Our mission statement is simple – Delivering I.T. Fast! So it will come as no surprise to learn that we love reading the simple and yet effective mission statement from our suppliers Super Rod ‘The Home of Working Smarter.’

As we said pretty good, hey? Now, who doesn’t want to work smarter? Certainly, you, our Comms Express client base do. We have been working with Super Rod since May 2013, and in that time their innovative products have proved a huge hit with our Comms community. For anybody working within the cable installation industry looking to invest in tools to save time, Super Rod are THE company.

Basically, if you work with cable, and are involved in cable installation Super Rod is the first choice for the professional for the last few years. Their tools have won various awards, and they still deliver excellent value for the customer.

However, if you are new to Super rod here is a little background on them. Based in the Welsh valleys, in a town called Blaenavon, they are a manufacturer of problem-solving tools for the electrical trade.

Malcolm Duncan is their MD, an electrician by trade he understands the needs of the industry and has set about, with his great team, to produce a wide variety of solutions.

They have created a set of tools to work within the tightest of places; if you’re in a tight spot, Super Rod is the tool for you! Each product they launch is another addition to their wonderful cannon. Simple ideas are always the best, and Malcolm and his team are masters at finding solutions to problems that our cable-fitting clients face every day. As Malcolm proclaims, ‘You don’t need eyes to see, you need vision.’

However, if you feel that you have hit a snag and found a solution, contact Malcolm and his Super Rod Team, and they will help turn your idea into a reality.

So what of the products themselves?  Well, we stock a wide range of Super Rod kits. From the ‘Handy Set’  through to the ‘Deluxe Set’ and right up to the ‘Mega Set.’

Check out our full range of Super Rod Kits.

We also offer a great range of Super Rod accessories including the ‘Gekko Gripper’ which has been designed to make electricians’ and network installer jobs easier when routing cables through floor voids and the ‘Super Grips Pulling Sock’, nifty attachments provide a quick and secure method of attaching cables to your rods. We sell the grips 3 sizes, covering cable diameters from 4mm to 15mm.

Suffice to say we stock too many within the Super Rod range to give a complete overview here, but you can see our extensive range.

Currently, we are offering 10% off any Super Rod accessory when you purchase a Kit from us. Don’t forget as well that you can have this delivered with our Free Delivery service and of course you’ll be able to build up some great Comms Data Points.

Until next time…