D-Link’s motto is “Building Networks for People,” and that’s exactly what they achieve as a global leader in design, manufacturing, and marketing of advanced networking, broadband, digital, voice, and data communications solutions. Whatever your needs, D-Link has networking solutions for home office set-ups, small offices, small-to-medium-sized businesses, and enterprise environments.

Spotlight Product: Wi-Fi routers M2M from D-Link

A Wi-Fi router provides communication between devices and a network. Devices are connected to the router (e.g., computers, phones, etc.), and therefore to the internet, creating a LAN (Local Area Network), and providing internet connection to devices. However, an M2M (machine-to-machine) router is a little different. Machine-to-machine Wi-Fi routers are built to connect machines to one another, or to the internet. They are more durable than regular routers because they are specifically used in wider temperature ranges, industrial settings, or remote locations. They also have extra security to protect against unauthorised access.

The D-Link Wi-Fi routers (Machine-to-Machine) deliver high performance on 4G and 5G, perfect for any situation where you need high-performing and reliable Wi-Fi access.

D-Link DWM-312W 4G LTE M2M Wi-Fi Router

The D-Link DWM-312W 4G LTE M2M Wi-Fi Router provides high-performance capabilities and offers seamless integration. Primarily designed to serve as a dependable substitute for readily accessible Wi-Fi in public settings, it finds particular use in environments such as public transport vehicles, including buses and trains, where it provides Wi-Fi connectivity to its passengers, as well as enabling contactless pay. Furthermore, it’s suitable for providing connectivity to CCTV cameras, vending machines, ATMs, parking metres, laundromats, EV chargers, and similar installations. A secure, and reliable source of Wi-Fi.


  • Dual-SIM card for always-on internet at 4G or 3G/LTE
  • 150 Mbps1 for speedy downloads
  • Plug-and-Play with Wi-Fi and Ethernet interface
  • Rapid deployment anywhere with simple DIN/wall-mount
  • Rugged design to handle any environment
  • 3-year D-Link Warranty


D-Link DWM-313 4G LTE Cat.4 M2M Dual-SIM VPN Router

The D-Link DWM-313 LTE Cat.4 M2M dual-sim VPN router represents an industrial-grade solution tailored for the demands of machine-to-machine communication across diverse environments. Engineered to ensure uninterrupted connectivity, this router facilitates 24/7 operation, making it suitable for many applications. The capabilities of this router extend across sectors, including public access points, public transport infrastructure, point-of-sale systems, photo booths, digital signage, EV chargers, and more, offering a robust solution for various connectivity needs.


  • Easy to install
  • High-performance 4G internet
  • Wired and wireless connectivity for broad compatibility
  • Dual-SIM slot for always-on internet
  • Advanced VPN
  • Easy management


D-Link DWM-315 4G LTE Cat.6 M2M VPN Router

The D-Link DWM-315 4G LTE Cat.6 M2M VPN Router stands as a premier 4G/3G mobile router crafted for seamless deployment within diverse machine-to-machine landscapes. Designed to excel across varied environments, it offers adaptability, making it a great choice for EV chargers, IP camera systems, public access points, smart city infrastructure, public transport networks, waste management solutions, digital signage, and more.


  • Fast Ethernet port
  • Dual-SIM 4G LTE mobile broadband
  • Advanced management
  • Wide operating temperature and humidity tolerance allows for deployment in a range of environments


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