Cloud App Security from SonicWall

Embrace cloud applications without fear.

Did you know that SonicWall offers next-gen security for O365, G Suite and other SaaS apps?

SonicWall’s Cloud App Security (CAS) solution offers a complete defense-in-depth security stack, combining machine learning, AI and big-data analysis into one powerful tool. With powerful anti-phishing capabilities, click-time URL analysis, attachment sandboxing and data leakage protection, CAS stops targeted phishing and zero-day attacks that bypass Microsoft, Google and Secure Email Gateway security filters.

Test the security posture of your cloud app environment with a free trial of SonicWall Cloud App Security.

Secure your Office 365 or G Suite with a free 30-day trial of SonicWall Cloud App Security – Advanced package. Get the following benefits when you sign-up:

Next-Gen Email Security for Exchange Online or Gmail

  • Block targeted phishing attacks and business email compromise (BEC)
  • Scan inbound, outbound and internal email in Office 365 and G Suite
  • Get advanced threat protection with attachment sandboxing and advanced URL analysis
  • Retract malicious email from users’ inboxes after delivery

Next-Gen SaaS Security (CASB) for One Drive, SharePoint Online and G Drive

  • Prevent sensitive data uploads and unauthorized sharing of files
  • Protect against account takeovers (ATO), insider threats, compromised credentials
  • Enforce regulatory compliance policies using simple DLP templates
  • Identify breaches and security gaps by analyzing real time and historical events

No hardware or software installation is required!

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