AXIS Cameras – the heavyweight of the IP market!

It is October, and the leaves are falling, the night’s drawing in, the heating is on, and the winter woollies have been dug out! It is also National Home Security Month so no better time to speak about the wide range of AXIS IP cameras.

There is no better way to keep an eye on your property, assets, valuables, pets or people you care for than with an AXIS IP Camera.

AXIS cameras deliver great quality, for a competitive price, and this is why both companies and the home user are utilising AXIS products. AXIS offers a myriad of great IP Surveillance technologies that can save the end user money by cutting out the middle man. Whether you require reassurance for your office or business or at home, AXIS IP is the simple setup solution for you.

Here is why!

AXIS believes you do not have to expect a poor analogue surveillance system that struggles to detail a car, let alone a face when AXIS IP cameras offer high quality imagery that stays sharp when zooming in on specific details. With the ability to record straight to an SD card, the only decision you have to consider is which features you require- we shall come to the different ranges shortly, and whether you require a standard power supply or you wish to power through an Ethernet cable; and what features they require.

The extensive AXIS camera range here at Comms allows the user to easily control your camera via your home network and also stream to devices such as laptops, tablets and mobiles. So whether you are looking for the easiest possible upgrade from your old analogue system, which let’s face it is pretty shocking for clarity of detail or looking to improve security and peace of mind for the first time – AXIS has the solution for you.

One of the main reasons we are so enthusiastic is the ease in which you – the customer, can set up your products; they truly require such little input … and frustrations!


There is a dramatic difference in quality when you upgrade/ to an AXIS IP camera from an analogue system. Once set up, you will notice instantly the upscale and improved functionality with recording, alarm and movement adjustment.


AXIS IP Cameras target so many differing needs so be sure to check out our full range.

If surveillance and security are high on your agenda AXIS are the heavyweight of the IP camera market. With excellent prices across the board, stunning image quality and features to meet all your needs and installation a cinch now is the time to be assured by AXIS; you know you are buying a top-quality product when you purchase AXIS.

Until next time…