Our environmental footprint is of growing concern for many of us at home and within the work place. Of course, as individuals, we can play our part but we also look to the companies we partner with to also make a concerted effort. The good news is technological innovation is booming and running parallel and is rapidly shifting towards sustainable solutions. This rapid growth is being fuelled by significant investment in research and development and breakthroughs in sustainable technologies.

At the forefront of the growth in sustainable innovations are our good friends at APC NetBotz, part of the Schneider Electric group, who are playing a big part in aiding all us in minimising our carbon footprint with some wonderfully innovative products.

APC are one of the UKs leading providers of sustainability technologies, products and services and an established distributor of specialist electronic components. For more than 30 years they have demonstrated an ability to achieve rapid expansion by focusing on emerging technologies for high growth market sectors. As always with APC their products are backed by the highest levels of customer service and support.

In this blog we would like to highlight a couple of their amazing products.

APC NetBotz Rack Monitor 200

The NetBotz 200 offers the most cost effective approach for environmental monitoring over the network. It allows you to monitor humidity, temperature, door contact and dry contact, and other environmental conditions remotely. Additional features like integration with StruxureWare Data Centre Expert and user-defined alerts make the NetBotz 200 the perfect unit to protect your IT assets from environmental threats. The NetBotz 200 can be used for Network Closets to Data Centres monitoring, but it is commonly installed in Data Centres.


• Access monitoring
• Environmental monitoring
• Fault notification
• Reboot equipment remotely
• Adjustable threshold
• Browser accessible

Further information can be obtained on our website via the link.

APC NetBotz Rack Monitor 450

The NetBotz intelligent edge architecture enables the integration of a number of monitoring devices with diverse protocols into a single management platform. Physical and environmental information can be integrated from virtually anywhere in the network, managed in a common format, and presented as actionable intelligence, providing a coordinated monitoring and response capability across an entire enterprise.

The result is a predictive, preventative monitoring solution that provides the advance warning necessary to prevent small issues from becoming big disasters, while increasing up-time, product life-cycle and resource efficiency. Monitoring and controlling critical IT assets in data centres and remote locations is a key component of any preventative management strategy. Yet physical security is often a forgotten aspect of what is otherwise a comprehensive IT security plan.

The NetBotz 450 protects a room or rows of cabinets and its valuable contents, like IT equipment, from damage due to water leaks, high or low temperatures, smoke or dust, humidity, vandalism, theft, and many more dangerous environmental and physical factors, by providing advance warning of equipment failure. Reduce downtime, respond and resolve problems quickly, analyse trends, and lower total cost with the NetBotz 450.

The NetBotz 450 offers high performance security and environmental monitoring over the network. The NetBotz 450 is capable of video surveillance and monitoring to record human activity. The NetBotz 450’s additional features include integration with InfraStruXure Central, Power over Ethernet, and user defined alerts making the NetBotz 450 the perfect unit to protect your IT assets from security and environmental threats. The NetBotz 450 can be used in network closets to data centres, but it is commonly installed in server rooms and small data centres.


• Image processor generates 24-bit colour images up to 1280 x 1024 resolution and up to 30 frames per second.
• Key integrated sensors include temperature and humidity.
• Easily supports small wiring closets to large data centres to enterprise-wide and remote deployments.
• Support for third party sensors for monitoring fluid, vibration, dust particles, smoke, etc. to meet specific monitoring needs.
• Supports SSL connectivity to and from the NetBotz 450 appliance or secure transmission of data.
• Customised alert actions can be configured based on alert type, severity, and time alert occurred

APC NetBotz Room Monitor 355

The NBWL0355 features integrated camera and sensors. It supports up to 4 universal sensors.


• Wall mountable
• Access monitoring
• Fault notification
• Customised escalation policies
Browser Accessible
• Event-driven video storage

APC NetBotz Room Sensor Pod 155

This sensor pod is optimised for wall mounting that supports 4 universal sensors.


• Link communication port
• Wall mountable

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