We are proud of our long association with so many acclaimed suppliers, and D-Link has been a trusted partner for some nine years. In that time they have always been wonderful to do business with. Our clients buy into the innovative quality of D-Link’s computer networking equipment with confidence.

A quick look into many households across the nation will see D-Link as a significant force in our ability to connect and share our lives on the Internet.

A world-renowned company providing networking products for the business, service and the home consumer, the brand was founded in March 1986 in Taipei, Taiwan as Datex Systems Inc in 1994. The seven innovative people behind the company were headed up by the former chairman of D-Link Ken Kao. It is now the biggest non-US networking company.

Many talk of innovation and award-winning and D-Link lead the way. They are truly committed to innovation, technology excellence and quality production. It’s business products include switches, surveillance network cameras, firewalls, iSCSI SANs and business wireless, while consumer products cover consumer wireless devices, broadband devices, and the Digital Home devices (which include media players, storage, and surveillance camera/NVR).

So a whole gamut to fulfil all of the networking needs for our clients are met.

With 25 years of trading they are not a company to sit still, they have also moved into the Eco-friendly market with the D-Link Green. It is this forward thinking in the technology field that is so exciting for my team and me.

From a home consumer market, the feedback we hear all of the time is the ease of use. For a tech novice, it is just a case of following the set-up wizard and hey presto connection and sharing via the Internet for the whole house is up and running.

As we see, our company grow year upon year we know that our growth will be equally surpassed by that of D-Link. We look forward to continuing our relationship and eagerly anticipate working with D-Link.

Until next time.