sites. Email messages can contain links that lead to phishing web pages. Such emails are filtered.

Rules ESET’s comprehensive rule system allows administrators to manually define email filtering conditions and actions to take with the filtered emails.

Hybrid Office 365 scanning Supports businesses who utilize Microsoft Exchange in a hybrid setup.

Web-based quarantine Emails are automatically provided to users about their spam emails that were quarantined. Then users can log in and manage their own spam rather than this solely being managed by the admin.

Robust quarantine management In case messages are quarantined, users receive emails via which they can handle the message management themselves. In addition, administrators can have summary reports sent to them on a regular basis. However, anytime someone is waiting for an email, an administrator can easily decide to delete or release messages from a central quarantine.

Clutter support ESET solutions support creating clusters, which allows products to communicate with each other and exchange configuration, notifications, greylisting database info and more. In addition, this supports Windows Failover Clusters and Network Load Balancing (NLB) clusters to allow for Enterprise-grade protection.

Unparalleled speed Performance and stability are among the essential capabilities for a mail product. Companies need assurances that their email is going to be processed without delay. ESET features a true 64-bit product that allows for clustering to ensure that speed is never a concern for organisations of any size.

Flexible and scalable ESET Mail Security enables component-based installation, providing admin with an opportunity to select only a certain solution component. Also, ESET Mail Security allows exclusion of specific objects or processes from on-access scanning, thus minimizing interference with the process to improve backup speed and process integrity.

Ransomware Ransomware has been a constant concern for industries across the world ever since Cryptolocker in 2013. Despite ransomware existing for far longer, it was never a major threat that businesses were concerned about. However, now a single incidence of ransomware can easily render a business inoperable by encrypting important or necessary files. When a business experiences a ransomware attack, they quickly realize that the backups they have are not recent enough, so the business feels as though they must pay the ransom. ESET Mail Security solutions provide an additional layer of defense to prevent ransomware from ever getting to the users’ mailboxes. In addition, the ability to block certain attachment types or all attachment types further limits the organization’s exposure to ransomware.

Spam protection Most organization’s users have enough work to do without having to sift through large amounts of spam to find the most important emails. In fact, over 54% of all inbound email is spam. Users will have trouble being efficient if every other email they receive they have to determine if it is spam or not. ESET Mail Security solutions make users’ life much easier by preventing spam from ever reaching their mailbox. Leave the decision whether something is good or bad to a mail security product rather than the user. In addition to increasing the organization’s efficiency it will increase security because users will not have the opportunity to accidentally or purposely click links in spam emails.

Full specification and details can be found in the Product Datasheet PDF file

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