Introducing the APC AP9834 USB Wi-Fi Dongle, available now at Comms Express.

This APC AP9834 wireless communication accessory supports the reliability, performance, and security requirements of IT infrastructures.

Provide flexibility on-site while driving operational efficiency and ease of management

Ease of Installation with APC Network Management Card 3 (AP9641, AP9643).

Replaces traditional wired network cabling requirements; enabling flexible, simple installation.

Future Savings
• Reduced cabling costs
• Easy wireless device updates
• Less dependence on switches

Less Hardware
• Reduce clutter
• Flexible setup
• Improved rack airflow

APC AP9834


Buy APC AP9834 USB Wi-Fi Dongle

Plug and Play
• Save space, time, and costs for installation
• Faster device commissioning

Reliability for Secure Environments
• Fewer points of physical failure
• Fully encrypted data transmission
• Safeguards from 3rd party visibility

APC USB Wi-Fi Device AP9834


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