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Riello UPS has a range of critical systems to help you to improve your uptime when business operations can’t go down. Their innovative uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) cover the backup power needs whatever the application, from small operations to hyper-scale data centers.

Riello UPS offers a large portfolio of UPS systems to suit every different need. To help you choose the right UPS, here are some of the technical characteristics to keep in mind:

Small Footprint

Easy to install anywhere within your workspace, Riello UPS’s compact UPS models are easy to integrate without creating any unnecessary interference.

Silent Operation

When you’re trying to focus or speak to others, the last thing you want is a noisy distraction in the background. That’s why Riello UPS have created its UPS systems with a sophisticated microprocessor control system. This gives you control over the speed of the fans, and therefore the noise, depending on the load. You can also turn the fans off entirely when they aren’t needed to remove all audio distractions.

Advanced Communication

With multiple communication ports, including USB and RS232, Riello’s range of UPS provides full management and communication functionality. These features also help you to preserve your data and make your critical load secure.


According to TIER standards, your system availability should never fall below 99.9%. When downtime isn’t an option, Riello UPS’s high-quality UPS systems ensure that your availability levels meet those TIER standards. To meet the required flexibility, Riello UPS provides versatile and compact UPS systems that are able to adapt to all types of loads.

Energy Consumption

Reducing energy consumption is a key factor in reducing economical and environmental issues, making it a necessity for all businesses. Choosing a UPS supplier, like Riello UPS, that offers green products helps you to lower your environmental impact through higher efficiency and performance, all while saving you money!


In every industry, there are safety standards that your equipment must meet. Depending on the type of application, the UPS must ensure immunity from external factors as well as provide compatibility with:

  • IP protection levels
  • Input/output electrical isolation
  • The potential to house internal isolation transformers & auxiliary monitoring systems

Riello’s range of UPS products complies with all power and safety requirements.

Global Strength

Stringent mechanical standards, like IP protection, must ensure high levels of compatibility to ensure service continuity requirements are met. To fulfill the more general requirements of this, air filters, isolated electrical connectors, and special wiring are often used, alongside fastening components and systems that are highly resistant to mechanical stresses. Always meeting the standards and regulatory requirements, Riello UPS can offer tailor-made solutions to suit even the most challenging of operating conditions.


In any sector, operational continuity is of the highest strategic important with downtime not being tolerated. With a Riello UPS UPS system, the continuity you need can be guaranteed. Their line of high-quality, versatile UPS is able to operate under the harshest conditions to ensure reliability for you!

These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider getting your next UPS from Riello UPS. No matter what requirements you have for your UPS, Riello UPS will have the solution for you! For further help on finding the right UPS system, check out our blog on how to choose the right Riello UPS to see our available Riello UPS ranges.

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