In recent times, network security has become paramount. And, is one of the biggest issues that data centres and businesses alike are having to contend with. So, it’s of no surprise to the industry, that this has bought on the rapid acceleration in next-generation firewalls (NGFWs).

With attempts and threats to retrieve unsolicited materials going on globally every day, firewalls are becoming increasingly powerful in avoiding such loss. Next-generation firewalls are relied upon to deliver levels of security that many are unaware of; reducing vulnerability across wired and wireless networks. You’d probably think that such technology, with all its capabilities and processes, only work further to grinding down the speed and ability of a network – you’d be right to think that NGFWs process a lot of information (literally every byte of every packet; but we bet you’ll be surprised to learn that this doesn’t hinder, trip and block the performance of your business’ network. Sonicwall, for example; built with high performance in mind and, low latency, just what a busy network requires.


  • High-performance SSL decryption
  • Anti-evasion technology
  • Network level malware protection; utilising cloud services.

What these features allow for is up to the minute threat defences; a powerful combination for your business that means when the latest threats emerge daily; you’ll remain protected.

Sonicwall TZ 400 Series

Sonicwall TZ 400 Series

The key with Sonicwall; and why they stand out from the pack, is the ability not to harm network performance. Alternative NGFWs have been known to lower network productivity in favour of defence. While others are known to turn off or limit existing security measures to keep up with the networks performance demands. Either way, there is no sacrifice with Sonicwall; delivering both performance and defence exactly when you need it – all of the time!

We are fortunate enough to be able to provide such an in-depth solution to prevent network security issues from arising. With the Dell SonicWALL TZ 400 series, ideally suited for any small organisation that requires enterprise-grade network protection (including retail and office branch), you too can stay mobile with up to the minute threat detection! Combined with Dell’s X-Series switches, selected TZ series firewalls can directly manage the security of additional ports.

It’s time to take back control.

Dell Sonicwall. Achieve deeper network security and take back control