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When working from home, a loss of power is more than just a slight inconvenience. Power loss means no internet, no business meetings, no data processing, and no productivity is able to continue. This can put businesses seriously behind on their workload, costing them money and forcing them to miss deadlines. In a world where working from home is so popular, or even essential in some cases, having reliable internet and power is absolutely vital in order to keep business running as usual. Luckily, APC has you covered! With ranges of surge protectors and UPS, APC can keep you connected and protected so you can focus on what’s important.

What is a Surge Protector?

A surge protector provides connected devices with a defence against electrical surges to ensure no damage occurs.

What is a UPS?

A UPS, or uninterruptible power supply, when connected to your devices, provides surge protection and a continuous source of power. This guarantees that your network and equipment will be protected against all power disturbances, and able to continue running in all circumstances. It offers battery backup, voltage fluctuations, and surge protection all in one.

When to use a Surge Protector or USP

Surge Protector

• Telephone
• Digital clocks
• Lamps
• Paper Shredder
• Printer
• Scanner
• Air purifiers
APC surge protector

UPS / Battery Backup

APC UPS • Monitors
• Desktop Computers External hard drives
• Routers & Modems
• Personal Servers
• External GPU


• Cable Box
• Laptop
• Tablets
• Smart Phone
• Smart Hub
• Smart Spreaker
• Home A/V


Our recommended Surge Protectors

APC SurgeArrest™ Performance

The world’s only surge protector to incorporate a removable cable guide and rotating cord retainer.

APC SurgeArrest™ Performance
The SurgeArrest Performance range offers the highest level of surge protection perfect for professional computers, high-end electronics, and other sensitive equipment. This premium surge protection line offers APC’s highest joule rating, and the largest number of outlets including USB, safety shudders, overload indicators, and cord management. Typical uses for this range include high-end PCs, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, and sound systems.


  • Phone Line Splitter
  • Noise Filtering
  • IEEE let-through rating and UL 1449 compliance
  • Adjustable Cable Management
  • Multi-stage surge protection

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APC SurgeArrest™ Essential

Guaranteed protection against surges spikes and lightning.

APC SurgeArrest™ Essential
The Essentials series offer the best value protection for your devices, providing you with entry-level surge protection for computers and household electronics. This range includes USB outlets to charge mobile devices and LED indicators to provide clear status identification. Typical uses for the APC SurgeArrest Essentials range includes entry-level PCs, routers, modems, home network, cable boxes, and streaming media players.


  • Noise Filtering
  • IEEE let-through ratings and regulatory agency compliance
  • Lightning and Surge Protection
  • Fail Safe Mode
  • Catastrophic Event Protection

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Our recommended UPS

APC Back-UPS Pro

The world’s only surge protector to incorporate a removable cable guide and rotating cord retainer.

APC Back-UPS Pro
The APC Back-UPS Pro range supply your electronic devices with guaranteed battery backup during power outages stabilizes unsafe voltage levels and provides a layer of protection against damaging surges and spikes. For those looking for that next level of protection, premium features are also available including Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), Smart Outlets, energy-saving functions, and an LCD display. Typical uses for the APC Back-UPS Pro range include computer systems, routers and modems, external storage devices, and games consoles.


  • Customizable voltage-transfer points
  • Green mode
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Customizable voltage sensitivity
  • Cold-start capable

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This is just a brief look at the APC UPS Range, if you require more Schneider Electric equipment for your business, you can check our Schneider Electric microsite for a wide range of APC products to suit your needs.


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