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Are you experiencing slow wireless speeds on your favorite new mobile device? Give it the speed it deserves — upgrade your home network with the Zyxel NBG6515, AC750 Dual-Band Wireless Gigabit Router. Equipped with 802.11ac technology, the NBG6515 boosts wireless speeds to as high as 750 Mbps* on your wireless network


802.11ac technology for modern wireless mobile devices
Wireless data speeds of up to 750 Mbps*
Powerful, reliable wireless coverage with advanced antennas
Connect wireless devices quickly with the WPS button
Quick, easy to setup


Powered by 802.11ac technology

The Zyxel NBG6515 enables you to utilize wireless technology to achieve faster wireless speeds among the latest wireless mobile devices, which enable smoother HD video streaming, lag-free multiplayer gaming and overall faster wireless online activities.

Powerful, reliable wireless coverage with advanced antennas

Equipped with two external antennas (3 dBi: 2.4 GHz, 5 dBi: 5 GHz), the Zyxel NBG6515 provides strong wireless coverage throughout the premises. Enjoy reliable wireless Internet access wherever you are at home.

Stream and share your digital contents with a USB drive

Connect a USB storage device to the Zyxel NBG6515 for it to share the stored photos, music and videos throughout your network with its DLNA support. It’s great for the existing set top boxes or video game consoles with DLNA support to create a connected home theater experience.

Gigabit Ethernet ports for fast wired networks

Create a wired network of up to 1000 Mbps taking advantage of the Zyxel NBG6515’s Gigabit Ethernet ports, which ensures your wired network gets the highest data speed for HD video streaming or faster large data transfers.

Supports for access point and repeater modes

Not only does the Zyxel NBG6515 share Internet access, it also acts as a dedicated wireless access point to create a wireless network, upgrade the existing one, or extend your existing wireless network with the repeater mode.

Repeater Mode
Extend wireless coverage to your router

AP Mode
Connect back to your router to create a new wireless coverage

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In Stock: Next Day
£53.42 Inc Vat.

Have more devices connected to your shared Internet with Zyxel ARMOR Z2 AC2600 MU-MIMO Dual-Band Wireless Gigabit Router. Powered by a fast 1.7 GHz processor and StreamBoost™ technology, the ARMOR Z2 allows you to experience 4K UHD video streaming and to play online games without stuttering, while to have more devices staying connected at the same time without sacrificing performance

The Zyxel ARMOR Z2 is equipped with the latest 4x4 MU-MIMO technology that enables it to accelerate transmission up to 4 stream wireless devices for even faster Wi-Fi speeds.


MU-MIMO technology
1.7 GHz dual-core processor
AC2600 dual-band concurrent connectivity
StreamBoost™ QoS technology
4 adjustable high-performance antennas
Zyxel Usage Monitor & eaZy123 setup wizard
Zyxel Photo App
Zyxel ONE Connect App


MU-MIMO for up to 3x faster performance

The Zyxel ARMOR Z2 AC2600 MU-MIMO Dual-Band Wireless Gigabit Router supports the latest 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO technology to provide accelerated Wi-Fi speed for all devices. It supports 160 MHz channel bandwidth which is 2x faster than traditional one. When connected with MU-MIMO-compatible Wi-Fi devices, the ARMOR Z2 is capable of achieving up to 3x performance over traditional Wi-Fi speeds.

Dynamic QoS with powerful processing power for the best 4K UHD experience

The Zyxel ARMOR Z2 allows you to run as many networking applications as you want without sacrificing your network streaming experience or increasing online game latency. The StreamBoost™ technology intelligently provides most up-to-date gaming database and manages your Internet bandwidth for all your networking needs without the need to setup complicated QoS.

Beamforming 4 adjustable high-power antennas

Unlike traditional wireless routers that scatter signals everywhere, Zyxel ARMOR Z2’s four adjustable high-performance antennas with beamforming coverage pinpoint your wireless device even while you are moving around, it can track you actual location, and focus its wireless connection solely on it to enable strong wireless signals.

Usage Monitor keeps an eye on Internet usage

The Zyxel ARMOR Z2’s Usage Monitor allows you to view the home network bandwidth utilized by applications and clients. If a threshold of Internet plan usage has been set, you will receive a message from the system once the limit is reached.

Zyxel ONE Connect App eases home network management

The Zyxel ONE Connect App not only offers a completely new smart home experience, but also allows you to easily track and manage network connections as well as network status.

Setup network in 3 steps with eaZy123

No PC or complicated setup steps needed, just get your Internet connection up and running featuring shared Wi-Fi quickly with the Zyxel’s ARMOR Z2.

Exclusive Zyxel Photo App backs up your photos quickly and easily

With a USB storage connected to the Zyxel ARMOR Z2, this free app backs up your photos from your favorite mobile devices. You can back up 30 photos (around 1.5 MB each) within just a minute.

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In Stock: 3 - 5 Days
£187.03 Inc Vat.

Create a powerful wireless network for your home or apartment with the Zyxel NBG6617 AC1300 MU-MIMO Dual-Band Wireless Gigabit Router. Connect more devices wirelessly with faster speeds thanks to the NBG6617’s 11ac MU-MIMO technology

High-powered signal amplifiers provide better Wi-Fi range to reach your mobile devices. Share a USB storage device on your network with the NBG6617’s ultra-fast USB 3.0 port and create copies of your smartphone’s camera roll automatically with Zyxel Photo app.


Wave 2 MU-MIMO for up to 2x faster performance
Improved wireless performance and coverage with high-powered amplifiers
Powered with an efficient quad-core CPU
Mobile-friendly eaZy123 for painless router setup
Zyxel ONE Connect app for easy home network management
USB 3.0 port for maximum file sharing speed
Zyxel Photo app to back up your mobile device camera roll automatically


MU-MIMO for up to 2x faster performance

The Zyxel NBG6617’s latest 802.11ac wave 2 MU-MIMO technology provides up to 1300 Mbps of Wi-Fi speed to all devices. When connected with MU-MIMO compatible Wi-Fi devices, gain up to double the performance of traditional Wi-Fi speeds.

Improved wireless performance and coverage with high-powered signal amplifiers

The Zyxel NBG6617 is equipped with high-powered signal amplifiers to improve the wireless coverage and uses a special radio frequency pattern to increase receiver sensitivity for improved performance.

Mobile-friendly eaZy123 setup wizard for painless router setup

No PC or complicated setup steps are needed thanks to the eaZy123 setup wizard from Zyxel. The NBG6617 quickly gets your Internet connection up and running with shared Wi-Fi!

Zyxel ONE Connect and Zyxel Photo apps supported

The Zyxel ONE Connect app allows you to use your mobile device to easily manage and expand your Wi-Fi network with Zyxel ONE Connect-ready devices. We also include a free photo back-up app for your mobile phone so you can copy your phone’s photo gallery to a USB storage device connected to the Zyxel NBG6617.

USB 3.0 port for maximum file sharing speed

Connect a USB storage device to the Zyxel NBG6617 and enable fast file-sharing capability across your network thanks to its speedy USB 3.0 interface with up to 5 Gbps data transfer speed. USB printer support is available, as well.

Small router, big performance

Powered with an efficient quad-core CPU and gigabit network capability, the Zyxel NBG6617 is able to handle multiple networked devices without compromising performance.

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In Stock: Next Day
£83.47 Inc Vat.

Create a wireless network for your home to connect more devices wirelessly with faster 11ac technology. The Zyxel NBG6604 AC1200 Dual-Band Wireless Router features four robust external antennas for dedicated 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless bands to provide wider coverage. You’ll also find a better experience with our easy, intuitive ONE Connect mobile app.

Simple, app-based setup Improved coverage and performance for multiple WiFi devices Delivers lightning-fast wireless speed Connect up to four networking devices Compact design & wall mount option New, energy-efficient design Setup and Manage Right from Your Mobile Device Get your router up and running in less than five minutes—without relying on your desktop PC. Simply run the setup wizard from your mobile phone and you’re on the fast track to wireless Internet support for all your favorite networked devices. Plus you can manage your router’s Internet connection and WiFi settings with our handy mobile app, ONE Connect.

Faster WiFi, Stronger Signals Upgrade your WiFi with the latest 802.11ac technology. Stronger 802.11ac signals provide up to four times faster speed than traditional 802.11n technology—and better WiFi coverage, too.

Connect Up to 64 Devices, Interference-Free Simultaneously connect up to 64 devices to NBG6604s powerful WiFi network. Pesky neighboring WiFi interference? Not a problem! In addition to the powerful 2.4 GHz WiFi network, the NBG6604 can also create a fast interference-free 5 GHz WiFi network that’s ideal when bandwidth is in high demand, such as high-definition streaming or transferring large data files.

Four Ethernet LAN Ports, More Performance, More Devices Connect up to four networking devices for fast Ethernet performance. It’s ideal for desktop computers, laptops, Smart TVs, printers and more.

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In Stock: 3 - 5 Days
£39.96 Inc Vat.
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