Irisys Vector 4D People Counter

The Irisys SafeCount Live Occupancy Monitoring Solution helps businesses comply with social distancing and occupancy guidelines by anonymously counting people as they enter and exit buildings and rooms.Suitable for buildings of all sizes, even those with multiple entrances and exits, SafeCount delivers live occupancy data with visual warnings and alerts when limits are approached or […]

Introducing the Teltonika TSW100 Industrial Unmanaged PoE+ Switch

Now and again we love to showcase new products on our website and the TSW100 is the first industrial unmanaged switch from Teltonika Networks. The TSW100 is equipped with five Gigabit Ethernet ports, four of which support IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at Power-over-Ethernet standards (PoE). Classified as power source equipment (PSE), it enables centralization of the power […]

Review: The Top 10 Best Ethernet Cables (2021)

Ethernet cables are a very popular type of network cable which are used for wired networks. They are used to connect devices located on local area networks (LANs), such as routers, PCs and switches. This is one of the most common wired networks that use cables which are connected via Ethernet ports on network routers […]

The 5 Best D-Link Cameras (Updated January 2021)

Sadly, we are all too aware of the need to add extra security to our homes and businesses. So there is no better time to invest in a digital surveillance camera. It will come as no surprise to regular readers of our blogs that our good friends at D-Link are at the forefront of the […]

SkyHawk™ series of surveillance optimised HDDs

Give your surveillance data the strength of SkyHawk Only Seagate has been making drives specifically for surveillance storage for ten years The SkyHawk series of surveillance optimised HDDs are built to keep systems in the field longer and reduce the need for post-deployment support. At the forefront of this is Seagate’s SkyHawk AI, the world’s […]

FREE 60-day Eaton Intelligent Power Manager software trial

Integrated power infrastructure solutions for IT applications Request your FREE 60-day power management software trial today By bringing together an innovative mix of hardware and software, Eaton offers integrated power management solutions helping IT professionals ensure that their data room´s physical infrastructure is reliable, operational performance optimal and continuity of the business is ...

Review: The 10 Best WiFi Range Extenders UK

WiFi dead zones are a pain. Do you struggle to get WiFi but wired connections are not an option? then a WiFi Range extender/WiFi booster may be for you. A WiFi Range Extender/Booster can bring extra life to your WiFi signal. They also help fix our home’s dead zones across all wireless devices. Wireless range extenders […]

Working from home? Let Tripp Lite help!

Working from home? Let Tripp Lite help! Whether you’re used to working from home or find yourself telecommuting for the first time, see Tripp Lites complete line of USB-C™ docking stations and adapters, power strips and surge protectors, monitor risers, and sit/stand desks provide you with the tools to stay connected seamlessly with maximum productivity. […]

Eaton: The 9 Benefits Of Rack PDUs

Power can be a data centre’s best friend and worst nightmare. One small power cut can paralyse a data centre, sometimes at a loss of millions of pounds in revenue for the businesses using the servers. Data centre power management should be top of mind. As more and more businesses are choosing to use cloud […]

What Is A Router And How Does It Work?

Routers are the most common networking equipment in the world. But, what is a router? If you have a network or internet connection in your home or office, you probably have at least one router knocking around. If you aren’t sure then it’s the flashing box in the corner of your house that’s connected to […]

Aruba Instant On: Making WiFi Work For Your Startup

The world is built on small businesses. Start-ups are popping up all over the place and disrupting the way the world works. From Fintech to Femtech, Global enterprises to grassroots projects, Startups are making waves. But the cost of starting a business is rising. The workloads faced by startup workers is hard enough, but not […]

Review: Top 5 D-Link Switches (Updated For 2021)

D-Link offers a network switch for every business need with their ever impressive suite of high-value, business class networking solutions. Designed to help small and medium-sized businesses, D-Link Switches are built on strength to enable companies to meet the challenges of growing demands and shrinking resources. Whether it be enabling physical security to managing an end-to-end […]

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