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What is PoE?

Power over Ethernet, or PoE, is a technology that is used within wired Ethernet cabling to allow electrical current to power electronic devices within local area networks (LANs).

Why do I need PoE?

There are two big advantages to using PoE!
1. Less electrical sockets are needed. Access points, cameras, and other devices like these, can all be powered using a single ethernet cable. This also helps reduce tripping hazards and saves you from stocking up on multiple different kinds of power adapters.
2. No need for certified electricians. As the power sent by PoE is between 44-57V instead of the standard 110/240V you can move, add, and remove devices without needing help from a professional.

What are the types of PoE?

PoE switches are able to connect both power and data simultaneously in order to operate devices. There are different standards of PoE, known as PoE (802.3af), PoE+ (802.3at), and PoE++ (802.3bt).
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These switches all allow different watts per channel depending on what you want to power. They are great for powering access points, CCTV cameras, IP phones.

PoE++ (802.2bt) is the most recent standard to be developed, capable of delivering 60 watts of power to devices. This will allow you to power devices like laptops and TV screens through an Ethernet cable.

What devices are compatible with a PoE switch?

Many devices are able to be powered by PoE, however, it is important to choose the right PoE standard for the chosen device.

Low Watt PoE devices Medium Watt PoE devices High Watt PoE devices
• VoIP Phones
• IP Cameras
• Wireless Access Points
• Wi-Fi 6 Access Points
• Video Phones
• Outdoor and PTZ Cameras
• TV’s and other displays
• LED Lighting
• Remote Computer Terminals and Thin Clients
• Wi-FI 7 Access Points

D-Link’s PoE Switch Range

D-Link Unmanaged PoE Switches

D-Link Unmanaged PoE Switches
D-Link’s range of Unmanaged PoE switches use a plug-and-play setup for ultimate simplicity. Skip the configuration and receive instant connectivity.
The DGS-10xx switch range ranges from five-port models up to 25-port models, ensuring there is a switch for all needs.

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D-Link Smart PoE Switches

D-Link Unmanaged PoE Switches
Smart PoE switches are available by D-Link with ports ranging from 8 to 52 ports. Power budgets are available up to 370W to suit all needs.
D-Link’s DGS-1100v2 series allows you to have more control over your network via a web-based interface.
Their DGS-1210 and DGS-1250 series includes both layer 3 features and SFP ports for fibre cablings – their best-selling series so far.
The DGS-1510 and DGS-1520 series includes 10G fibre and ‘stacking’ to allow you to connect multiple switches together.

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D-Link Long Ranged PoE Switches

D-Link Unmanaged PoE Switches
The D-Link DSS-100E Series Switches are ideal for surveillance deployments, offering high PoE+ powered budgets. These switches will enable you to deploy security cameras at extended distances without the need for any additional equipment. An investment into a DSS-100E switch will provide you with all the flexibility and convenience you’ll need whilst saving on installation costs.

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Have you already got a switch?

D-Link PoE injector

D-Link PoE injector
If you already have a switch, or just need to power a device or two, a PoE injector may be a good option for you. These handy little devices simply plug into a power source and sit between the Ethernet switch and the device to be powered. D-Link’s range of PoE injectors are able to deliver up to 30 watts of power to a device or extend up to 500m!

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This is just a brief look at the D-Link Switch Range, if you require more D-Link equipment for your business, you can check our D-Link microsite for a wide range of D-link products to suit your needs.


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