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There is no better way to keep an eye on your property, assets, valuables, pets or people you care for than with an AXIS IP Camera.

AXIS cameras deliver great quality, for a competitive price, and this is why both companies and the home user are utilising AXIS products. AXIS offers a myriad of great IP Surveillance technologies that can save the end user money by cutting out the middle man. Whether you require reassurance for your office or business or at home, AXIS IP is the simple setup solution for you.

AXIS network video products are so simple to install that they’re being increasingly used within homes; shops and the public sector. As the market leader, AXIS cameras have been made with easy installation in mind. Whether you are looking to secure your home or business, you can save time and money with its easy install and easy setup features.

The features available reward AXIS customers will high quality video capture leaving customers wondering why they had not upgraded from existing analogue systems sooner. Supported in over 179 different countries, you too can start securing your property from today.

There is a dramatic difference in quality when you upgrade to an AXIS IP camera from an analogue system. Once set up, you will notice instantly the upscale and improved functionality with recording, alarm and movement adjustment.

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How to Easy are they to Install?
AXIS have built their cameras to save you time and money. You can have your camera ready and positioned in a number of easy steps, and then connecting it to a user viewing platform is even simpler.

Accessing your video stream is almost instantaneous whether you opt for a wired or wireless solution. You can also quickly secure your premise with adjustable settings to choose video quality and turn on/off features.


How simple are they to manage?
AXIS cameras are compatible and easily connect to your existing IT equipment, working out of the box with your network, routers, screens, computers, tablets and smartphones.

With mobile viewing apps it is the easiest solution, offering you everything you need to keep your home or business secure.

With upgrades being available at any time, it’s never been easier to increase your storage capacity, upgrade your analog system, add access control, and other functionality.


AXIS believes you do not have to expect a poor analogue surveillance system that struggles to detail a car, let alone a face when AXIS IP cameras offer high quality imagery that stays sharp when zooming in on specific details. With the ability to record straight to an SD card, the only decision you have to consider is which features you require, and whether you require a standard power supply or you wish to power through an Ethernet cable.

The extensive AXIS camera range here at Comms allows the user to easily control your camera via your home network and also stream to devices such as laptops, tablets and mobiles. So whether you are looking for the easiest possible upgrade from your old analogue system, which let’s face it is pretty shocking for clarity of detail or looking to improve security and peace of mind for the first time – AXIS has the solution for you.

AXIS Fixed Box and Bullet Cameras

AXIS Fixed Box and Bullet Cameras
A fixed network camera is a camera that has a fixed viewing direction once it is mounted. It may come with a fixed, varifocal or motorized zoom lens, and the lens may be exchangeable on some cameras.
Axis’ indoor and outdoor fixed camera offerings include the traditional camera type where the camera and the direction in which it is pointing are clearly visible, as well as highly discreet cameras that are designed to blend into the environment and be difficult to discover.

Explore AXIS Fixed Box and Bullet Cameras


AXIS Fixed Dome Cameras

AXIS Fixed Dome Cameras
If you are looking for a fixed dome camera – sometimes referred to as “mini-dome” – you will find it at Axis. You will even find some of the most compact and discreet fixed dome cameras on the market

Explore AXIS Dome Cameras


AXIS Special Cameras (Convert Cameras)

AXIS Special Cameras (Convert Cameras)
AXIS offers covert network cameras adapted to very specific industry needs. Convert Network Cameras are uniquely designed to blend into an array of environments and can meet unusual requirements for flexibility and installation.

Explore AXIS Special Cameras (Convert Cameras)


AXIS PTZ Cameras

AXIS PTZ Cameras
AXIS Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) Cameras offer the ability to view a wider area of coverage and the abiltiy to verify detected security events.

Explore AXIS PTZ Cameras


AXIS Onboard Cameras

AXIS Onboard Cameras
Perfect for trains, buses, and other vehicles, AXIS onboard cameras are designed to be descreet. Built with protection against dust and water they are rugged enough to withstand vibrations, shocks, bumps and temperature fluctuations.

Explore AXIS Onboard Cameras


AXIS Thermal Cameras

AXIS Onboard Cameras
Whether it be pitch black or bright sunshine, AXIS Thermal Cameras are excellent for detecting people, objects or other incidents.

Explore AXIS Thermal Cameras


AXIS Modular Cameras

AXIS Modular Cameras
Due to their small size, modular cameras can be placed practically anywhere. Modular cameras come in two detached parts – the camera and the main unit – allowing you to place the camera into even the smallest spaces, or as the most discreet security option.

Explore AXIS Modular Cameras


AXIS Panormaic Cameras

AXIS Panormaic Cameras
Panoramic Cameras cover an extra wide area of coverage, ideal for monitoring large areas, tracking the flow of people, or improving area management.

Explore AXIS Panormaic Cameras


AXIS Temperature Alarm Cameras

AXIS Temperature Alarm Cameras
Need to monior a hazardous area? AXIS Temperature Alarm Cameras are globally certified for potenitally combustible enviornments and offer explosion proof models.

Explore AXIS Temperature Alarm Cameras


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