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We often take the Earth for granted. It’s easy to forget all the resources it provides us with and how heavily we rely on it to survive. Because of this, we don’t usually think or recognize the impact our actions have on our planet. Years of careless behaviour are beginning to show with our natural resources quickly dwindling. It’s crucial that we start taking care of the planet just like it has always taken care of us.

One of the most effective ways to help create a sustainable future is through investing in solutions that minimize our environmental impact and adopting more sustainable ways of living. Vertiv are heavily invested in ways to help protect the environment and have set out some tips and products that can help you take some steps in the right direction!

Step One – Reduce your Energy Consumption

In our always-on world finding ways to reduce your energy consumption can seem hard. There is always the option to turn off devices when not in use, invest in energy-efficient appliances, or upgrade the insulation of your building, but what about data centers or critical facilities that are always in use? Vertiv offers energy-efficient power and cooling solutions that can help you to reduce your energy consumption without changing the way you work!

Vertiv™ Geist SwitchAir

Vertiv™ Geist SwitchAir
Vertiv’s Geist SwitchAir Rack Cooling equipment channels cool air from the front of the rack to the air intakes to help prevent rack failure.


  • Reduces the chance of network switches overheating by directing cool air to device intakes.
  • Reduces the likelihood of premature equipment failure due to high intake temperatures.
  • Improves equipment efficiency by providing network equipment with the same cold aisle air temperature as other devices in the rack.
  • Decreases wraparound hot airflow from the hot aisle to the cold aisle due to missing blanking panels.
  • Standard three-year warranty, upgraded to five years with product registration.

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Step Two – Cut Down on Waste

Another great step to reducing your environmental impact is by reducing your waste. This doesn’t necessarily mean buying less, but ensuring that everything is disposed of correctly. Recycling is a great way to give old products new life, especially through Vertiv’s Recycling Program.

Step Three – Choose Sustainable Transportation

Transportation can significantly contribute to your carbon emissions. Walking, biking, or taking public transport are all great ways to combat this kind of environmental problem when possible. When it comes to business, offering the ability to work from home can help massively reduce the amount of carbon emissions released by your company. Using remote monitoring and management tools can help to make this possible, and also makes your entire management system run more smoothly!

Vertiv™ Avocent KVM

Vertiv™ Avocent KVM
Vertiv’s KVM solutions provide monitoring, intelligent control, and centralised management of your Vertiv infrastructure. Increase the availability, utilization, and efficiency of your equipment with Vertiv’s easy, remote management solutions.

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Step Four – Buy Sustainable Products

When buying new, opt for sustainable options. Many brands have realised the impact and are trying to make a difference by offering sustainable products using renewable materials like recycled plastic or bamboo. Vertiv have a wide range of sustainable products on offer using recycled materials an reducing manufacturing waste. For more information on this, check out our blog Vertiv’s Sustainability Spotlight for further details.

Step Five – Support Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources, like solar or wind power, can help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels aren’t renewable, meaning our finite supply will need to last a long time. Using renewable energy sources is also a great way to decrease carbon emissions.

Vertiv have already created great data center options that use renewable energy such as solar power system solutions! Keep an eye out at for when we release these new products!

Sustainable living is essential for the health of the planet and therefore is also essential for our future. Taking these small steps to create a more sustainable lifestyle today helps ensure a more sustainable and resilient world tomorrow. Join us and Vertiv in building a better future for ourselves and the next generations.

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