Smart home technologies have arrived. The home has evolved hugely over the last century and continues to do so. Home is still where the heart is, but it is also now home to a host of gadgetry thanks to advancements in the ever-powerful Internet.

The modern way to manage your life is now centred around smart home tech and its many innovations.

Whether you want to take control of lighting, heating, security or even 4D printing, smart home tech allows you to harness optimum control of your home devices whilst on the move.

Our latest infographic takes a deep dive into the exciting world of smart home technologies, the way they have transformed the home space and where we think technological advancements will reach in the future.

The Dawn Of Smart Home Technologies

Take a fascinating journey and discover technological developments from the 1800s through to the present day.

Whether we are aware of it or not, technology in the home has become an absolute must-have.

Smart home tech brings with it a host of benefits to homeowners and is only set to get more advanced.

Explore our smart home technologies infographic to find out more about this cutting-edge innovative technology that is taking our homes by storm.

The Evolution of the Smart Home InfoGraphic