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Edge Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Applications

When deploying Edge computing sites in non-IT spaces, these deployments will have their own set of business needs.

Compatible with harsh environments image Cost and performance image Flexibility and customisation image
Compatible with harsh environments, higher than average dust, moisture and/or heat. Cost and performance will need to be optimized with higher power density Flexibility and customisation available with installation to fit into specific locations
For growing and mission-critical needs image Make real-time decisions image sustainable and intelligent installation image
For growing and mission-critical needs, faster deployment is a must. Make real-time decisions with monitor automate and control. Mitigate risk with sustainable and intelligent installation

Introducing APC Easy Rack & PDU Solutions

APC EASY UPS header image
APC EASY UPS header image

Schneider Electric’s range of APC Easy racks and PDUs provide you with the high security, cost-effective solution you need for rapid deployment of edge solutions. Every product in this range is easy to choose, install and operate, leaving you to focus on scaling your infrastructure.

Other benefits of the APC Easy Rack & PDUs include:

  • Most affordable and best-in-class solution
  • Easy to use, install and operate
  • Reduced complexity with high compatibility
  • Excellent product quality
  • Versatile designs
  • APC brand reliability

Key Edge Applications

Transportation image Industry image Buildings - offices & retail image
Ideal for airport or railway station control rooms, automated gates, self-service booths, surveillance & security, signalling & communication.
Ideal for artificial intelligence, robotics, digital twins, machinery operations, security and process control rooms.
Buildings – offices & retail
Ideal for facility management, utilities operations, surveillance & security, retail stores operations, commercial offices IT connectivity.
Financing / banking image Healthcare image Government image
Financing / banking
Ideal for low data latency, customer experience, cyber security, AI and IoT implementation, surveillance & security management
Ideal for hospitals and healthcare facilities management, Mission-critical care, security & machinery operations, IoT implementation
Ideal for Public services. smart cities, energy management, efficient waste & environment care, weather & emergency services enablement


Easy Rack Key Features

APC EASY UPS header image

Additional Features:

  • Industry proven frame design
  • Supports racks with or without side panels
  • Static load rating: 1200kg
  • Dynamic load rating: 600kg
  • Tool-free installation of Rack PDUs
  • 24, 42, and 48U designs
  • 600, 800mm widths and 800, 1000, 1100, 1200mm Depths


Easy PDU Key Features

Easy Basic Rack PDU

APC’s Easy Basic Rack PDU is more than just a power strip. It ensures you have reliable power distributed amongst your connected devices.
Easy Basic Rack PDU

Easy Metered Rack PDU

The metered rack allows for real-time remote monitoring of your connected leads. It also allows the set up of user-defined alarms to warn you of potential circuit overloads to prevent the chance of accidental power loss to critical equipment.
Easy Metered Rack PDU

Easy Switched Rack PDU

With the switched PDU series you can remotely switch on and off the connected load power. It also offers metered functionality.
Easy Switched Rack PDU

Easy Metered by Outlet Rack PDU

APC’s easy metered by outlet series allows for individual outlet-level power metering and helps to plan capacity and energy efficiency initatives with user resettable energy logs.
Easy Metered by Outlet Rack PDU

APC EASY UPS header image

Easy Installation Easy Operation and Maintenance>
• Ultra-light weight, thanks to aluminium housing
• Support both toolless mounting and bracket mounting
• Built-in input cord with Industrial connector for vertical PDU
• Low-profile in depth, more convenience for equipment installation
• User-friendly and simple Web interface and LCD screen
• Support network port, easy for data communication
• Field-replaceable control module, easy for maintenance
• User replaceable batteries to maximize initial investment

Easy Metered Rack PDU display:
APC EASY UPS header image

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