We are absolutely delighted to work with Power Ethernet on the release of their new Powerline Pro Socket.

Now with the advent of so much technology available to us – tablets, smartphones, many of which are quite beautiful to look at. But we hear you cry: surely that cannot be said about a power socket; not the most alluring of tech products?

Well, think again! For such a young company, Power Ethernets are genuinely innovative. The best of British you might say!

So what’s the skinny?

Well, the idea is deceptively simple and uses similar technology as Powerline Ethernet adaptors. Designed to provide Ethernet and “local room” Wi-Fi access from a twin socket, the Powerline Pro Socket allows for the easier and convenient setup of a local room network, and all managed by a single Web Admin interface. It is simple to use, and even easier to set up.

The Powerline Pro Socket uses the existing mains electric cables in a house or business to carry Ethernet-strength web access. The Power Ethernet builds the Ethernet connections directly into the wall socket. The great news is that that mess of cables we have grown used to seeing running from web router to adaptor to the power socket and then from the adaptor is now a thing of the past.

Once installed Powerline Pro Socket creates a discrete network of its own, although more can be added, just use one of the sockets with an input, and the rest will share the output.

As you can imagine, this is a wonderful way for our customers who want to host clients who need Wi-Fi access.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Fast, secure and robust Powerline and Wi-Fi networking
  • High-speed transfer rates up to 500Mbps (gross)
  • “Local Room” Wi-Fi connection for perfect coverage within an area for smartphones, laptops and tablets
  • Support networking best practices – choice of WiFi and Ethernet
  • WiFi can be switched on or off via the front button or automatically controlled by the Wi-Fi scheduler
  • No new wiring required – uses the existing main cables
  • Built into a wall as the technology is integrated into a standard BS double-gang socket – tamper and theft proof
  • All the devices are easily configured using a simple wizard
  • Managed via a simple web interface or via a mobile application
  • Works with Window, Mac and Linux, tablets and smartphones
  • HomePlug AV compatible
  • T1501 Powerline Pro socket can manage other Power Ethernet products such as the Power Ethernet T1000 Powerline socket

You can gain further details via our website https://bit.ly/1S3T5zQ or our review of the best powerline ethernet adaptors.

We are really looking forward to more great pioneering products from Power Ethernet.

Until next time…