Even if you are not aware of the name Netgear, you probably benefit from some of the many networking devices it provides to homes and businesses around the world.

Founded in 1996 as a division of Bay Networks, Netgear introduced their unmanaged switch with the LEDs in the jack. Seven years later, they had developed this into the world’s first smart switch.

Now, with over twenty five years of experience, they have established themselves as innovative and trustworthy brand for both businesses and home use.

With the aim to create products to connect people, power businesses, and advance the way we live, Netgear have produced a range of easy to use, powerful and smart products for all situations.

For Home

With their easy to use range of products designed for the home, NETGEAR have created the opportunity for easier streaming, less buffering, check on your home while you’re away, and protect your memories. With advanced wireless internet connectivity, superior streaming, and ultimate storage solutions, NETGEARs home networking systems will give you consistantly high levels of speed, range and performance.

For Business

Regardless to the size of your business, it is vital you can give your employees the tools they need to perform at their best. NETGEAR provides networking, storage and security solutions to enable you to share access and ideas safely, connect from remote locations securely, and work to your full potential. The range is easy to install and maintain, as well as being reliable and affordable.

Netgear Switches

Ethernet switches come in all types with options ranging from management style, port counts, PoE capabilities, and port-speed.

Netgear Switches  

Netgear Fully Managed Switches
Top performance scalability and the most advanced features.

Netgear PoE Switches
Ideal for wireless access point, IP telephony and IP surveillance deployments.

Netgear Insight Managed Smart Cloud Switches
Create, manage, and monitor your system from anywhere in the world.

Netgear Unmanaged Switches
Netgear Unmanaged SwitchesPlug-and-play switches with no management needed. Silent and energy efficient.

Netgear Smart Switches
Increased security, high-bandwidth switches for larger networks from core to edge. VLAN, PoE and ACL controls.

Netgear Web Managed Plus Switches
Easy configuration, low maintenance switches with QoS, VLANS, PoE capabilities and more.

Netgear 10 Gigabit Switches
10 times the performance to meet the needs of Virtualization, and aggregating Gigabit Ethernet access layer switches.

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Netgear Wireless

NETGEAR offers a range of wireless products, eliminating the need for cables.

Netgear Wireless  

Netgear Wireless Business Solutions
NETGEAR offers a range of products for business use, including Access Points, Management Solutions, and Orbi WiFi systems.

Netgear Wireless at Home
For at home use, NETGEAR has a variety of Routers, Modems, WiFi systems, Adapters, Range Extenders and Broadbands on offer.

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Netgear Wi-Fi Routers

NETGEAR offer a selection of dual-band, tri-band and gigabit routers.

Netgear Wi-Fi Routers  

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Netgear ProSupport and Insight Licenses

NETGEAR ProSupport is a suite of service and support offerings for small- and medium-sized businesses and mid-market customers deploying NETGEAR’s ProSafe line of networking solutions.

Netgear ProSupport and Insight Licenses  

Netgear Insight Pro Licenses

Netgear Category 1 ProSupport

Netgear Category 2 ProSupport

Netgear Category 3 ProSupport

Netgear Category 4 ProSupport

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