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Datacel PDU7853 Metered Rack 0U PDU

Outputs: 20xC13 4xC19 | Input: 32Amp

by Datacel
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Part No:PDU7853
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    Datacel PDU7853 Metered Rack 0U PDU
    Outputs: 20xC13 4xC19 | Input: 32Amp
    Datacel Metered 0U PDU, (20) C13, (4) C19, 32A, Inlet Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring, with Circuit Breaker.

    The Datacel PDU is an intelligent power strip designed to measure the input and individual outlet current consumption and automatically email history reports to the supervisor for power usage reports. At the same time, provides the useful ability of managing power for any combination of network equipment connected to it. Users can control the power on/off for any device connected to the PDU remotely, using a console or Ethernet connections.

    Its also equipped with a console port for connecting an EMD (Environmental Monitoring Device) for sensing temperature and humidity along with two alarms that can be activated when either of the sensors show unusual values.

    An Environmental Device (EMD) is connected to sensors for detecting temperature and humidity and two digital inputs can be connected to the PDU with the console port. The can also be connected to alarms or indicators and controlled through the web browser.


    1. PDU
    2. IPFIX001 (Flat Mounting Brackets) (x2)
    3. IPFIX002 (APC Style Mounting Buttons) (x2)
    4. IPFIX003 (Angled Mounting Brackets) (x2)
    5. Screws (x6)
    6. Quick Install Guide


    • Calculate the power consumption on an hourly basis and have an accumulation of daily activity
    • Sequential power-up on the outlets – allows users to configure the sequence in which power is turned on or off for each outlet.
    • Intelligently turn on/off devices based on event occurrence or planned schedule.
    • Event notifications by pop-up/sending Trap or E-Mail for event notification
    • Up to 42 power outlets that can eb turned on or off in multiple ways, with easy monitoring of current consumption
    • Set over-current watchdog or each outlet (Threshold settings for over-current warnings and alerts)
    • Versatile sensors supported through EMD (Environmental Monitoring Device) inputs
    • Supports Secure Socket Layer V3 and Secure Shell V2 Protocols
    • Administrator and multiple users with password protection for double-layer security
    • Address specific IP security masks to prevent unauthorised access
    • User-friendly interface to display input and output status
    • Upgrade utility for easy firmware upgrade
    • Models available in 240V and 380V
    • Individual outlet power management.
    • Grouping of individual outlets for group management

    The Datacel PDU is a versatile product that can be connected to several different types of input and output devices. This makes it a useful tool for connecting devices to it and controlling their power on/off status through its user interface.

    The Datacel PDU can also be attached to various output devices and their power status can be controlled remotely. It also supports an EMD, connecting with sensors for detecting environmental conditions. There are digital outputs for enabling devices with normally open or normally closed conditions. Moreover, the PDU supports a serial port (console) and Ethernet (LAN/WAN) connection that lets users control the PDU outlets remotely.

    The power strips have a varying number of outlets for connecting device such as workstations, servers and printers. Their power on/off status can be controlled remotely through the LAN or console ports.

    PDUs are available with the following sockets:

    • 220V/10A: IEC 320 C13, IEC 320 C13 (lock), SEV T13
    • 220V/13A: UK BS1363
    • 220V/15A: AS/NZS 3112
    • 220V/16A: Schuko, UTE, IEC 320 C19, IEC 320 C13 (Lock), SEV T23
    • 125V/15A: NEMA 5-15P
    • 125V/20V: NEMA 5-20P

    Users can control the output devices and manage the power status through mini USB port with a PC.
    The PDU has an RJ-45 LAN Connection that enables users to monitor and manage the power outlets over the network. The PDU has a graphic user interface that allows users to control the device through a web browser.

    LCD Display

    The front panel of the Datacel PDU will display and LCD screen to provide information about the input and output power status. It shows the data of two outlets on one screen.

    Component Description
    Inlet Power lead to be connected to the Data Centre Power source
    Breaker Prevent excessive current flow to protect the system
    Status LCD Display input and output voltage
    Mounting Options Different choice of mounting options

    Using the RCM 'Residual Current Monitoring'

    The Datacel PDU provides a Graphic User Interface that can be viewed from a web browser such as Internet Explorer. This enables users to access and control the device outlets and subsequently, its output devices remotely from the users desktop, Laptop, PDA or even the user's mobile phone.

    Users can also set related settings for the residual current from the Inlet Configuration webpage. This allows users to set warnings and alerts if thresholds are breached.


    The Datacel PDU is provided with a mini USB port that enables users to configure and control the hardware through the PC’s USB port (a driver is required). The Hyper Terminal is a console application in Windows that enables users to configure and control a device through command line parameters. Users can configure the device parameters and its outlets though simple numerical commands from a PC keyboard. Users can also use Telnet or any other console application for controlling the device in a similar manner.

    Local User Profiles

    Up to 8 Users can be assigned to the PDU, with variants levels of management and privileges depending on the user level selected.

    User Level Definition
    Power Admin User can manage all functions
    Admin Admin user cannot manage [User Management], [Outlet Grouping], FW Upgrade & Inlet/Outlet
    Supervisor Supervisor User can only manage [Power Monitoring], beside [Outlet Grouping], [Inlet/outlet upgrade] functions.
    User Cannot manage any function. Ready only
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