Introducing the APC AP9834 USB Wi-Fi Device.

The AP9834 supports the reliability, performance, and security requirements of an IT infrastructure.

APC AP9834 dongle

Main Benefits
• Flexible, simple installation replacing the traditional wired network cabling
• Efficient maintenance with lesser ethernet cabling plus the costs savings that come with it (cables & labor)
• Easy adaptation as the network configuration or the size changes with time.

With the AP9834 being a wireless communication accessory, removing ethernet cords and cabling from the equation increases the maintenance efficiency by giving a clear view of any points of failure. It also requires less space to be allocated for it, as well as less time to set up and maintain.

    • Cable comparisons

      • Reduce clutter
      • Flexible setup
      • Improved rack airflow
      • Save space, time, and costs for installation
      • Faster device commissioning

    As well as benefitting from a spacial viewpoint, being a wireless accessory also means a reduction in the total attack surface, ensuring a reliable, secure network. It’s reliability can be accredited to it’s fewer points for physical failure, fully encrypted data failure, and safeguarding from 3rd party visibility.

    As your IT infrastructure grows and adapts, the AP9834 allows you to save on future maintenance costs as you can easily update the wireless network to meet new configurations. Future savings can be gained through a reduced cost in cables, easy device updates and through being less dependent on switches.

    APC AP9834


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    APC USB Wi-Fi Device AP9834

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