As you will know by now, we love a gadget at Comms Express. Anything that pushes boundaries and makes life easier and of course if it can look neat in the process then all the better!

We have been working with Netgear for nine years, and during this period, not only have we enjoyed a great working relationship, but we have also marvelled at their ever-evolving product range. So we were excited to partner with them in offering a great prize via our social channels.

We have 10 Push2TV’s up for grabs to our communities on Facebook and Twitter. It is easy to enter just follow us on Facebook and Twitter, posting #CommsNetgear, and you could be one of the lucky 10 winners.

Netgear’s Push2TV is an ingenious piece of technology that enables you to display your laptop, tablet or smartphone screen on your TV. Absolutely spot-on timing with on-demand TV playing such a big part of our lives.

Using your standard Wi-Fi, you can now watch TV and films, browse the Internet, play online games and catch up on your photos on your big screen TV. It is an absolute doddle to set up, just launch the application, select Netgear and hit connect. Your laptop is now your remote control! Now, this is all great news for the gadget-hungry amongst. However, the good news is that the good news doesn’t stop there!

All this is undertaken without the need for cables, you don’t have to connect it to the TV using HDMI or A/V cables; it is completely hassle-free. So we don’t have to contend with cables strewn across the lounge, embedded into walls or encased in trunking.

The adaptor also looks great, with sleek lines and only measures 3.30 inches – so small in size, yet BIG in performance. Push2TV is powered by a USB port on your TV or with the included power adaptor that plugs into any electrical outlet.

Writing this I am having second thoughts. Netgear’s Push2TV is so good we may cancel our competition and keep them for ourselves !! Seriously we draw the competition on September 23 and wish you all the best of luck.

Until next time…