How Does The Internet Work?

Everyone uses the internet. It’s become so entangled into our lives that we probably couldn’t live without it. But not many users know how the internet works. If that’s you, we’ve got you covered. Essentially, the internet is a group of hardware, all of which connect to each other using cables and satellite signals. Your […]

Zyxel: Bringing New Technology To A 1930s London Cinema

In 1933, the Glitz and glamour of the movies came to the east end of London. Troxy opened its doors for its first showing of King Kong and quickly became a much-loved venue. But the 3520-capacity cinema was a little bit special. Troxy featured luxurious seats, and staff wearing evening dresses. Perfume was sprayed during […]

Upgrading Hotel WiFi Network With Zyxel NebulaFlex

Free WiFi is less of a luxury and more of an expectation these days. In fact, 89% of people believe that WiFi should be provided with a standard room. 32% of people said they would not stay at a hotel if it didn’t offer reliable WiFi. Weak WiFi in hotels can lead to negative reviews […]

30 Years of Zyxel, Your Networking Ally

Longtan, Taiwan, is a beautiful city where nature and technology combine. The city is known for its beautiful Longtan lake, complete with a Buddhist temple in the middle. It’s also known for its top technology research institutes which reside there. In 1989, a new technology company emerged. In an unfinished apartment in Longtan, Taiwan, Dr […]

Reducing Costs One Meraki Switch At A Time

It’s no secret that upgrading your network switches can be a significant financial and technological commitment. Upgrading switches is also something that you can’t ignore. Switches are the foundation to any network and are estimated to last anywhere between 5-10 years. As networks within the workplace become increasingly important, it is critical that modern network […]

Fixing WiFi Problems By Moving Your Router: Does It Work?

How annoying is slow internet? Constantly waiting for things to load can be a pain in the neck. Especially when you are in a hurry. And don’t get us started on WiFi drop zones! Those little areas of your house where the internet doesn’t quite reach. Annoying, right? But it doesn’t have to be this […]

What Is A Patch Panel?

Wired networks have their advantages over WiFi. It might seem as though everything is wireless these days, but wired networks are still prevalent. Most businesses used wired networks in order to maximise internet speeds. However, wired solutions can be messy. This is where a patch panel can come in useful. Connecting lots of devices to […]

TFL Announce 4G To Be Rolled Out From March 2020

It was recently announced the TfL are planning to roll out 4G network coverage throughout the London Underground. With Sadiq Khan saying the move is “a really important step” for the millions of people who use the Tube each year. Being the oldest subway network, London Underground poses quite a few challenges for TfL. The […]

What Is An Ethernet Cable And What Does It Do?

Ethernet cables are everywhere. They are the workhorses of the wired network world. These cables are vital when creating a home or business network or establishing internet connections. But what are Ethernet cables? What do they do? Why do you need them? Contents What is Ethernet? What do Ethernet Cables Look Like? What Does an […]

How To Crimp RJ45 Connectors

RJ45 connectors are the little square plugs and their associated sockets that are used in network cabling. Most offices will use these for both phone and data connections to avoid complicating things by having to have two different types of connection. Connecting new devices to the network requires a patch lead. These can be bought […]

Network Security And GDPR: How Security Weaknesses Cost BA £183 Million

Security weaknesses have just cost British Airways £183 million. In 2018, hackers carried out a “sophisticated, malicious criminal attack” on BA’s website. Personal and financial details were stolen from 380,000 transactions. Names, email addresses and credit card details, including CVV numbers, were taken. Under GDPR rules, companies who allow others to access personal or identifia...

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