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APC UPS for Gaming

Finish the fight! Even when darkness falls

Whether questing to be Elden Lord in the Lands Inbetween, beast-hunting in the streets of Old Yarnham, leading the pack in a blistering race, or waiting to capitalise on a punishing combo, you’ll love the peace of mind that your gaming setup will be able to provide high-performance power protection.

With the world’s most trusted brand of power protection at your back, your gaming rigs, consoles and any streaming devices you may have running at the time aren’t vulnerable to the kinds of power outages that can put a put a serious dent in your gaming.

Just because your character may be tarnished, doesn’t mean your gaming experience or content stream need be.

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Avoid Unwarranted penalties

As well as frustration and annoyance, a sudden disconnection mid-game can sometimes invoke penalties, especially within a PvP (Player vs Player) game mode. What started as a system to counter the ‘rage quitters’ out there, who quit the game rather than face a loss, can be an extra punishment when a power spike or failure causes you to leave the game server.

Overwatch game logo - © Blizzard Entertainment

50 SR points loss
10 mins to full season ban

League of Legends logo - © 2023 Riot Games, Inc.
League of Legends®

3 to 10 League Points loss
10 to 20 minutes ban

Counter Strike: Global Offensive logo - © Valve Corporation

Increase on Offensive Level
30 minute to 7 day ban

And in other PvE (Player vs Environment) games that rely on connection to an online server, a forced disconnect can also mean the loss of a large chunk of loot, gaming time, progress and any experience gained.


So… What is a Gaming UPS. And why do gamers need one?

UPS is short for ‘Uninterruptible Power Supply’ and serves one main purpose: back up gaming power with surge protection.

A UPS will instantly send power to your Xbox, PlayStation, and/or PC when your home loses power and defends against unsafe spikes in the level of electricity coming into your home that could irreversibly damage your expensive gaming equipment.

A UPS is an essential piece of gaming gear that will protect your gaming setup from damages and unexpected disconnect so you have time to save your game or finish your online match to avoid drop-out penalties.

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APC has your back during your darkest moment

Defend, power and win. What good is gaming equipment without power? To perform you need the right gaming gear and an APC Gaming UPS is essential because, during your darkest moment, APC offers you Relentless Certainty in a Connected World.

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APC Back-UPS™ Pro Gaming

Gaming UPS BGM Series

For PC and console gamers, APC™ by Schneider Electric forges a powerful Back-UPS™ Pro Gaming unit that relentlessly protects and powers your gaming station.

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BGM1500B ‘Midnight’
Back-UPS Pro Gaming 1500VA

1500VA / 900W
Battery backup and surge protection


product image


BX Series

A quality range for the more price conscious gamer, who still want the basic needs of surge protection and enough backup power for their games consoles/PC to save their gaming progress. The BX Series like many before it, carries the APC brand promise of the largest UPS manufacturer in the world!


product image

Back-UPS 1200VA

1200VA / 650W
Battery backup and surge protection


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product image

Back-UPS 1600VA

1600VA / 900W
Battery backup and surge protection


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APC Back-UPS™ Pro

Smart-UPS SMT Tower

Supplies abundant battery backup power during outages and stabilises unsafe voltage levels, as well as providing power protection for your gaming equipment from any damaging surges and spikes. Keeping you still in the game, even when the unexpected happens!


product image

Back-UPS Pro 900VA

900VA / 540W
Battery Backup and surge protection

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Back-UPS Pro 1200VA

1200VA / 720W
Battery Backup and surge protection

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