Save up to 15% OFF selected UPS!  

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Offer available until 30th September 2023

Summer has finally arrived, and Eaton is excited to offer you a 15% discount off selected product solutions to help you kick-start the hot season!

With unbeatable prices and high-quality products, Eaton is your one-stop-shop for all your power and connectivity needs.

Eaton is a global power management company that provides innovative solutions to help customers manage electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical power more efficiently, safely, and sustainably. With over 100 years of experience, Eaton has built a reputation for excellence in engineering and manufacturing, delivering reliable and high-quality products and services to customers in more than 175 countries around the world.

What’s included in offer?  

Line Interactive UPS – 15% off!

To protect servers and network infrastructure (switches, storage, hubs…)

Eaton Line Interactive UPS

  • 3 year warranty on electronic module and batteries
  • Up to 99% energy efficiency
  • Measurement of energy consumption down to the level of the output sockets
  • SNMP card included in Netpack version
  • ABM technology for advanced battery management to increase battery life by 50%


Eaton 5P1150iRBS 5P 1150VA 770W Rack 1U UPS with BS input cord

Eaton 5P1550IRBS 5P Line-Interactive 1U Rack Mount 1550 VA UPS

1550VA Rackmount UPS with 6 IEC Sockets

Buy Eaton 5P1150iRBS UPS

Eaton 5P650iBS 5P 650VA 420W Rack 1U UPS with BS input cord

650 VA, 420 W UPS with 4 IEC Sockets

Buy Eaton 5P650iBS UPS


Line interactive pure sinewave UPS – 15% off!

To protect tower servers, NAS, network equipment, ATMs, ticket machines and kiosks

  • 2-year warranty including batteries
  • Pure sinewave output
  • Buck and Boost operation corrects a wide range of input voltage variations
  • USB and serial connectivity
  • Eaton ABM® advanced battery management technology to extend batteries lifetime by 50%


Eaton 5SC750iBS 5SC 750VA 525W Tower UPS with BS input cord

750 VA, 525 W, Input: C14, Outputs: (6) C13, Tower, with BS input cord

Buy Eaton 5SC750iBS UPS

Eaton 5SC1500IRBS 5SC 1500VA 1050W Rack 2U UPS with BS input cord

Eaton 5SC1000IRBS 1000VA 700W Rack 2U UPS with BS input cord

1000 VA, 700 W, Input: C14, Outputs: (8) C13, Rack, 2U, with BS input cord

Buy Eaton 5SC1000IRBS UPS


Line interactive versatile UPS – 10% off!

To protect workstations, business telephony, network devices and point of sales equipment 

• Versatile: can be installed vertically over or under a desk, or horizontally under
a screen.
• Provides effective power protection. Voltage fluctuations are automatically
corrected using an AVR device (booster/fader), without needing the batteries.
• Protects networked equipment from “back door” power surges coming through
Ethernet, internet or telephone lines.
• USB connectivity (all models come bundled with a USB cable and two IEC-IEC
load cables).

Eaton 5S700IBS 5S Line-Interactive 1.5 kVA UPS

700 VA, 420 W, Input: C14, Outputs: (8) C13, Rack, 2U, with BS input cord

Buy Eaton 5S700IBS UPS


Eaton Managed Rack PDU – 15% off!

Distribute, measure and control energy in your datacenter advanced protection for IT and networking environments, servers, medical and manufacturing systems

Eaton Managed Rack PDU - 15% off!

  • 6 technologies available: Basic / In Line Metered / Metered Input / Metered Outlet / Switched / Managed
  • IEC +/-1% Billing Grade Accuracy
  • IEC Plug Retention without special cables or brackets
  • Color coding to simplify loadshedding
  • Daisy-Chain with until 8 ePDUs from one IP port and one IP address


Eaton ePDU: Managed IEC - 0U - In: C20 16A 1P - Out C13, 20 : C19, 4

Eaton ePDU: Managed IEC – 0U – In: C20 16A 1P – Out C13, 20 : C19

36U, Input C20, 3.7 kW max, 16A, 200-240V, Outlets 20XC13 : 4XC19

Buy Eaton EMAB22


Connected Remote Monitoring – 20% off!

Remotely monitor, manage and control the power supply to your computer devices

• Continuous Remote Monitoring with Cyber Secured Monitoring
• UPS remote monitoring portal (Web access)
• Alerts in case of failure or critical alarm
• Monthly Health reports of UPS performance and Eaton recommendations
(by email, PDF)

Eaton Connected 5 Licenses 

Continuous Remote Monitoring with Cyber Secured Monitoring

Buy Eaton CN0001WEB


Eaton Connected 10 Licenses

Continuous Remote Monitoring with Cyber Secured Monitoring

Buy Eaton CN0002WEB

Warranty – 20% off!

This service gives you a peace of mind for 1 or 3 years in addition to the warranty
of the product.

• The product is covered by a standard exchange
• Shipping costs covered by Eaton
• Professional helpline during working hours
• This offer covers both electronic parts and batteries*
• Can be renewed for a time total period of maximum seven (7) years

Eaton Warranty+3

Buy Eaton W3005WEB

Buy Eaton W3004WEB

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