Many things in life give me great pleasure, among them is when a plan comes together! Yes, a sentiment that I share with the A-Team’s, John ‘Hannibal’ Smith. I would love to have found the A-Team. Imagine a fracas at school and you send in the A-Team to sort things out! 🙂

Anyhow like good old Ronnie Corbett I digress! Plans at Comms Express have been afoot for a little while to produce our own range of floor standing server cabinets and I am delighted to say we have taken delivery of the beauties. So permit me to introduce the Datacel range to you.

Currently, we have three variations in the Datacel range, 27u, 42u and the 47u height. They are specifically designed for housing all of your companies communication requirements in a single cabinet providing adequate ventilation, security and cable management. Equipment such as servers, UPS’s, telephone systems and structured cabling now have a secure home.

They both come with some cracking features such as:

  • Castors, jacking feet & baying kit included as standard
  • Aesthetically pleasing 600mm wide lockable vented glass front door and lockable mesh rear door
  • Barrel locks with swing handles to front and rear doors
  • Optional roof and rack-mounted fan trays
  • Stylish vents line both sides of the glass front door
  • Lockable side panels
  • A range of shelves, fan trays and other accessories are also available to complete the installation of this quality cabinet.

Our mantra during the design and build was to make them ‘aesthetically pleasing’ and I have to say I am delighted with how they look. Greek philosophers held the belief that appealing objects were beautiful in and of themselves and we feel we’ve achieved a little of this with our Datacel range! Predominately for office use, we still felt that they had to look great in this environment.

Of course, the design and build is somewhat negated if we could not bring them to you for an affordable price. And we have!

The 27u is currently on offer for £301.00, 42u for £365, reduced from £390 and the 47u for £426…Truly an unbeatable price offer, with no skimping on quality.

So in short a great, and rather wonderful looking range 🙂 for a low price!

Check them out via this link

Until next time.