We are always delighted when one of our valued Comms Express suppliers brings us a new range of products.

Our good friends at AXIS Technology have a fantastic new range of IP Security Cameras. AXIS Technology introduces AXIS Companion Dome and AXIS Companion Cube, an all-in-one wireless video surveillance solution for small businesses that want to monitor indoor premises such as, retail stores or offices.

An AXIS Companion Card 64GB is included with the wireless cameras, allowing one week of video recordings to be stored on the camera, eliminating recurring storage costs. The recordings are accessible by PC or mobile device by using the free AXIS Companion video management software. Axis Secure Remote Access removes the need for manual router configuration and ensures a secure encrypted connection.

Larry Chay, Small Business Program Manager at AXIS, says “small businesses now have the option of having an all-in-one wireless video surveillance solution. AXIS Companion Dome and AXIS Companion Cube are great additions to the AXIS Companion Line and will give small businesses the ability to have a complete surveillance solution for a fraction of the cost.”


The solution includes wireless cameras with different functionalities and form factors, the new AXIS Companion Card 64 GB and AXIS Companion management software, tailored to meet the needs of small businesses in regards to monitoring and system setup and operation. Designed for surveillance cameras and with increased durability and endurance, AXIS Companion Card 64 GB features health-monitoring capabilities enabling the SD card to detect and report its current status so that any maintenance, such as replacing the card, can be planned in advance.

Many great additions excite us. The setup and manageability of the AXIS Companion Dome and AXIS Companion Cube are very, very easy and includes a warranty of three years. Also exciting is the ability to store a week of recordings in the camera reduces fixed costs. Our computers or mobile devices can be used to access recordings, with the Axis Companion video software. The secure remote access eliminates the need to manually configure the router and guarantees a secure encrypted connection.

Gilles Ortega, Director of solutions for small businesses at AXIS explains that this solution “gives response to a market that, increasingly, it requires systems of security cameras that are easy to set up and manage with all the reliability that you can offer our company. The owners of small businesses have no time to quarrel with complicated user interfaces. Of there the importance of a solution wireless and avoid the wiring of network, one of the aspects of the installation that requires more time and money”.

Axis Companion Dome is an ultra-compact network camera, which is especially suitable for discrete installation in ceilings or walls. Thanks to its HDMI output allows connection to screens for the display of images live, wonderful to deter thefts in stores.

So as we are sure you will agree AXIS Technology has plenty to be excited about. If you have any questions be sure to contact our team who are always only too happy to help.

Until next time…