We are delighted to team up with our friends at Cisco on another great competition! Up for grabs are three £100 Love2shop vouchers. As always we made your point of entry dead easy. Just Like us on Facebook and post the hashtag #CommsCisco and you can do the same on Twitter by following us and retweeting #CommsCisco.

Told you it was easy!

We love working with Cisco. Always innovating and pushing the envelope, most certainly they have totally embraced the need for a connected home’.

This is achievable via the very ‘smart’ 200 Series Switches from Cisco.

Now as regular readers of our blogs will attest, we do not like throwing a lot of technical mumbo jumbo at you. We find it incredibly boring to read so why wouldnt you?!

So what are the advantages of the Cisco 200 Series Switches and why do we advocate you have one in your abode?

Well imagine for one moment that someone in your house has the inclination to download (legally of course!) the latest Kanye West long-player look it is plausible!!- and you fancy watching a classic film on Netflix. Now if you are of sane mind youll want to limit what type of traffic takes precedence over bandwidth via the Quality of Service (QoS) we shall leave you to decide which should take preference!

Excuse the brevity but it above does show just how clever our chums at Cisco are.

They have also made the Cisco 200 Series Switches very affordable, which combine powerful network performance and reliability with the essential network management features you need for a solid network. Completer with Power Over Ethernet (POE) options, which allow for us homeowners to power our IP CCTV or Access Points from the switch, instead of a series of unsightly mains cables messing up things!

Another important factor to us all is security; the 200 Series Switches keep the data on your network safe from unauthorised access. Integrated network security such as IEEE 802.1X port security means that you control access to your network.

Of equal importance is ease of use. If you and networks are not the best of playmates you seriously need to check out the Cisco 200 Series Switches. They really are as plug and play as it gets. If you are looking to use at home or within your small business the Cisco 200 Switches range we stock at Comms are a perfect size, and importantly as we said they are very, very affordable.

So do not be scared at meeting a new network playmate and be sure to grab yourself a chance of winning with us and Cisco in our Love2shop competition!

Until next time…