Driverless cars – the race is on!

There appears to be a three-pronged race on between Europe, the US and China as to who can outpace each other in autonomous driving. As we’re sure you are aware, any technological innovation is welcome by us here at Comms Towers, but the thought of driverless cars still leaves us a little hesitant. Only recently […]

Your chance to win a NETGEAR Orbi Pro!

As you know, we love interacting with you, in particular with our great competitions and giveaways! This month, as we head into Spring and hopefully some sunshine, we are giving away our biggest ever prize! We have partnered with our great friends at Netgear to offer up an Orbi Pro! The Netgear Orbi Pro is […]

Review of the Arlo Pro Security Camera

Many of us would have shot away for the Easter break or even to family and friends at some stage over the long weekend for the day. Leaving our home for any lengthy period can be a worrying affair in today’s world. Many of us are more security conscious than ever, and yet the criminally […]

Review: Top 5 Cisco Routers for Small/Large Businesses

With such a great wealth of innovation, Cisco is at the top of the networking game. We thought we would look at the top five best Cisco Routers here at Comms Express. Anyone of these great Cisco Routers and routing products can transform your network and deliver high security and reliable service to your campus, […]

The London Stadium: An Olympic-Sized Cabling Project

When London won the 2012 Summer Olympics in a head-to-head race with Paris in 2005 by the slim margin of just 54 to 50 votes, the victory was celebrated like a gold medal win by athletes and fans across the UK. The UK would get host the world’s greatest sporting event for the first time […]

Review: Top 10 Best NAS Drives

Here we list the best‐selling NAS Drives here at Comms Express. A great NAS can be the difference between getting by and exceeding your storage expectations, whether it be for your home or business needs. What does NAS stand for? It stands for Network Attached Storage and just why is it so crucial for businesses […]

Importance of firmware with APC

APC by Schneider Electric are global leaders in UPS, server room and battery backup solutions for home offices, and businesses. Their tagline ‘Life is On’ perfectly sums up their ethos. As with many tech firms, APC are keen to stress the importance of updating your IT infrastructure. As part of a maintenance schedule, you should always be […]

100MB Race – How Fast Will 5G Be?

With mobile technology rapidly advancing and the introduction of 5G on the not-so-distant horizon, how will the next evolution of mobile data impact us? That’s a good question, and with 5G being prepared for UK-wide rollout in the next few years, it’s one that many are contemplating. So, what is 5G? Will it really make […]

NETSCOUT LinkRunner G2 Free Virtual Training

As you may have realised the answer to our Friday Fun Post this week was Netscout. And this would be a wonderful opportunity to inform you about a webinar our great friends at Netscout are hosting on today! We know that so many of clients enjoyed the recent launch of the LinkRunner G2. Just to […]

Review of the DrayTek Vigor 2926 Routers

You may recall our recent DrayTek blog – ‘The Top Ten Draytek Routers‘, which explores the best Draytek routers. DrayTek Vigor 2926n – Buy Now High-performance dual-WAN router with SSL VPN and WLAN with WiFi The Vigor 2926 series features a dual-Ethernet WAN firewall for load-balancing or failover. Its also a fully featured firewall, VPN concentrator […]

The 5 Best D-Link Cameras (Updated 2019)

Sadly, we are all too aware of the need to add extra security to our homes and businesses. So there is no better time to invest in a digital surveillance camera. It will come as no surprise to regular readers of our blogs that our good friends at D-Link are at the forefront of the […]

Review: The Top 10 Best Ethernet Cables

Ethernet cables are a very popular type of network cable which are used for wired networks. They are used to connect devices located on local area networks (LANs), such as routers, PCs and switches. This is one of the most common wired networks that use cables which are connected via Ethernet ports on network routers […]

Is Your Network Ready for Digital Transformation?

IT Leaders Must Embrace Digital Transformation Across industries around the world, digital transformation (DX) is changing the way organisations of all sizes do business. Harnessing the power of the 3rd Platform (cloud, mobility, social business, and big data and analytics), organisations leverage new digital competencies to transform every step of the value chain. This leads […]

The Cabling Conundrum of a Project like HS2

HS2 has been a talking point for years, but the discussion has mostly surrounded the spiralling costs and the potential community disruption along the planned route. When it comes to an infrastructure project like HS2, however, there is a mountain of other considerations at play as well, including a vast requirement for cabling. Cabling might […]